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Holly Hill Primary and Nursery School

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers

These are used from F1 to Year 6 and below is an example from each phase.  Science will be on every KO as it is taught every half term throughout the year.  The KO shows the knowledge and concepts that will be taught in that subject in that half term.  Key vocabulary is also identified for each subject each half term.  


The children have a copy of the current KO stuck in their books at the start of the half term where the learning will be taking place.  As they progress through school and particularly in Year 5 and 6 the children will use their KO to check their own learning and as a constant 'refer to' document to assist them with their learning.  

A Year 5 and 6 Knowledge Organiser

Example of F1 Knowledge Organiser

Example of F2 Knowledge Organiser

Example of a Year 1 and 2 Knowledge Organiser

Example of a Year 3 and 4 Knowledge Organiser

Example of Year 5 and 6 Knowledge Organiser