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Holly Hill Primary and Nursery School

What the children say about their learning

Pupil Voice

Talking to the children is the best way to find out what they've been learning and what they think about Science.  

July '22

This half term I've been talking to some children in Years 1, 2 and 5 about what they've been learning.

"I liked learning about the moon and sun and about Day and Night.  My dad likes learning about stuff like that so I could tell him all about it"  (Daisy J. Y5)


"I found it interesting learning about People's views about why they thought the Earth was flat!" (Ivy Y5)


"We've been learning about flowers - you need to plant seeds and the seeds make the flowers grow!"  (George Y1)


"In F2 we saw what happens when mentos and coke explode.  I liked it because it went everywhere!"  (Cruiz Y1)


"We've learnt about endangered species! - Tigers...there are only 3,200 left in the wild but 100 years ago there was 100,000!"    (Tyler Y2)


"I loved creating my poster about the Asexual reproduction of plants!"   (Theo Y5)


"In Whispers Wood we can look for creatures....I found a worm and woodlice."   (George Y1)


"This is a food chain." (pointing to a picture in his book)

"What's a food chain?" (Mrs B)

"It shows what they all eat.  Well this ones the Producer,  this ones the Consumer and this is the Predator!"   (Theo Y2)


"I think it's great to do experiments and see what the results are!"   (Daisy J Y5)


"I liked it when we tested our parachutes."  (Maisy Y5)


"It was a fun lesson when we went into the hall and learnt more about gravity.  We dropped the balls off the climbing frame to see which fell first just like when we learnt about Galileo Galilei."  (Theo Y5)


"I love drawing things.  I drew a puffin".   

"What's a puffin Cruiz?"  (Mrs B)

"It's an animal!...   Well actually it's just a bird!"    (Cruiz  Y1)


"Pets need food."  (Rosy Y1)


"I loved learning about the solar's my favourite thing.  We found out lots of facts about it".  (Joe Y5)


"We've sorted mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians!"

"What is an amphibian?" (Mrs B)

"It's an animal that can live on the ground and in the water.... salamanders, frogs....I can't remember any more!"   (Alan Y2)


"I love Science.  We try to find things out!  I like learning about Nature.  It's about outside!"  (Tyler Y1)


"We tried to find caterpillars - but we only found bite marks on leaves"  (Shevona and Alan Y2)


"I think that they were hiding somewhere.  The caterpillars don't like the heat - their skin is sensitive!"  (Alan Y2)


"I liked learning about forces  - we looked at a bike and learnt about all the forces that we use when we ride a bike.  We found out about Galileo and about gravity."  (Ivy Y5)


"...a mini habitat like a hole...logs.  We saw woodlice....I saw a left a trail of slime!  I used some straws and a tin to make a bee hotel...because they can fit in it and it will be warm for them!"   (Cruiz Y1)


"You can see how flies get to big flies."  (Rosy Y1)


"We know what animals need to survive.  The giant panda needs lots of bamboo, air, water, sleep and shelter."  (Shevon Y1)