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Year 6 Transition

Year 6 Transition

Thank you for visiting the transition section of our website. Here you can find lots of useful information and videos to help both yourself and your child with the transition from Year 6 to Year 7. This information has been put together by our local ‘good’ (Ofsted 2019) secondary school, Selston High School. However, should your child be moving to another secondary school, please feel free to still access the information as a lot of it will be transferable regardless of your child’s choice of secondary.

Your child will have the opportunity to visit Selston High School before they join via tours, transition clubs, our induction evening and our two induction days, as well as visits from Selston staff to our primary enabling them to get to know your child in their current school environment.

Transition support for parents/carers

Parents/Carers Support


Transition support for students



Contact details for Selston High School

Telephone - 01773 810321

Head of Transition – stbrooksa@selstonhigh.org.uk

SENCO – stwarrenj@selstonhigh.org.uk

Hi guys!

On this page we will be posting some resources that are all to do with getting you ready for your move up to secondary. 

As well as other bits and pieces, we will be posting 2 sessions a week.

1 session will be from a series called 'Ready 4 Selston High', which will have little activities and tasks that will be specifically about Selston High School. 

1 session is from series called 'Be Awesome, Go Big' that is to help with confidence and skills so you can be awesome as you go to the big school. 


All of the things on here are best done when you can talk to someone else. So if you are in school, we will be doing these activities together. If you are at home, you could talk these through with a family member (perhaps you have a sibling already at secondary!) or you could even get on facetime and chat to a Y6 friend as you do it together! 

There will be new things every week and opportunities for you to communicate and ask questions, so keep checking back.

Let's get started!

Miss Woods,  Miss Fretwell and Miss Quarmby

Recommended Reading

Ready 4 Selston High

Session 7- Who do I need to tell?

Start by looking back at the worries questionnaire from the very first Transition lesson. Would you change any of your ratings now? If you still have any high rated worries (7 or more) consider going back to repeat or revise some of the transition lessons, or talk to a trusted adult about how you feel. 

Try this final activity from Selston High with a friend or family member. 

Ready 4 Selston High

Session 6- How do I cope with different teachers?

One of the worries about moving up to High School is that you might get in trouble without meaning to. Just like at Holly Hill, Selston High have a behaviour policy that tells you what things you could get in trouble for and what the consequences are. 

Start by having a look at the behaviour section of the Selston High website, including the ladder of consequences. 


Make a list of things that are similar to Holly Hill and things that are different. 

Have a look though the different scenarios in the document below and talk with a friend or family member about how each of the different teachers might react. 
Then choose one scenario and draw a comic strip to show how you could handle the situation with each teacher. 

Be Awesome, Go Big Session 6- Bouncebackability

Ready 4 Selston High

Session 5- How do I get organised? (part 2)

At Selston High School, you will be responsible for all your books and equipment a lot of the time. That means that each day you will need to make sure you have everything you need for the day ahead.

Here is an example of a daily checklist:



Pencil                        Lunch or Lunch Money

Pen                           Locker Key


Maths Equipment        Completed homework






PE kit

Maths book

Literacy book

Science book

History homework


Art book

Maths homework


PE kit


Maths book

DT plan

Reading book


Using one of the Selston High School year 7 timetables for week A and week B, can you complete the daily checklist below to make sure you would take everything you need each day?

One of the biggest worries is always being able to find your way around a new building. This next task will help get you used to the layout of the building and the different rooms. 

1) Choose one of the days on the sample timetable

2) Look at the map in the document below

3) Now find your way from the entrance to the first lesson on that day.

4) Next follow your route through the day from lesson to lesson, including lunchtime, and finish with finding your way to leave the school. 


Be Awesome, Go Big Session 5- Lost But Not Lost

Just as the Ready 4 Selston lesson deals with how to avoid getting physically lost, this session talks about how to cope with feeling emotionally lost. The full lesson is included in the powerpoint above, but below are some top tips to help. 

Ready 4 Selston High

Session 4- How do I get organised?


There will be some lessons you have at Selston High that you don't have at Holly Hill. There will also be lots of things that are the same, but are just called slightly different names.
So this first activity is to help you get with the lingo!

Use the document linked below to match up the Selston High Lingo, with what it actually means. 

At Selston high you will be given your own time table. 
You have a Week A and Week B timetable. 
This means you start from the beginning of your timetable every 2 weeks. 
Have a look at this example timetable....

Remember this is an example of what a Selston High timetable looks like and not your actual one.
You will be given you own timetable by your Form Tutor on your first day. 
It will look like this though, so let's see what all the parts mean.

Get used to using the timetable by completing the Timetable Challenge Questions in the documents below.
Remember, it is always best to work with someone else on these lessons and talk it through!

Be Awesome, Go Big Session 4- Making The Change

Feeling ready to say goodbye and being excited to say hello!

There are going to lots of reasons that you'll feel sad to say goodbye to Holly Hill, but there'll be LOTS of reasons why you're excited to say hello to Secondary School! It's important to recognise how you're feeling, and know that no matter whether you're feeling scared, worried, sad, nervous or excited, that's ok! 


Activity 1: Saying Goodbye 

Write a letter to all of the things that you'd like to say goodbye to at Holly Hill. It could be particular teachers, friends, certain lessons, playtime games, anything! Include all of the things you're going to miss, the things you've enjoyed during your time at HH and memories you've made. 


Activity 2: Saying Hello 

Now, it's time to let go of all those things you've said goodbye to and hold them as lovely, positive memories that you can take with you as your life continues beyond Holly Hill. Next, you're going to write a letter saying hello to all of things you're excited for at Selston High. It could include things you're looking forward to, any worries you have and any questions you might like answered. 


If you'd like to, you can send a copy/picture of your letters to lookatthiswork@gmail.com and Miss Fretwell and Miss Woods can read them and answer any questions you have in your 'Saying Hello' letters. Alternatively, share your letters with an adult/older sibling at home who you can talk to about your letters. 

Ready 4 Selston High

Session 3- What do I need to get?

Start by drawing a picture of what you think you will look like on your first day going to Selston High, including your full body not just your face. 

Now have a look at the uniform rule for Selston High. You can use the page on their website, or you can look on the simplified list below. 
How many things did you get right in your picture? 
What would you need to add or remove to be in line with the rules?

It can feel like there is so much you need to get to fit with the rules that it can be a bit overwhelming! However, when you look closely, there are things you may have already, or get get from an older sibling or friend! 

Organise your mind and your shopping list, by going through the list of essentials and colour coding them! 

Black = already got it

Green = being given it by someone

Red = need to buy it


Shopping checklist

If you're feeling up for a challenge, have a go at using the Selston High uniform order form (I got it from their website) to work out how much each of these children will need to spend on their equipment shopping!

Be Awesome, Go Big Session 3 - Dare To Take Risks

Although you don't need the books to complete the sessions, in the Y6 Keyworker group, we have been listening to the audiobook of Be Awesome and it's really got us talking about what it takes to be awesome! I wish someone had told me all of this stuff when I was going to secondary school... who knows, I might have actually auditioned for the school musical and not waited until year 10 because I was so scared! 


This next session is about exactly that, taking risks and what it actually means if we don't succeed. The full session is i the powerpoint above, but here are some of the key talking points. 

Ready 4 Selston High

Session 2- How will I get there?

How are you feeling about moving up to secondary this week? Have you talked about any of your worries from session 1? Choose a blob person that represents you this week.


One of the worries pupils often have is how they will get to school, who they will be going with and whether or not they will get there on time!

The best way to deal with this worry is to come up with a plan !

Use the document below to plan out your journey to school. Check with your parents that they haven't already got a plan in mind and phone/message your friends to agree meeting times and places. 

You could complete your plan by putting the journey from your house into google maps. This will show the fastest route and calculate how long the journey will take.

BUT while you have so much free time, why not go on a 'practise walk' and time the actual journey?
You can even involve any friends you plan to walk to school with, so long as you keep a social distance from them and from other people out walking. 

Are You Road Ready?

When you go to Selston High lots of you will be walking to school without your parents for the first time, or taking a route that involves much busier roads than you would have taken to get to Holly Hill. 

The link  below will take you to the 'THINK! map'.  Type your street name, or postcode into the search bar on the map to see any areas on your walk to school that have had traffic accidents. 


Based on this map, you might want to alter your journey to avoid dangerous roads. Watch the video below and then answer the questions to get a better understanding of how you can be safe on the roads. 

Road Ready? Expect the Unexpected

This film is to teach children between ages 7 to 12 about road safety. Find out more about road safety education resources for different age groups: think.gov.uk/education/

Be Awesome, Go Big Session 2- Unlocking Your Mind

I hope you enjoyed session 1 of this series. I have definitely started noticing times each day when I can choose to be 'Kid Awesome' or a 'Kid Average'! 

This main idea in this next session is how you can unlock your mind to be able to achieve at Secondary school using a growth mindset. The full session is found in the powerpoint above, but here are some of the key points for you to think about and talk over. 

Ready 4 Selston High

Session 1- What am I worried about?

Before you begin: These sessions are best to do when you can talk with someone else. Arrange to video-call a friend, or pick a family member to go through it with.

Have a look at the diagram below.

Choose a blob person that best fits how you feel about moving up to Selston High.

Think about, or talk to someone about why you have chosen that blob. 

Ask your parents which blob they would have been when they were starting secondary school... did they feel similar or different to you? 

Below is a list of worries that Y6 pupils going to Selston High have asked about in the past. For each one, give it a rating out of 10 to show how worried you are about that thing. 

One of the good things about moving up to secondary school is that you are not alone!

Everyone in Y6 is going through the same changes and though you may feel more worried than other people, it is totally normal. You will not be the only person feeling that way. 

Below is a graph. It shows how pupils at Selston High felt about their worries when they were in Y6. 

You are not stupid, or weird for being worried about something your friends aren't- the graph shows that you are not the only one! 

It also shows how their worries started in Y6, and changed during Y7 and at the end of Y7. Have a closer look at it and use the graph to answer the questions below. 

1) What has happened to all of the worries from Y6 to Y7?
2)According to the graph, what is the biggest worry Y6 pupils have about starting Selston High?

3) How far do you estimate it has dropped by the end of Y7?
4) How many children share your highest rated worry in Y6?
5) How many children share your highest rated worry at the end of Y7?
6) How many children share your lowest rated worry in Y6?
7) How many children share your lowest rated worry at the end of Y7?

What does worrying change?.... nothing really.
In the next sessions we will do some activities that will help you feel more confident and prepared.
In the meantime, why not make a list of things that you could do to help with your 3 highest rated worries. 
things like...

-looking on the Selston High Website
-walking to the school and back on your daily exercise 
-talking to someone you know who is already at Selston High
-making a memory box/poster of your time at primary school


Be Awesome Go Big Session 1: Being Awesome

You can complete these sessions by talking it through and making notes on paper. If you want to, you can print the workbook above and use that too.

 The main idea of this session is whether you will be be a 'kid average' at secondary, or a 'kid awesome'. The full lesson can be found as a powerpoint uploaded above, but here are some key bits for you to think about and discuss with friends or family.