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Robins and Goldfinches, FS2, 2019/20

Welcome to FS2

Robin and Goldfinch Class

Welcome to the Robin and Goldfinch class web page! We are excited to show you all the wonderful things we will get up to throughout the year in FS2!

We are looking forward to an amazing year!

FS2 Staff


Robins will have Whispers on a Monday and P.E on Fridays with the sports coach.

Goldfinches will have Whispers on Thursdays and P.E on Fridays with the sports coach.

Mini Whispers - Robins enjoyed listening to our 'Mad about Mini beasts' story and were brilliant at guessing which insect was on each page. They then went on a insect hunt and created their own bug hotels! Great work Robins

Robins P.E - how many cones can you knock over? Robins worked hard to use their control and strength to knock over as many cones as possible using a tennis ball.

Science week - experiment 3. Mentos and coca-cola - stand back Robins, there's going to be an explosion!

Science week - experiment 2. Robins loved observing and discussing the change in the skittles

Wonderful Wednesday - fact of the week - who invented the computer? We discovered that Charles Babbage invented the computer and Alan Kay invented the tablet in 2001.

Science week - experiment 1. Fizzing snowballs. Robins enjoyed making fake snow and observing and discussing the changes when we added vinegar.

Robins loved exploring the frog life cycle and creating their own version using fruit. Great team work Robins!

Jigsaw session - We like to move it, move it! We did lots of exercise in today’s session!

Can you see or hear them? Robins had a fun time in the woods today as played we sound hide ‘n’ seek pretending to be the different animals from our story!

P.E with the sports coach!

World Book day! Buddy class reading with Falcon in the library - what a fantastic opportunity!

We have had a lovely afternoon with our buddy class- Owl class! We shared a few stories together and even got to play outside with the big children! I'm not sure who loved it more, the Goldfinches or the Owls!

WOW what fantastic costumes for World Book Day we have! You looked amazing Robins!

The Goldfinches looked amazing for World Book Day!

Look at the fantastic instruments we have made - we are going to use them to make a Jungle tune!

In the woods this week the Goldfinch have read the story Rumble in the Jungle and placed an animal in the habitat they think it'll live in. Great job Goldfinch!

Jigsaw Jenie - We have enjoyed diving into our first lesson all about ‘Healthy Me - everybody’s body’ today. Some great understanding of exercise Robins!

Rumble in the woods - Robins were fantastic acting out the Rumble in the Jungle story and making the different animals a woodland version of their habitats!

The Goldfinches have enjoyed their PE session back in the main hall!

Robins had lots of fun playing the ‘boogey man’ game in P.E and practising their throwing and catching!

And the music didn’t stop there... Robins explored our new instruments in class, we discussed and compared the sounds they made and made music to different nursery rhymes whilst singing them.

We had so much fun during our African drumming session today!

WOW - Robins are natural drummers! We had a fabulous time in our African drumming session.

We enjoyed some pancakes at school to celebrate Shrove Tuesday!

Fancy a Pancake? We had pancakes with lemon juice, chocolate spread or golden syrup today! Some of us even tried all 3 toppings!