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Woodpeckers, Year 2, 2020/21

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Knowledge Organiser Summer Term 1 - The Great Fire of London

Knowledge Organiser Summer 2 - London Rocks

15.6.21 Charlie we love your writing 😁

15.6.21 Writing our Queen’s Hat stories

15.6.21 Once again, Heidi has created her own book at home! Super proud Heidi😊

14.6.21 Playtime Fun🌳😊 Thank you FOHH for our wonderful equipment 😊😊

14.6.21 The Queen’s Hat Story Maps

8.6.21 Inferring Meaning and Visualisation

8.6.21 Woodies having fun in the sun

28.5.21 creating sketches to show the fire of London

24.5.21 Creating our own Naughty Bus movies

24.5.21 Heidi has been so inspired by our Naughty Bus text that she has created her own book at home

21.5.21 Reading our fire of London writing to the class and creating fire of London art.

20.5.21 Examining artefacts in history

19.5.21 Working cooperatively subtracting numbers

18.5.21 Capturing our Naughty Bus Digital Images

18.5.21 Naughty Bus Lands in Woodpecker Class

17.5.21 Column Addition with Exchanging

14.5.21 Editing and adding effects to photos

13.5.21 Looking at our experiment results

10.05.21 - Computing - Photography. Exploring different lighting.

10.5.21 Diary Entries

7.5.21 Showing our fire of London knowledge

6.5.21 science -finding out about seeds and bulbs

5,5.21 Finding out about the fire of London

4.5.21 A fabulous PE session involving mirroring and games skills development

4.3.2021 Vlad and The Great Fire of London Questions

30.4.21 Taking photographs as part of our computing.

28.4.21 Our amazing fire of London day

27.4.21 Katie in London Storyboards

26.4.21 Jigsaw Lesson - What Makes a Good Friend?

22.4.21 Writing conjunction sentences and learning about the fire of London.

21.4.21 PE - Striking and Fielding Preparation

20.4.21 Doubling Superstars😊

20.4.21 Home Spelling Challenge (would should could)

19.4.21 Reading Eggs and Fast Phonics


Summer Term 



1.4.21 making Easter baskets and printing patterns

Happy Easter Woodies (we all made a Pom Pom chick 🐥 and it was soooooo difficult)

29.3.21 Tin Forest Descriptive Writing

29.3.21 Using Ten Frames in Maths

26.3.21 Acting out and making sound effects to the tin forest story.

25.3.21 P.E skills

24.3.21 Planting seeds

24.3.21 Wonderful Woodpeckers Dazzling us with Tricks

23.3.21 Science Plant Hunting

22.3.21 The Tin Forest Vocabulary Session

22.3.21 Bouncing Back with our Phonics

19.3.21 Patterns in the style of William Morris