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Remote Learning for Wonderful Woodpeckers

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Hi Woodies, 


We are so sad that we can't be with you this and next week. We will make the last few days as special as possible before the summer holidays. 


Below is the work which can be accessed and completed whilst you are at home. 

We miss you lots!!!

Mrs Watson and Mrs Hutchinson 

Remote Learning Work Showcase

Happy Monday 19th July Woodies

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English Work Introduction

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The Queen Fact files
Remote Learning Timetables:

Morning greeting 



Week beginning 1.3.21- Year 1 Maths.

Week beginning 01.3.2021 - Year 2 Maths


Week beginning 01.3.21 - Year 1 and 2 reading

Spring Scavenger Hunt

WB 22.2.21

Year 2

Unit 8. Measuring Length and Height.  


Parents please watch the first video for advice and help.

Year 1

Spring term 1 remote learning

Tuesday - Safer Internet day lesson links (please use the links below and not the links on the timetable)


Year 1 maths: Week beginning 8th Feb.
No more Power Maths this week - try these fun activities for the rest of this week.
Week beginning 1.2.21
Year 2 1.2.21
Year 1 Maths WB. Feb 1st.


For all those of you having difficulties with this week’s maths in Y1, here is another video which might help to explain better than Mrs K did! This unit of work is about becoming ‘more efficient’ in calculating – that means being able to work things out quickly ‘in your head’ and using what you already know. This video explains how to subtract in a ‘faster’ and more efficient way if counting back in ones takes too long AND you already ‘just know’ your number bonds to 10.  I hope it helps! There is an optional worksheet to accompany the video underneath the video link.

Mrs K. 

Please note: Please don’t worry about this – we will revisit all these ideas when we are all back at school – meanwhile, play ‘numbots’ every day to really get to know your number bonds. It will help you LOTS!

If you need to work on a number line here are some to help:

Y2 reading - links also on timetable

Week beginning 25.1.21

We are going to spend the next 3 days to really learn our times tables (2’s, 5’s and 10’s).  

The challenge is for you all to remember all the facts without having to skip count to find them – to just know that 4x2=8 so that you can answer them when a grown up asks you in a random order!  Who’s ready?  Send your photos and videos of you saying, singing or rapping your tables to your class email address please – we can’t wait!!!

Year 1 Maths (Yellow power maths book)


Week beginning 18.1.2021

The remote learning timetable will detail which pages/lesson you are doing for the day - please make sure you choose the correct timetable for the year group's work your child is doing.  Videos for each lesson are below - click on the links and watch them before your chid completes the lesson in their power maths book.

Everyone with a Y2 power maths book (orange book) should also have a pack of printed sheets for the first 9 lessons before we begin our new Book 2B.  If you don't have the sheets you can find them by clicking on the link below.  Please send your work for feedback to your class email address.

Year 2 Maths

Year 2 Power maths sheets 13th to 26th January

Year 1 Maths

The lessons from now onwards will be using your Power Maths book. The video's below are for anyone with a yellow book 1B.  We begin with lesson 1 on page 6 on Monday. Adults may find it helpful to watch the first video below to gain an idea of what children are learning and how.

MATHS CHALLENGES - YEAR 1 ADDITION. WB 18th Jan. If you are confident with your power maths lessons here are some extra challenges for you! Work them out by drawing in your exercise book and send me a picture to our class email address.

Year 2 guided reading. WB. 18th Jan 2021

WB 11.1.21

Year 1 and 2 Words (Learn to read and spell as many of these words as possible)

Grammar - Learn as many of these terms as possible

Read 5 times a week and record this in your reading diary!

Please keep logging on to Mathletics to gain as many points as you possibly can!

Enhance your home learning with some outdoor activities