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Swans, Year 5/6, 2020/21

Welcome to Swan Class!

Hi everyone! I'm Miss Fretwell and I teach Swan class. We'll be using this page to share what your Swans have been up to in class, so check back daily as there will be something new here. This will be a Swan-derful way to stay connected despite not being able to invite you in to our classroom like we usually would for open mornings and events. 

Summer 2 Knowledge Organiser: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble!

15.06.21 This morning we had a Circus Skills workshop! Swan Class LOVED it 🥰

11.06.21 We made the most of the gorgeous weather and challenged Owl class to a game of dodgeball! Here's Team Swan ready and geared up to win! We were undefeated!

10.06.21 We were experimenting with chemical reactions this afternoon!

09.06.21 This mornings handwriting practise was writing the lyrics to one of Miss Fretwell’s favourite songs - we listened to it while we practised!

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08.06.21 Our new topic is all about William Shakespeare!

Summer 1 Knowledge Organiser: World War 2

27.05.21 It was the Y5’s turn to visit The National Holocaust Museum today!

26.05.21 A few pictures from the Y6 trip to the National Holocaust Centre! It’s the Y5’s turn tomorrow!

21.05.21- Wonderful Writing! Elliott is my hero this week for writing a beautiful persuasive speech in his new fabulous handwriting! Elliott has been trying so hard to improve his handwriting and the highlighter lines are to help him. He is amazing!

15.05.21 - Kodi is my Hero this week for being a ray of sunshine in Swan class. Kodi is always making us all laugh and helping his table in lesson time. He is first with his hand up to answer questions and his attitude to learning is great. Well done Kodi 👍🦢

14.05.21 - Stay tuned next week to see what we used these photos for...

12.05.21 We’ve been constructing word poems in history about Kristallnacht.

11.05.21 We’ve been practising our persuasion techniques! We are still reading Letters from the Lighthouse- we’ve been arguing for and against whether or not to save a German pilot who crashed in Britain!

04.05.21 The one after the long weekend!


We got straight back into the swing of things this morning with some decimals work in Maths. We started looking at thousandths and numbers with 3 decimal places. In English, we started planning our own suspense scene to write tomorrow - stay tuned for some pictures of our writing tomorrow! We had P.E this afternoon too with Mr West - don't forget that we have P.E every Tuesday and at the moment we have an extra session on a Friday too, so the children will need their kits at school the whole week. 

27.04.21 Our finished DT projects! We loved building Anderson shelters 👌

26.04.21 We had a visit from some PCSO’s today to talk about knife crime. It was such an informative lesson and they even let the children see their handcuffs!

Nottinghamshire Police Knife Crime Workshop

This Monday 26.04.21, the pupils in Year 5 and 6 will be visited by a member of Nottinghamshire Police force as part of their initiative to tackle knife crime. 

They will receive a talk/ workshop about the dangers of knife carrying and ways to avoid becoming involved in knife-related crimes. 

This is not in response to any specific knife-related incidents locally, but as part of a wider initiative targeting primary schools across the county. 

Teachers and teaching assistants will be on hand for any pupils requiring additional support. 

31.01.21 A fun day today! Writing using the dull word graveyard (where boring words go to die!) to improve our writing, spellings in the sunshine and circuits in Science! 💕😎👨‍🔬👩‍🔬

29.03.21 Swans have had a very focused morning today, editing and writing up a best copy of the last piece of writing! They took on the role of an evacuee during WW2.

25.03.21 We got hands on in DT this afternoon. Can you guess what we’re building?

23.03.21 Clapping for everyone who helped us during the COVID-19 pandemic. Family, friends and key workers 👏

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22.03.21 In PSHE this afternoon, we talked about body image. We looked at photoshopped images of celebrities in the media and talked about whether it is ethical to edit photos to be consumed by the media. The children took their own conversations to ‘why would you want to be edited when being different is so special?’ Swannies always wow me with how mature they are 💕

Today was Miss Jackson’s last day with us! Miss Jackson has been on her final teacher training placement with Swan class and worked so hard both during remote learning and for the last 2 weeks back together in class. We will miss her so much!

19.03.21 Kian is our Hero this week for his passion for our new WW2 topic - I know when I can’t remember the names of WW2 planes he is the go-to guy!

18.03.21 It was a scooter kind of day today! 🛴

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17.03.21 The whole bubble joined in for some outdoor music fun this lunchtime! 🎶

16.03.21 We have a new addition to the classroom! I spent some time over lockdown up-cycling this old piano and it now takes pride of place in our classroom! I can’t wait for us all to use it in music lessons! 🎹

15.03.21 We were building bridges in DT to test how to strengthen and reinforce them!

10/03/21 - Today, we were presented with some historical artefacts from WW2! We answered enquiry questions, thinking about what the artefacts were used for or used by. We felt emotional looking at the artefacts, but really enjoyed our lesson!

09/03/21 We started our new English text today, ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’. We studied authorial intent and why the author chose to design the cover as she did and reveal certain pieces of information on the blurb. Kodi even said he thought the text is in red because it suggests ‘blood that was shed during the war’! I think we’re in for an exciting time with this book!

08/03/21 - Swan class are so happy to be back together! This morning, we made ‘Bubble Rule Board Games’ to remind ourselves of our rules to keep each other safe, then enjoyed playing them!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we linked to our WW2 topic and learnt all about women in WW2 and the roles they played. We had some really meaningful conversations, especially about why IWD is a topic for everyone to talk about, not just girls!

TT Rock Stars Competition (week 5)

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11.12.20 Look what arrived today! Boomwhackers! I ordered some Boomwhackers for the whole school to use in Music lessons and Swan just had to test them out! Pretty good for a first attempt!

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11.12.20 IT’S PANTO DAY!

10.12.20 We practised writing and performing along to our own notation this afternoon! We learned all about how many beats there are in a bar and which notes can be used to make up the 4 beats. This was the beginning of the lesson when we had our first practise - let’s just say we started out ‘rhythmically challenged!’

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08.12.20 Today was a tricky Maths lesson for Y6, so we did some circuit training while we worked! Some jogging and star jumps really warmed up our brains!

07.12.20 We started our new class book today. ‘The Infinite’ is about an autistic athlete, called a ‘leapling’, who can leap through time. We are already picking out similarities to the book we have just finished. I think it’s going to be a good one!

04.12.20 I was very emotional as we finished our class book today! Can You See Me? was a beautiful story of a Year 7 with autism and her journey starting secondary school. Swan class showed incredible empathy. We laughed, gasped, had goosebumps and most importantly looked forward to reading the next chapter every morning. I would always be reminded that we need to read a chapter before we start Maths!

Here are some quotes from reviews given by the children!

 ‘I normally hate every book I read, but that book is amazing’ - Kodi

‘9,000,000 out of 10, because it shows you that not all autistic people are the same and celebrates their differences’ - Samuel

‘10/10 because it was so informative and taught you lots about what it’s like to be autistic’ - Kahlan 

04.12.20 A snowy basketball lesson. What better way to warm up than a glow in the dark dodgeball lesson?! Thank you Mrs Fisher for organising it for us!

03.12.20. Epic editing! Swan class edited and improved their non-chronological report about their own fantastic beast. Every time they spotted a mistake in their partners book, they scored a point! Unless I got to them first and stole the point from them! The race was on!

02.12.20 Today was a Just Dance ‘Brain Break’ kind of day!

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30.11.20 Year 5 Swans tested out their new ‘Power Maths Assessments’ today and smashed them! They take every new challenge in their stride, but when it’s Maths related, I know they’ll love it! 

26.11.20 Thank you Mrs Steed! Mrs Steed tweeted somebody, who gifted our school all of these brand new books! They are all books to promote diversity and embrace our uniqueness and we can’t wait until we get to borrow some!

25.11.20 Practising our speaking and listening skills on No Pens Wednesday - playing ping pong with subordinating conjunctions!

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24.11.20 What makes you happy? We spoke about our ‘happiness continuum’ and what things make each of us happy. We compared this to children working on a cocoa plantation in Ghana. Swans were super empathetic and show me how mature they are more and more every day!

23.11.20 Fantastic Beasts and How to Draw Them!

19.11.20 ‘Anything worth having will be hard to get, but that’s what makes it so special’ 

My highlight of today can’t be seen in a picture. Swan class were struggling with their English lesson on hyphens today, and were lacking any resilience. After noticing that resilience has been a struggle for us recently we stopped our English lesson for a spontaneous circle time. We went around the room and everybody said what they dreamed of being/doing when they grow up. Some said paramedic, doctor, engineer, even a professional footballer! We talked about how all of these things will involve a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve, and even more hard work when they become an engineer/paramedic/doctor. But that anything worth having is going to be hard to get. And if you want to achieve your dreams and ambitions it’s going to take hard work, and might not always be easy straight away. So when the going gets tough, the tough put their positive pants on and try even harder! The difference in the children’s attitudes in English after our pep talk was incredible, and even better when it continued for the entire day! The children were resilient in our very tricky art lesson, and telling their friends not to be so hard in themselves when they found things hard. I told them that no matter what the task, and no matter the outcome, if they tried their hardest then I’ll always be proud of them.  I’m a super proud teacher today, and I know that the children will be up for practising resilience every day now! 💜💙

16th-20th November is Anti-Bullying Week. This week, the children will be taking part in an Anti-Bullying lesson every day. We will kick start each lesson with an Anti-Bullying Week quote to discuss. Here they are!

11/11/20 some pictures from our Remembrance Day 2 minute silence, as well as some wonderful artwork of soldiers.

10/11/20 A tricky Synonym puzzle got the better of some Swans! They will be writing Jigsaw puzzles on their lists to Santa to get in some practise!

09/11/20 Swans had a WONDERFUL Jigsaw lesson today. We had a very mature and open-minded discussion about how differences in cultures could and have caused conflict, and how we could change a cultural conflict into something we could learn from. The children said that conflict often comes from a place of lacking understanding when something/someone is different to you. They pointed out that this applies to things like religious world views, gender stereotypes and they even questioned what ‘normal’ actually is! I was so proud of the BIG amounts of understanding and acceptance from such LITTLE human beings. 💜💙

05/11/20 We found a Hedgehog friend on the field today! 🦔 Miss Wilson is a hedgehog expert from having them herself so she knew exactly what to do!

04/11/20 Today we started out new book for our new topic ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. It’s safe to say, the children love it! Stay tuned for more work on this book.

16/10/20 Today was all about Miss Woods/Mrs Cordon to be! Here’s a sneak peak at part of our performance for her surprise, virtual assembly celebration!

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14/10/20 Making shadows and seeing how they change in Science!

13/10/20 P.E this afternoon was handball games, which the teams loved!

12/10/20 Swan class have been working so hard on our handwriting and making sure it is neat and legible. What do you think? I’m very impressed! 😍

09/10/20 Lots of Super Swannies have claimed the title of ‘Hero’ this half term! Who is it this week?

In Science, we made models to show how we see things. We sculpted a light source, an object and the eye. The string represents the path of the light as it reflects from the object to our eye.

08/10/20 Swan class are Scratch whizzes! Here are some of their creations. We were practising drawing shapes like the automaton from our class book Hugo.

07/10/20 Swans AMAZED me yesterday with their dictionary skills to discover new science vocabulary! They loved racing each other to find each word.

06/10/20 Say hello to your new Swan Class School Councillors!

05/10/20 - Some of the finished automatons!

02/10/20 It’s that time of the week again!

01/10/20 Swan class had a visit from Bricks 4 Kidz this morning to link to our DT topic work, and oh what a morning we had! They had such an amazing time building moving animals! Thank you so much Miss Woods for organising such a fun morning for us.


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30/09/20 This afternoon was my most favourite afternoon so far with Swannies 🦢 We spent the entire day building our CAM automatons!

29/09/20 Swans were enjoying some peaceful handwriting practise this morning!

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28/09/20 Swan class are really enjoying our class book ‘Can you see me?’ The book is all about a girl with Autism who starts secondary school. It’s giving us lots of important things to think about about how we treat others and how to help someone when they’re struggling emotionally.

Selston High open evening letter for Year 6

25/09/20 It’s Friday Hero time again!

24/09/20 For our Active 15 today, Swan and Falcon joined forces and played ‘tyre dash’!

23/09/20 This afternoon, we started to produce accurate drawings of the CAMS that we are going to build on Monday. Stay tuned to see the finished results!

22/09/20 Swan class did some wonderful Maths today! We are really getting the hang of using our Power Maths books!

21/09/20 Today we finished our first book! We loved reading Clockwork and the children did some lovely guided reading work on the book. They started to make links between Clockwork and our new book The Invention of Hugo Cabret - stay tuned for some fabulous work on this book!

18/09/20 It’s an English Hero kind of week this week!

17/09/20 More wonderful English work and making our own CAM mechanism in D.T!

16/09/20 Lots of fun was had today! A science experiment, amazing English work and a beautifully calm and creative Active 15! Swan class are fabulous! ❤️

15/09/20 What better way to have a Brain Break than a spot of Just Dance!

14/09/20 Our favourite part of today - story time with Mrs Steed!

11/09/20 This week’s Swan Heroes!

10/09/20. Swan class are incredible at Roman Numerals. So much so, they asked if we could carry on the lesson after break time!

09/09/20 Swan class have been creating health campaign adverts in their English lessons. Here’s a preview!

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Swans had their first P.E session with the coach today! They loved it, and the coach praised them for being such a wonderful class! 



Swans love their daily handwriting session! We choose a new song every handwriting session and practise writing the lyrics. Today was 'Landslide- Fleetwood Mac' - one of my favourite songs ever! They love hearing the song a few times and singing along. 

Swan class Heroes this week!

04/09/20 Swan class had a lovely game of cricket this afternoon! Please remember to send P.E kit with your children every Monday and leave them at school for the week.



Swan Class have blown me away today with some amazing work in English and Maths. The highlight of the day was our 'Jigsaw' lesson. We really took our time to unwind and be mindful of how our first few days back at school have gone and reminded each other of how to stay safe and happy at school. I can't wait for our lesson tomorrow!

The first day! 

Well, what a fabulous day we have had today in Swan class!! The children were so happy to be reunited with their friends and  to be back at school. We talked about things we are looking forward to and what life will be like in Swan class. We did some true or false games where the children had to guess whether facts about me were true or false, then made their own! We even got in some cheeky laptop time to start TT Rockstars! We did some lovely drawing about our ‘special places’ in English and tomorrow we’re going to write a poem about them. Stay tuned for that! Please don’t worry that there are no reading diaries being sent home yet, we’re still waiting for them to arrive. 

Our Classroom!