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Welcome to Super Swallows!!!

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On the 16th July we held our Mini Olympics!!!!

What an amazing year that we have had!!!!

Introducing our new topic for the Summer Term....









The children in Swallow class will be looking at many aspects of the Ancient Greek topic. 

Below are some links to find out more about the topic.


Myths and Legends


Where is Greece?


Greek school life


Greek Architecture 


Origin of the Olympics



Charity Event 20th May


What a fantastic event that the children organised! The weather was fantastic and all the children worked incredibly hard to produce some interesting games and stalls. Thank you to everyone that attended, I am sure that you will agree it was a sucessfull event.


We managed to raise an incredible £271 for Water Aid.

Water water everywhere!


Our next topic will be all about water!!

We have plenty of exciting ideas that we are going to be learning all about, there is a BIG wow to start us off...(but that is a secret until the first day back after the holidays. I am sure there will be plenty of photos for you to see afterwards!)


Below are a few links for you to investigate further into our topic of Water.


Floating and Sinking




The Water Cycle


Natural Disasters


Noah's Ark



Here are some pictures of our exciting chicks that were born on the 18th and the 31st of March.

We are now 'Bright Sparks' after studying hard, all about electricity.



Swallows worked hard creating their homework.


Photos to follow.


Swallows have also been reading the story of 'The Ironman'. They have had the chance to create their own stories on the same theme.



Well Done Swallows, keep up the great work!!

Here are a few of our creative homework pieces....

The Tudors!!


Next term our topic will be the 'Terrible Tudors', we will be be looking at a range of different areas from this period!


Below are a list of areas that we will be covering, click on the pictures to find out more....


Henry VIII and his many wives!



The Kings and Queens of the Tudor period.




Tudor Food



Teeth and Healthy Eating