"Holly Hill is a friendly and welcoming school of which pupils, parents, carers and staff are justifiably proud", OFSTED 2018. This is a 'good' school.

Holly Hill Primary and Nursery School

Wrens, Year 1/2, 2021/22

Welcome to Wren Class

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SPORTS DAY! What a lot of fun we had!

Science investigations today involved “How to charm a worm out of the soil”!!!! We tried to trick them into thinking it was raining but today this did not work!

15th June: We looked closely at some artefacts to learn about seaside holidays in the past. Can you guess what all these objects are?

We found lots of micro habitats in our school grounds in todays science lesson.

Friday 10th June - Wearing yellow to support Winnie

Today (9/6) we looked at giving directions in Maths. We had to create an algorithm using left, right, clockwise, anti-clockwise, forwards, backwards and using quarter, whole and half turns. If it didn’t work we had to debug it. We did really well with all this language and had a great time giving instructions to our friends, using the bee bots and playing games. 

Today we learned that we can’t make water run up hill!, It was great to be outside.

Thursday 26th May - Music - composing and performing.

20th May 2022

Well done to all year two children who worked so hard on their SATs this week and Year one children for being so respectful and kind in allowing them to concentrate. You are amazing Wrens! Happy weekend!!

20 May 2022. Congratulations Megan and Issac! You are our heroes this week. All of Wren class agree you both deserve it. Well done.

Monday 16th May 2022 - This afternoon all the Year Ones had PE outside. We set up a series of circuits for them.

Good luck to these hard working and very smiley year 2s next week when they complete their “quizzes” ! Plenty of fun this weekend guys!

In Art this week we have been making jungle collages. We had to work together to create different layers and then put them all together. What a fantastic job we did!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

4th May 2022

Well what an amazing day today! All the children agreed it was “The best day ever” today. We saw lions and tigers and bears… see for yourselves! Enjoy!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip - Wednesday 4th May 2022. Please return all medical forms BEFORE Wednesday

Friday 29th - Music - Carnival of The Animals.

Saint Saens composed Carnival of The Animals. We moved like the animals whilst listening to the music. Listened to the instruments we could hear and then represented how the music sounded through images.

Wednesday 28th April - Building on both our music skills and PE skills.

Tuesday 26th April. How exciting today was! A visit from White Post Farm. The children remembered everything we have learned about animals this year. I was SO proud of them. They were also much braver than me…😁

In Art today we looked at the work of Matisse and then created our own collages in the style of his work. 

Wednesday 20th April - Music. Using pictures to represent sounds and helping to know when to play a sound

Wednesday 20th April - PE outside

Wednesday 20th April - Using online maths and phonics games

We have had fun learning all about performance in music this half term. Here we are performing and practicing in class.

Here we are responding to our conductors in music and moving from low to high, loud to quiet and long to short.

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Fantastic drawings of pineapples where children used all their drawing skills that they have learned this halfvterm.

Congratulations! Sophie is this weeks hero for great progress in reading and remembering all full stops and capitals in her writing!

Today in art we looked at shapes that made up objects and also how to create texture. We worked really hard at looking closely and did brilliantly. 

Spring Term 2 What a Performance - Knowledge Organiser

16.03.22 - PE - Great work on this dance unit.

15th March 22 - English and RE

14th March - Observing Seasonal Change within our school environment.

Today in art we looked at using lines. We thought about if they were curvy or straight, if they were thick or think and investigated what we could do. We then used lines to draw a feather. We did a great job and really impressed Miss Morrison. 

Two performances in one day today!!! First was Magic Mike - a magician and ventriloquist. We laughed our socks off!!!

Performance 2 this afternoon was all about learning our grammar using songs and dances. Fantastic!

4.3.22 Today we played the mad professors’ reading game. We had one minute to tell a story before the water bomb exploded!!!

WBD 2022.mp4

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Wow! Everyone has blown us away with their costumes on World Book Day and we are so impressed with the potato characters you have made at home. Thank you Mums and Dads!

On World Book Day we have done lots of great activities. 

Wednesday 2nd March 2022 - Today in PE the children moved at different levels, speeds and along pathways.

28th Feb. 22: Today we watched world book day live with Matilda and friends. This was live streamed from a theatre.

First week back after half term - it’s been a busy one!

25.2.22 Look at Wrens line dancing! We are feeling the pulse and keeping the beat!

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Congratulations to Braiden - our hero! Happy half term everyone!!!

10.02.2022 A very busy day designing and making an Asian style wrap.

Today was “Safer Internet Day”. The children learned lots about staying safe and being kind online.

Dream Team! Wren have been focusing on working cooperatively in teams and with partners today. We had a lovely session with the iPads this morning and did a difficult reading job in teams this afternoon.

4.2.22. Congratulations Benjamin! You are our superhero this week!

This week (w/c 31.2.22) we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We haver done lots of crafts and even did some food tasting. Here are some pictures of what we did.

In geography we have learned the continents and oceans of the world and have found the UK and China on a map.

We have learned about Beijing and compared it with our capital city London.

21.1.22. Congratulations Pelumi on being an outstanding hero this week in Wren Class! You have been on fire with your mental maths and reading has rocketed too! Well done!

What a busy week for Wren class this week! We have learned all about the continents and oceans in Geography, the life cycle and habits of Giant Pandas, we were finding the difference by subtracting in maths and we wrote our own stories based on the Magic Paintbrush. 
Well done Wrens for keeping on trying when the going gets tough! Mrs K and Miss Morrison are very proud of you all.


Investigating the properties of 9 today in maths.

14th January '22: Congratulations to Ella who is our Wren hero for working so hard, building her confidence, going the extra mile and is truly flying now! All of our class agree that Ella deserves this award this week. Well done!

12th January. Today in science we learned that most animals start their life in an egg - only mammals are born as live young.

We have been learning about different sentence types this week using our story. Today we read and sorted them really quickly!

Happy New Year to all children parents and carers!  We are glad to be back and raring to go in 2022.

Our topic this term is 'China Highlights'. The knowledge organiser below details all the things we will know by the end of this half term:

What a brilliant start to the new year we have had! Today in Maths we started working with money. We learnt about the different types of coins and their values, sorted them and played which coin am I describing?

We then played shops and the Year 2's worked on adding coins together. Well done everyone!

In PE today we thought about moving safely in and around objects and other children. We moved in a variety of ways, at a variety of heights and using different speeds. We then worked together to try to use our bodies to make different letters of the alphabet. We made a L, V, F, S, C, P, W and tried lots of other letters too!

Wishing wonderful Wren class and all their parents and carers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! All the children in Wren class are on the ‘nice’ list this year! They are a credit to their families and to our school. We are incredibly proud of them. Lots of love from Mrs K, Mrs Warsop, Miss Morrison and Mrs Cooper. See you all in 2022!!!

Today we tackled some tricky problems in our escape room challenge, had a play and a dance and finished off our afternoon with hot chocolate, popcorn and Polar Express. It was perfect!

Christmas Party Day.

Laser tag, Christmas Dinner and Xmas jumper day!!

Wren Class Christmas Video 2021

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Today (13th December) it was pantomime day at school! OH YES IT WAS!!!! We had great fun helping Santa’s elves work their magic and we got to meet Santa for real!

In Maths today we made 2d and 3d shapes out of spaghetti and marshmallows. The marshmallows were our vertices while the spaghetti was our sides/edges. Great job everyone!

Friday’s hero was Alfie! Well done Alfie for trying your best and always being enthusiastic about learning no matter what. Keep it up!

30.11.21. In magic maths today we investigated how to be systematic in finding all the number bonds of 8. We discovered lots of patterns to help our thinking!

29.11.21. Today our new text is ‘Once Upon a Time’. We had great fun reading it today and sequencing the story.

25.11.21. This week we learned all about digital writing in computing. We made some words for our display and learned to input and change text.

Remote Learning

Wednesday 24th November 

Happy Wednesday Wrens!

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Remote learning timetables for 24th November.

Congratulations to our heroes this week (19th Nov). Skyla and Braiden are a credit to our school.


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16th November 21

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In Design technology this term we are exploring mechanisms. Look at our ‘sliders’! We used our book called Into the Forest as an idea to begin with and imagined what might be moving in the forest.


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12th Nov 21. Congratulations to this week's hero in Wren class. Anastacia we are all very proud of you!

In PE today we pretended to be fireworks and a fire that grew and raged out of control. We used streamers to help and had great fun!

Wren class wake up shake up! Did you know we are budding line dancers?

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Today in Maths we looked at repeating patterns. We had great fun moving our bodies and making noises. The Year 2's then looked at lines of symmetry on shape. They did a great job folding to find them and using a mirror to check. Well done everybody- a great Maths session!

Welcome back everyone! We made a great start with some creepy crawlies today! Enjoy…

Happy half term everyone!! I'm proud of all the Wrens this half term, but for today we say congratulations to this week's hero Skyla!!!

13.10.21. We observed changes in the weather, trees and plants today. Since September it is colder (16 degrees), the days are shorter and the trees are beginning to lose more of their leaves. Today we found sycamore seeds and played helicopters with them. We also learned not to touch wild mushrooms or berries in case they are poisonous.

Writing about our trip to Nottingham Castle. Friday Big Write!

Congratulations to our hero this week - Morgan! He has been busy making lots of progress in his writing and we are very proud of him! 

Today in Maths we investigated shapes. We printed with 3d shapes to see the different face shapes and thought about how many different face shapes each 3d shape had. We also used the laptops to make shape patterns. 

What a lovely day we had at the castle today! We learned all about Robin Hood and the caves under Nottingham.

Congratulations to this week's Wren Class Hero! George is amazing and has gone the extra mile this week! Well done.

In PE we have been working on travelling in different ways, balancing, rolling and holding our bodies in different positions. We have also been working on creating sequences of actions both alone and with a partner. 

This week we wrote graffiti sheets to collect adjectives to describe the settings in the story The Journey.

Today we had fun looking very closely at things through a digital microscope! Can you tell what all these things are?

Congratulations to this week's Wren hero - James who always tries hard, finishes his work and cares about his friends.

Representing numbers to 100 in year 2 maths.

Monday 20 September. Maths today was learning about ‘greater than, fewer than and equal to’. In science we looked for signs of Autumn but found it was more like summer!

17.9.21. Congratulations to our Hero this week! Kai has certainly got super powers for problem solving and for thinking things through! Well done!

17.09.2021 - Literacy based on the Gingerbread Man and our own versions of this story. Created in various ways.

Week beginning 13th Sept: We are learning about place value in maths and comparing numbers. Our PE sessions are a big hit with wrens and we are writing and making up our own stories based on the gingerbread man.

Well done to our hero of the week - Carson has been ready to learn and very independent this week.

This week we are learning to tell the story of the Gingerbread Man. We will be writing our own version next week when we have learned the story language we need.

On Thursday we hot seated the Gingerbread Man, asking him questions about the story. We then used a microphone to record an audio version of the story- it was great! Later on, we reminded ourselves of what we learnt about shapes last year and had fun playing with shapes. 

We have had a great few days getting to know each other in Wren class! We looked at our school grounds, drew pictures, made monsters, played dragons, moved water, wrote about our summer and had a go in our new maths books! 

We have had a fantastic couple of days this week. We have begun to get to know each other and make lots of new friends.


On Friday some of us made some fantastic models using different construction and we all had a great time playing with the parachute!