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Swallows, Year 3/4, 2020/21

      A few reminders...


Reading - try to read every night and fill in your diary, I expect to see your reading diary in school every day so remember to put it back into your bag after you have read! I will not be able to sign it anymore but I can still see what you have been up to at home.


Spellings - these will be stuck into your diaries every week so remember to practise throughout the week ready for your test on Friday. If they are not in your diary check the Remote Learning Page, they are all on there too.


Times Tables - every week you will have a times tables test, make sure you look in your diary for the times tables that you are working on so that you can practise. For practise at home head to -



Year 3 are expected to know your 2x 5x 10x 3x 4x 8x

Year 4 are expected to know ALL of your times tables up to 12x


PE - Monday is our PE day so remember to bring in you PE kit at the beginning of the week and keep it in school as if we get any time Mrs Fisher will take you out again! 


After school clubs - after school clubs are on a Monday for year 3/4. Make sure you get signed up for handball on a Monday 3.30 - 4.30pm if you would like to join in. 


Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Fisher. 


Sports Activities - even though it was a hot afternoon, we managed to grab some shade and rest and have lots of fun. 🎾🏓⚽️

15.06.21 - in English today we started to write our speeches as if we were Roman Emperors talking to Roman Soldiers. We used emotive language, repetition and rhetorical questions to ensure our speeches were as powerful as they could be. 💪

14.06.21 - a lovely French lesson with Miss Sherratt this afternoon. 🇫🇷

11.06.21 - this afternoon we have started our History topic. We ordered a timeline to find out where the Roman Empire came.

11.06.21 - this morning in PE we started to learn some skills to help us with Rounders.


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10.06.21 - today we discussed the solar eclipse, unfortunately it was far too cloudy to see but we found out all about it. There are some links below to show you what we found .

09.06.21 - Year 4s are working hard on their times tables this week ready for their big test next week.

09.06.21 - In English this week we have been reading and watching motivational speeches given before a war or a fight as part of our Roman topic.

08.06.21 - as part of our WOW day we created mosaics of our names in the style of Roman Mosaics.

08.06.21 - as part of our WOW day we designed and created Roman Coins out of clay.

08.06.21 - today we had a WOW day all about Romans, to start with we thought about all the facts that we know about the Romans.

27.05.21 - over the last half term the children have looked at the architecture of castles. They have also been working on their skills with clay. Today they finished their topic by creating a clay relief tablet of a castle. 🧑‍🎨

26.05.21 and 27.05.21 - a busy couple of afternoons creating our animations on the computers. We created a background and puppets, then by taking lots of photos we managed to create a film of the story. Well done Swallow class!

21.05.21 - a quick grammar lesson this morning working on verb tenses.

20.05.21 - Swallow class absolutely loved today! What fun you can have with a few boxes and tape!! Creating castles to finish off our History topic. 🏰 We planned, created and evaluated all in one day! We did a fantastic job of working in a team too. Well done 👏

19.05.21 - today we used dictionaries in class to find definitions of some tricky Medieval words. 👑

18.05.21 - today in JIGSAW we thought about how to negotiate a conflict to become a win win situation. There was some great ideas. 👍

14.05.21 - this weeks Swallow Heroes are Jimmy and Freddie. Great writing this week boys! 🏅

14.05.21 - writing up our final draft of the Robin Hood Adventures. Swallow class have worked really hard this week. ✍️

13.05.21 - this afternoon we spent creating our backgrounds for our animation of ‘George and the Dragon’. 👑 🐉

13.05.21 - a quiet and focussed morning this morning writing our Robin Hood adventures. 🖊 📚

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12.05.21 - this afternoon we learnt about the life cycle of a plant. We were really lucky to be able to see the dandelion seeds being dispersed outside our classroom window and some of the children found some to bring back to the classroom. We also had a sneaky look at Mr Close’s plants in the greenhouse. 🪴 🌱 🌺

07.05.21 - this week’s Swallow hero is Jaydean. She tries hard in everything that she does. 😊

07.05.21 - this afternoon we started to experiment with the clay ready to do our castles. We tried out different skills on the clay to see which would work best.

06.05.21 - we had another go at ‘onion skinning’ today. 👩‍💻

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05.05.21 - Swallows worked really hard this morning learning about inverted commas - a very tricky skill. Let’s see who remembers the rules tomorrow!! ⁉️

04.05.21 - this afternoon we looked at castles in England. We used a great app to look around the castles from a birds eye view. 🏰

30.04.21 - an exciting afternoon of dissecting Lilies to find all of the different parts. 💐

30.04.21 - We read some more of Robin Hood today. We created a conversation between two of the characters on our whiteboards ready for more work on this next week. 💭

29.04.21 - this afternoon we learnt about ‘onion skinning’ by producing a ‘frame by frame’ animation. 👩‍💻👨‍💻

28.04.21 - we had to concentrate this afternoon, we painted castles in the style of ‘John Piper’. Some great artwork 🖼 🎨

27.04.21 - we have had a lovely afternoon with Mr Close researching about castles and creating posters.

26.04.21 - this morning we continued with our Robin Hood text, we decided which statements belonged to each character.

23.04.21 - today we studied ‘George and the Dragon’ for St George’s day. We learnt the story and had a go at acting out the story. 🏰

22.04.21 - in computing today we started looking at animation. We created our own flip books to show how an image can look like it is moving. 📖

20.04.21 - we have had a lovely history lesson this afternoon. Our first lesson about castles 🏰

20.04.21 - practising our suffixes this morning 🖊

19.04.21 - a really interesting JIGSAW lesson this afternoon, discussing the roles and responsibilities of different genders. 💭 Food for thought 💭

19.04.21 - a great start to the new term reading the prologue to our new book 📚 Robin Hood.

Summer 1

Dungeons and Dragons



01.04.21 - Swallow class enjoyed writing their newspaper reports about the Icelandic Volcano in Wow Write this morning. 🌋 🗞

01.04.21 - much to Mrs Fisher’s amusement.... Swallow class sat the wrong way round for register this morning!! APRIL FOOL!!

31.03.21 - today we researched about the volcano in Iceland that erupted last week. We collected lots of information so we can write a news report tomorrow about it. 🌋

29.03.21 - this morning in English we looked at Newspaper reports and found all of their features. 📰

25.03.21 - This afternoon we had a great game of 'Jail Break Cricket'.


The children are really building on their catching, throwing, batting skills while also learning to be strategic and decisive. A great game for the whole class to play, even Mrs Fisher loves to get involved, obviously!


Sorry no photos - too busy playing!                                                                          

25.03.21 - In English we are researching different countries, we are working together in groups to find as much information as we can. We will then be presenting our work on big sheets of paper to the rest of the class.

24.03.21 - We used the laptops this afternoon to research about plants that grow around the world.

24.03.21 - we observed our cress investigation, some of them had not grown at all but some had grown a lot! We have put them back to see whether they grow anymore

23.03.21 - Day of Reflection ♥️ We took 1 minute silence to think about the events of the last year.

Clapping for all the people that have helped us in the last year. 👏

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22.03.21 - to celebrate World Maths Day we created our own characters to help us remember our times tables. Based on the book, ‘Times Fables’.

19.03.21 - our last day today with Miss Barlow, our student teacher. We have loved having her in Swallow class and we hope she enjoys her career in teaching.

19.03.21 - a great afternoon hunting for treasure! Otherwise known as orienteering and reading maps! 🗺

19.3.21 - Have a look at Mrs Steed's Super Hero assembly to see who is Swallow hero for this week. 

Well done Tommy, this week’s Swallow hero. 😃

18.03.21 - In music today, we composed music on the computers. 🎶

18.03.21 - having a little dance for our ‘brain break’ this afternoon. 💃 🕺

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17.03.21 - setting up our cress growing investigation 🌱

17.03.21 - researching about different volcanoes. 🌋

16.03.21 - what causes volcanoes to erupt? 🌋

15.03.21 - Having fun in PE today. 🤩