"Holly Hill is a friendly and welcoming school of which pupils, parents, carers and staff are justifiably proud", OFSTED 2018. This is a 'good' school.

Holly Hill Primary and Nursery School

Wrens, Year 1/2, 2020/21

Our harvest! The children loved picking their vegetables they had grown on wrens allotment!

19.7.21. Today instead of doing PE in the heat we have cooled and relaxed ourselves by learning some yoga new moves. Well done Wrens, you did some super stretches!

September 2021 Welcome Meeting Power point

WB. 12th July. We have learned about making strong structures, reading maps and giving directions.

6th July. Look what Wren class have grown! It’s so exciting but we have to wait a little longer for the carrots and potatoes to grow big enough!!

5.7.2021. Today we have been super busy, in maths we have been looking at sharing and grouping numbers. We learnt that not every number can be shared equally. In PE we worked together in groups to create our own games using different equipment and why not finish off the day with our very own model of London!

We have been busy getting quite scientific in Wren class this wee! We also have some really superb writing to look at too! Well done Wren Class!!!!

17th June. Today’s super exciting visit from Ninja Warriors for part of our Well-being week. We completed a warrior challenge, learned a way to calm our minds and watched as Johnny demonstrated some amazing gymnastic skills. Isaac helped with handstands for team Wren!

Johnny showed us how the professionals walk on their hands!

Still image for this video

16th June. Sports day fun! Olympic athletics this morning and races this afternoon! Well done to all wrens for taking part and trying hard.

Don’t forget tomorrow is sports day! Come in PE kit, bring water, hats and wear sunscreen. We will post pictures and video on this page for you to watch at home tomorrow. Mrs K.

Well being week started today with learning some circus skills! We all had a fabulous time!

14.6.2021. Today in maths we have been talking about equal and unequal groups. We have been on a hunt around the classroom to find objects that we can make equal groups from.

We. 7th June. Welcome back to our new topic this term of London Rocks. We are investigating the properties of materials, writing the story of the queens hat and celebrating Seb C as our hero this week.

Wonderful wren class have worked SO hard this half term! We set our classroom on fire!!! We have done wonderful written work and have ALL moved up in reading. Mrs K is very proud indeed.😊😊😊

17.5.21. Today we studied a picture of The Magic Tree, we then used our imaginations to draw a world that we would like to step into. There were some very exciting ideas!

Much excitement today as our museum came to Wren class! We looked closely at all these historical artefacts and pieced together some of the 17th Century past.

Today in PE we have been fantastic at working together with our partners to produce some mirror images. We have also invented some creative ways of moving around the room using small equipment.

Congratulations to our Wren Heroes this week! Here they are...

Look at our fabulous houses for Pudding Lane. Can you guess why the fire of London burned so fast and for so long?

4.5.2021. Today in English we have read our new story called Vlad and the great fire of London. We thought of our own questions we would like to ask Vlad and his friend Boxton. Also in Jigsaw we have designed our own picture frame showing something that we are incredible at.

Wow! Today we had a visitor from the 17th century! He knew lots about the fire of London and we even got to put out a real fire,

26.4.21. Today in PE we have been using our imagination to create our own game using the ball skills we have previously learned.

Please could we ask that if anyone has an old watering can that they no longer need (or more than one!) please could you donate it to us for watering our potatoes, carrots, peas, beans and sunflowers in the playground allotment?  We would be very grateful!


Knowledge organiser Summer 1. Great fire of London.

Our new topic is ‘The Great Fire of London’ this half term and we have been learning first what London was like in 1666 and what it is like now. We learned to spell “fire” and we have all accessed the interactive game on to learn some things about the history of the fire.  The children were really excited to find the minecraft video of the fire of London on this website too! If you use the Java version of minecraft at home the Fire of London package is free as far as I know.

Here are just a few pictures from this week...

Our core book from April 19th is Katie in London. This introduces the children to lots of London landmarks through an engaging story where Katie and her brother tour London on the back of a lion!

Today we having been talking about what makes a good friend and identifying what a good friendship means to us.

Week beginning 29th March

Superhero congratulations go to Georgia Rose this week. Well done for trying so hard in all your learning.

Our finished art project prints! Aren’t they lovely!

Today the children have brought home a plant to water and nurture until after Easter. Please look after it and bring it back to school after the holidays when we will measure how much it has grown and plant it outside in our allotment. The seed is a pea. 

Today in PE we talked about how we can move our bodies in different ways, this even included pretending to be little chicks hatching out of an egg.

This week has been all about science in Wren class.  We have found deciduous and evergreen trees growing in our lovely grounds, learned about the needs and features of plants and talked lots about how and where things grow.

Work has started in ur Key Stage 1 allotment where we planted some potatoes and carrots.  We have peas (not the 'Evil Pea' kind!) germinating inside so that we can observe them before planting them out after Easter. We found an amazing (and HUGE) spider to watch for a while and we are investigating some questions we have about growth with cress seeds.  Lego was perfect to build walls with windows for our potato maze - we are waiting to see if the potato can find its way through the windows and out into the light! 

Investigating growing plants.

Today we have had great fun in Art drawing in the style of the artist William Morris.

Chilling after a hard week! Go wren class you are amazing!

Congratulations to this weeks Wren Superheroes Daisy and Kai! We are very proud of you both.


Potato problems today! Who has the heaviest potato and how do we know?  Wrens have been investigating weight and mass.

International Day of Mathematics.

Today in PE we have been working on our throwing and catching skills. We have also created our own patterns in the style of William Morris.



Please take photo's of whatever your child has done at home and send them to our class email address for home learning:

I check emails daily from Tuesday to Friday and respond with feedback to help you and your children at home.  Although this is a general class email address,  emails and responses are only visible to the class teacher.

Please note that there are separate learning timetables for Year 1 children and Year 2 children which detail all the work they should attempt each day.  

Make sure you choose the correct year group's weekly timetable!



Today we had our first PE lesson with Miss G, everyone enjoyed the lesson and had lots of fun working on ball skills. After that we amazed Mrs Rawson with our some fabulous writing about our book of the week Supertato! Well done Wrens I am so proud of you!

Thursday 11 th March. The veggies have made faces! We looked at the work of Giuseppe Archimboldo and used fruit and vegetables to make pictures.

How wonderful it is to see all our little wrens back in class!  They have been wonderful and trying so hard over the past couple of days. Well done everyone!

This week we are reading the 'Supertato' stories in English - so we made some Supertato's of our own! Take a look. 

Masked Reader Answers

Holly Hill's Masked Reader!

Come back tomorrow to find out the answers!

Story time with Mrs Rawson

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Story Time with Mrs Rawson

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Story time with Mrs Cooper

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Mrs Rawson's story

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Hi Wrens!  Happy New Year!

I hope you are all well and safe. I'm so disappointed that we won't be back together as a class because I was so looking forward to seeing you all and hearing all your news about Christmas!  I hope Santa managed to get round everyone this year!

So we are mostly learning from home now and we have some lovely things planned for you. Please send me your work, pictures and photos to our class email so myself and Miss Hussain can see what you have been doing.

You should have your new Power maths books (Book B) very soon if you haven't already got it - they are being delivered or a grown up will pick them up from school. Year 2 power maths will start on Wednesday this week and Year 1 are starting from next Monday 18th January. Each day I am going to try to do a video to help you.

Because I don't work on Mondays I will check the class email every day from Tuesday to Friday - you won't usually hear anything from me on Mondays unless it is urgent.

Please check your learning timetable every day to see what your jobs are and watch the videos.  If anyone needs help let me know - you can ring school if you need to or email and I'll get back to you.

Stay safe everyone and I look forward to seeing your lovely learning in my emails each day.

​​​​​​​Love Mrs K

Hello from Miss Hussain.

Below is a little video where I introduce myself (a trainee teacher). I am really looking forward to being with the Wren class again!

It’s Christmas! We’ve had parties, panto’s, discos, polar express, Christmas dinner, crafting, special assemblies, technical difficulties ... And lots of fun!! Merry Christmas to you all and see you in 2021.


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Wrens have been very busy reindeers and we hope you like our reindeer dance!

Today we have been doing some fabulous writing about The Snowman and building towers that are nearly as big as Mrs Rawson!

11th December 2020

Amazing day today! First a short writing session followed by the pantomime! It was a lovely show and all of wren class were super well behaved. I’m so proud of all of them.😁😁😁

10th December. We have been busy designing some amazing puppets to make tomorrow

Tuesday 8th December. Today we helped Santa as super scientists. We had to find him the best wrapping paper to use when he ran out of paper! We observed closely, predicted which paper we thought would have the right properties and tested them all, recording our results in a table.

It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas!

Glow in the dark dodgeball!! Today the children have absolutely loved taking part in this session, well done Wrens you were fabulous!

Congratulations to our wren heroes this week. 4th December 2020

Knowledge organiser Autumn 2

Making puppets with Miss Fairchild

2nd December. Talking Toy Story ready for writing tomorrow. Seb was feeling brave today and wanted to be famous so we made a video!

Still image for this video

1st December 2020. Fun with Mr Potato Head!

Today in PE we have been looking at different ways we could use our bodies to create fireworks. We have also been learning about 3D shapes in maths and made some amazing models!!

Autumn 2 Knowledge organiser

Congratulations to Sebastian and Sebastian on being our Wren Super Heroes this week! We are very proud of you both.

26 Nov 2020. Today we did super drawing and writing after looking closely old toys.

Toy Story! To kick off our literacy topic with popcorn!!!

Wed. 25th November No Pens Wednesday! We had fun looking at toys from the past today. Some of them were even older than Mrs K!!

Wren super heroes. Congratulations to Freddy and Jaxon on your hard work this week. Well done!

Coal Mines Around Selston.

This week we are learning about our local history. The children are really interested in the history of coal mining and want to know all about the pit. We learned that it was where the Bull and Butcher is and it was closed before all the teachers were born. We know that it is now Selston Country Park. 

We know that we can find out about the past by asking somebody who can remember things from a long time ago so the children wrote some questions. If there is anyone in your family who can answer any of our questions we would love to hear from you. Please ask anyone you think might know (socially distanced of course!). You could send us an email to our class email address or write something for us on paper or talk to your children about what you know. 

Here are our questions: 


What was it like down the coal mine?
Was it dark down there? How did you see things?
Did it smell in the pit? 
Was the coal mine wet inside? 
Did you eat your lunch in the mine? Did you get coal in your sandwiches?
Was there stones in there and did the rocks fall down?

What if the rocks or the coal fell on your head?

Why did the pit close? 
Why did it become a country park?
Did scientists have to go in the coal mines?


We really hope you can help us and look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible before next Thursday when we will read all your emails And letters in class. 
Thank you!


16.11.20. Today we have done lots of practical work. We have tasted some unusual drinks and talked about our favourite, also we have made shape patterns in the flour! All wearing odd socks for the launch of anti bullying week.

Wren Heroes this week are Tyler and Austin who have worked super hard all week this week!

Identifying, describing and investigating smells.

Investigating in science: Our senses.

Today we used our sense of hearing to match the containers that made the same sound. It was more difficult than we thought at first!

9.11.20. Today In Maths we have been using a ruler to draw lines of symmetry and working on some tricky words in phonics. Also the remote learning packs have been sent home with the children.

Wren heroes today! Congratulations to Carly and Kai who have persevered this week and made themselves very proud!


5th November. Sorting food groups. We are learning about healthy food which helps us grow into strong adults.

4th November 2020

Making triangles and counting in 3’s. Fabulous job Corey.

3.11.20. Today in Jigsaw we talked about the similarities and differences between us and our friends.

3.11.20. Welcome back our Mathletics king! Alan has achieved a huge 4 certificates over half term, Well done Alan!

Happy half term everyone! See you all on November 3rd.

16 October 2020
Congratulations to our heroes this week in Wren class!

Cory and Lola have been beavering away and busily making themselves a lot of progress!

Super wow writing!

14th October

Wrens have been writing today - they are writing the story of 6 Dinner Sid and are doing an amazing job!  They sequenced the story first and we made a story board to help us remember the main events in the story.  We are finishing our super wow writing tomorrow so no pictures yet!  


Please could I ask that ALL children bring a filled water bottle to school every day. Drinks are not provided with school packed lunches and all children need something to drink throughout the day.  We can't provide cups for the children, especially at this time when we are trying to be as safe and hygienic as we can.

Thank you.

Mrs K 

12.10.20. Today in PE we have been working on doing some tricky balancing and working in partners to catch a ball. Well done Wrens you were amazing!

9th October 2020. Wren Superheroes! Well done to Elliott and Georgia Rose this week.

Investigating! Do the children with the biggest feet have the biggest hands?

7th October 2020. Maps and Monsters

5.10.20 Marvellous Maths

5.10.20 P.E Warm-up

Congratulations to our heroes this week. 2nd October 2020


Thank you so much for supporting our school dinner today! The children loved their pizza and chips and the cookies were amazing! All the teachers had dinners too! 

 Please note: 

Books will be changed tomorrow (Friday) - please ensure your child brings their folder, diary and books.

Numbots and Mathletics are online maths programmes for homework and fun practice - logins and passwords are in reading diaries. 
School milk needs to be ordered from ‘cool milk’ if your child drinks it.

We now have plenty of fruit for snack times in school - it is free and always available so there is no need for children to bring snacks from home unless they have other reasons for doing so.


Think that’s all for now! 
Mrs K


30th September

Today we learned how to use our maths homework program ‘Numbots’. Children all have logins in their reading diaries and can use the program at home. Just go to: and login with the username and password you have been given. You need to select our school from the drop down list after putting in the postcode NG16 6AW. Then start playing. The children know what to do! Have fun!

Year 1 and the body challenge...

Which is more?

25th September 2020. Well done to our heroes this week! Everyone is so proud of you both and our class is a better place because you are both in it!

23 September. Reading. Watch our star of the day read Not Now Bernard. Well done Kai! We enjoyed your story. 😊😊😊

Still image for this video

Not now Bernard continued...

Still image for this video

21st September

Parents please note, I will do my best to call you this week for a brief chat about your children. If you filled in the form and sent it back, I’ll try to keep to the same day you asked for last week. If you aren’t in or available, I will try again later!


Meanwhile, monsters have been everywhere today... our new book for this week is:

September 15th.

Congratulations to Wrens! Everyone in our class had PE kit and earrings out yesterday!

Mrs Rawson was SO impressed!

Here are yesterday’s PE pictures and some very funny faces from today....

Parents please note: Mrs a Rawson will be doing PE with Wren class on Mondays. This will be outdoors for the foreseeable future. Please ensure a named PE kit is at school and that earrings are removed before school on Monday (we cannot remove earrings for your child but they can’t do PE with them in).


Reading books:

Please remember to send your child’s reading folder/bag to school next week as we begin to send home reading books. Also return any books you may have from last year as soon as possible. 
We will expect your child to bring their reading books and diary every day as we often use them in school and need them to be available. I aim to try to change books once each week. This could be on any day.

Mrs K

18.9.20 Some super writing Wrens 😊

Friday 11th September. 
Congratulations to our heroes this week who are Isaac and Molly. Well done both of you!



Thursday 10th September - A busy day.

Wed 9th September

Today was so exciting! We had new toys!!!

And the crane flies came!

Tuesday 8th September 

This week has started well and we are raring to go! Our book is called Colour Monster. Ask your child and they will tell you about it.

please could  I remind everyone that all school clothing needs to be named - it’s impossible to tell one jumper from another!


 Some of our Work today....


Still image for this video

Happy Friday everyone!  The end of the week sees a class of very tired children and our celebration of their achievements this week.  Wrens have done a great job of adapting to the new ‘normal’ and trying super hard to make new friendships whilst learning all the new routines too this week - I’m proud of you all! Nominated though by their class mates, Daisy and Alan are this week’s Superheroes and we applaud them both.  Well done!

Mrs K


Superheroes 4.9.20

Welcome to Wren Class everyone,

What a lovely first day we had together! Some photos follow but a short message: 
please make sure your child brings a clean water bottle with water in it every day.
They will also need a healthy snack for mid morning each day (in addition to their lunch) as we are not having fruit or milk deliveries yet.

Thank you,

Mrs. K


Today looked something like this:


3rd September 2020

Today has been about friends and faces and differences.  What a lovely class we are. 😊