"Holly Hill is a friendly and welcoming school of which pupils, parents, carers and staff are justifiably proud", OFSTED 2018. This is a 'good' school.

Holly Hill Primary and Nursery School

The Nest, 2020/21

Welcome to your new Nest! We are so excited to have all of you back in September and to have fun learning new skills! You will be able to check this page each day for the things that we have been learning and experiencing but we are also hoping to use Tapestry Online Learning Journal to record all the wonderful things that you have been up to. Parents can also upload experiences that you have had at home too which we would love to see. 

Keep checking this page for more updates e.g. morning routines, timetables etc over the next few weeks. 

January lockdown - Please look in the Remote Learning section above for each days learning tasks. 

Meet your teachers

Week Beginning 14th June - Wow! This week has been busy, fun and lively with circus skills, sports day and Ninja Warriors! Check out our activities!

Week Beginning 7th June - Welcome back Nesties! We’ve had a busy and fun week in the Nest. We started our new core book The Three Little Pigs and have completed some lovely work around this. The children like the new interactive whiteboard and we are learning all it can do (and that includes the teachers!). We are still enjoying our Attention Bucket sessions and of course baking was a firm favourite!

Week Beginning 24th May - This week we have continued to practice the part whole model in maths, writing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, sensory group, making cloud dough and practicing our reading skills. We have also had a few more extended play sessions towards the end of the week as the staff have noticed the children have really been working together in their play, sharing and turn taking and using good communication skills. We know this is as equally important as all the other fabulous learning that happens and we are really proud of you! We have also been given lockers by Mrs Steed and Mr Morland kindly fitted them for us which caused some excitement! In the holidays we are having an interactive whiteboard fitted, a new class computer and over the summer term we will be ordering some new outdoor equipment. Big thanks to Mrs Steed, Mr Morland and Friends of Holly Hill for all of these!

Week Beginning 17th May - This week was busy with lots of outside exploration, even when the week turned rainy! We made Lemon Mousse, made growing beanstalks with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, listened to our new book Jack and the Beanstalk and wrote adjectives to describe each character. And much much more! Phew!

Week Beginning Friday 14th May - we have carried on with our second week of the Smartest Giant in Town. We have listed adjectives to describe the giant, retold the key parts and built and wrote sentences about the giant. We have been practing the part whole model in Maths and have been building castles and labelling them for topic! Pizza making was the favourite activity though! 😂 Also it was Mrs Aldred’s birthday so of course we all celebrated with a cake! Happy Birthday Mrs Aldred! 🎂 🎈

Friday 30th April - This week we continued with the Gingerbrad Man sorry. We have sequenced the story and written captions for different parts (the work is in the children’s books but I’ll try and remember to take a photo for Tapestry). We have also made Gingerbread scented play dough. The children are very good now at taking turns to measure their ingredients and read the recipe to see what to do next. Excellent work Nesties! As you can see from the photos we have been busy doing lots of other things too and everyone has been completing their task boxes daily as well! Lastly, Happy Birthday to Amelia who kindly shared her chocolates and sweets today and we all sang happy birthday to her. Have a wonderful day!!

Friday 23rd April - Happy first week back everyone! We cracked straight on with our new core book The Gingerbread Man including baking gingerbread, learning the story, sensory group. We also had our first Nest PE session, thanks Miss B!

Friday 2nd April - What a busy and fun week in the Nest! We have finished off our core book by writing sentences to retell the story, worked on comparing numbers in maths, had a fabulous sensory group were everyone communicated which sensory experiences they liked and disliked and much more! We then rounded up the term by making Easter Nests, Easter cards and had an egg hunt! Have a wonderful Easter everyone, we are so proud of how you have adapted to returning to school this term and are looking forward to more fun and learning next half term!

Friday 26th March - This week we started our new core book - The Naughty Bus! We have really enjoyed this story and have created a story map, made buses from boxes and took part in a sensory story to look at all the different parts of the story! We have also been looking at comparing amounts in Maths and made flapjack! Phew!

Friday 19th March - This week we have carried on learning about our Core Book Whatever Next! We made a picnic, completed a cress seed diary and wrote recaps from the book. Well done Nesties!

Friday 12th March - Wow what a fun-filled, exciting and busy week back with all the Nesties! We have been making bird feeders, sowing cress seeds, making pizzas, using the sensory circuit, completing task boxes and working on our new story Whatever Next! We have all loved this week and are super proud of how well the children have settled back into routine.

Sorry one more video....

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But don’t worry, it’s not more home schooling! 😆
I just wanted to say that we are so proud of all the Nesties! The children who have been homeschooling have worked so hard, stayed super positive and made everyone proud. The children who have been at school have adapted so well to things being different, made new friends and still joined in with all activities! Like I said, we couldn’t be prouder!
Here is a little video (sorry I know you must be sick of hearing me now 😂) to show you the activities we have for Monday.
There are pipettes and food dye, dinosaur play, making bird feeders (sorry forgot to show on the video but I’ve added a photo), reading a new fun space-themed story, making magic wands and much much more! We will still be playing with Y3/4 children at playtimes and joining in for PE.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, including all the grown-ups who have been super stars too!
See you MONDAY!!!! 🎉😁⭐️

Masked Reader Answers

Holly Hill's Masked Reader!

Come back tomorrow for the answers!

A very Merry Christmas from all of us in the Nest!

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Check out this very special message!

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12/12/2020 - We have had another busy and fun week. We loved the pantomime on Friday, what a brilliant start to what is going to be a fun Christmas week next week! Please check the Nest letter for all the fun things that we will be getting up to!

04/12/2020 - What an exciting end to the week! The children loved Glow In The Dark Dodgeball/Disco! They also loved playing in the snow on Friday! Check out what we have been up to this week!

20.11.2020 - A super week in the Nest! The children have been joining in for listening and attention activities (Hello Time), Fine motor activities, baking pizzas (Antony’s choice for getting 20 buttons!), making hedgehog houses and task box work daily! Phew!! Well done Nesties!

6.11.2020 - We have welcomed two new members to the Nest this week! The children have had fun playing together! We have read the book Leaf Man, collected leaves, turned them into different characters etc. The children have been practicing fine motor tasks every morning such as putting pegs on bowls and picking up small objects with tweezers. This builds our hand strength! We have also made yummy pizzas! Super first week back!

09.10.2020 - We have been very proud of the children this week as they have been very keen to complete their task boxes, especially in the morning. We have been using tongs to pick up feathers to build our hand muscles, making banana splits (without the bananas as no one liked them!) and had a little visit to Whisper’s Woods to find treasure!

1.10.2020 - This week we have explored the theme ‘All are Welcome’ which is our core book. The children are getting on really well with their task boxes and we can see lots of progress in all of their skills. Lots of sensory exploration this week and some yummy apple pies too! Keep checking Tapestry for what your child has been up to!

24.09.2020 - Today we have made banana bread. Although the children weren’t keen on eating it they did a fanatic job measuring the ingredients! Lots of effort in completing the Task boxes too today - very proud Nest staff!

22.09.2020 - We read our Core Book today - Giraffes Can’t Dance. All the stories for this half term link to our topic of Dare to be Different.

18.09.2020 - We have now started uploading the children’s activities and learning on to Tapestry and you will receive an activation link shortly. If you haven’t signed the permission slip please complete the letter ASAP so you can view your child’s profile. Here’s a few photos of the week!

11.09.2020 - It turned into a science kind of day today. To link to our story The Colour Monster, we have been colour mixing and today this involved pipettes, syringes and lots and lots of coloured water! We are really proud of the children settling back to school and they have really tried hard to complete all 4 tasks each day. Well done!

09.09.2020 - Wow! Today we have taken part in our Hello Time session which builds on Listening and Attention skills, had our first Sensory Group intervention and we get doing really well at having a go at our Task Boxes! The children decided to rename them Fun Boxes and each day they have four to complete. There is one for Reading, Writing, Maths and Fine Motor skills. Each day they have a different set of boxes to complete and the tasks can be competed independently. We will keep practicing each box until the children have mastered the objective at least three times.

08/09/2020 - Today we read our story of the week ‘The Colour Monster’. We are learning all about the different emotions that we might feel. The children had their first go at their task boxes today. Look tomorrow for photos of these.

04.09.2020 - Fabulous stories, sensory room exploration, den making, corn flour villages and jewellery making! Must be a Friday!

03.09.20 - Today we have been adding to our routine a little and we took part in our Hello Time session at the start of the day, explored sensory experiences to get ready for the sensory intervention starting next week, made register characters to check in throughout the day how we are feeling, and spent some time working on the laptops. 

02.09.20 - Welcome back everyone. It was so lovely to have you all back today. Today we spent the day exploring the room, resources and the new routines to help keep us safe. We had a go at some fine motor activities which really impressed Mrs Keegans! Tomorrow we will start our sensory activities to see which sensory experience we like and ones we are not too keen on! 

Room update again - The workstations arrived and are a little larger than expected so we had to have a little move around! Just waiting for the U shaped table now!

Update - Your new Nest classroom!

We have new workstations, task boxes and a group table for us to complete our work. This is hopefully being delivered before September! Thank you Mrs Steed for our new room and equipment, the staff for their time getting it ready and a massive thank you to Mr Morland for his hard work making it look so lovely!