"Holly Hill is a friendly and welcoming school of which pupils, parents, carers and staff are justifiably proud", OFSTED 2018. This is a 'good' school.

Holly Hill Primary and Nursery School


Year 6 Walesby Residential 11th-15th October 2021

Please find below useful information to help your fully prepare for the upcoming residential. As always, additional questions can be answered by contacting the school office and asking for Mrs Cordon or Miss Fretwell. 

Activity Schedule


When does the final balance need to be paid?

As soon as possible please. We would usually require full and final payment before the children were able to go on the trip. If there are specific circumstances that prevent you from doing so, please speak with the school office. 


What do we do with snacks for the midnight feast?
You can pack these safely in your child's luggage. When we arrive at the lodge, I will ask all children to fetch the snacks out of their bags so that it can be stored in our kitchen. The snacks will be shared with the group and are not to be consumed in bedrooms. I have cleaned up more than enough sick in my time!


Who will be sleeping in my child's bedroom?
The bedrooms are separated into girls and boys rooms. The children have been asked to name a friend they would like to be with and the rooms will be allocated upon our arrival. The children will also quickly find out that they only get to spend time in their rooms when they are sleeping, as we are going to be so busy!


What will be the washing situation?

We ensure that the children have a shower every day. This is usually in the evening before bed. It would be ideal for the children to bring flip flops/ shower shoes that they can wear while in the shower. 


Do I need to pick my child up from school?
All children will need to be collected by an adult on Friday 15th. Parents can arrive from 2pm onwards to collect their child. Any changes to our arrival time will be communicated to you via text message.


Can I give my child extra money in case they don't like the meal?

The £5 spending money on the kit list is for use in the Walesby Forest gift shop. There is nowhere to purchase food on site and we are not situated near any other shops/ buildings. The meals are served 'canteen style', so the children are able to choose what they have on their plate. Despite initial worries, we have always been able to ensure that the children have enough to eat. 


What will happen if a child presents COVID symptoms while away?

We will follow the exact same protocol as if we were in school. The child displaying symptoms would be isolated from the group, while we telephone the parents to arrange for them to be picked up and taken for a PCR test. If your child is displaying symptoms before the residential, please respect the health of the other children and families by not bringing them until you have taken them for a PCR test.