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Puffins, Wrens and Woodpecker, Years 1 and 2 2017/18




This year our wonderful KS1 is made up of three classes: Wren, Puffins and Woodpeckers. 

Woodpecker is a Year 2 class, Wren is a Year 1/2 class and Puffin is a Year 1 class. 




Computing - This term we are creating animations based on the book Supertato.

Puffin class started off by planning their animations, creating music using Compose World software and creating their own Supertato, that will be used over the coming weeks.

Keep an eye for the finished animations.

A few photographs of the work so far.


Woodpecker and Wren have also started their animations - photographs added

Computing - Animations - so far

Apologies to all parents and carers - your children had LOADS of fun with clay but may have created lots of extra washing!  We made African animals starting with a thumb pot.  We learned how to join clay, add texture and shape it with just the right amount of water to work with the clay.  It wasn't easy but we had some wonderful models!  Here are just a selection of them from Key Stage 1...
Our Year 2s have worked so hard this week and last week on their SATs test.  We know that you have all tried your very best and we are very proud of you all!  Year 1s are continuing to work hard as we practise for our Phonics screening Y1 test which will begin on June 11th.

Year 1 Maths : This week we have been describing position, direction and movement. We enjoyed learning outside in the sunshine.

We also explored our fabulous school grounds as part of our on going Science work on the Seasons.


This term we are continuing our work on 'Animals including Humans' in our topic    'All Creatures GREAT and small.   We have been investigating animal groups and have learned about amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, fish and insects.  We have also learned new vocabulary.  We know why animals are Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores and we are beginning to name animals in each group.  In the next few weeks we will be using all this information to create animal fact files which we will use to compare the animals further.  

After half term we will be focussing on 'Our Pets' and learning how to care for them and what they need to be healthy.  If anyone would like to bring in a pet photograph that would be great.  You can tell us all about them!




Mrs Steed...

Can we have a baby lamb Key Stage 1 pet?



Today Key Stage 1 had some very special visitors.  As part of our science topic 'All Creatures Great and Small'(Animals and Humans) we were joined by Fluffy, Shaun and Flymo.......the baby lambs brought into school by Mrs Hardstaff.  The children were absolutely fascinated by the lambs.  We learned all about what they eat, how they keep healthy, where they live and why they have paint on their bodies.  We also made our observations so that we could compare the animals to humans when we got back into school.  What a wonderful learning experience....thank you to Mrs Fisher and Mrs Hardstaff for letting us see your lambs!

Meet Fluffy, Shaun and Flymo!

During this week we had a visit by Nic Seller who came into school to talk to us about a charity that he runs in Kenya called The Friends of Kadzinuni. Kadzinuni is a village in Kenya and the children will be studying this area as part of Geography.

The children will be comparing and contrasting Kadzinuni with Selston as part of out Geography work. We will be learning about weather, housing, school and geographical features of the areas.

As always Wrens have wowed me with their amazing World book day costumes.  We've had the Gruffalo, Harry Potter, George (with his medicine), Cat in the hat, Mr Fox (with his bag of chickens) and many more.  We have had a costume parade in assembly, read our favourite story to our buddy class, designed a coupon picture for next year's World book day, done a book review and lots more!  Well done Wrens.  I know you have had a lovely day!!
Some of the Wrens enjoying a book with our Buddy class.

Puffin Class looking fabulous on our rescheduled World Book Day.

Reading with our Buddy Class - Owl and Puffin Classes

Our new rescheduled WORLD BOOK DAY will be on Wednesday 14th March. We can't wait to see your costumes and your favourite books!!!!

It was lovely to welcome some of the important ladies in our lives into school on Wednesday for our Ladies Day Event.

Computing - Algorithms linked to the Space topic.

Woodpeckers have had an amazing few weeks with the super space trip and the 1960s day where we stepped back in time to Mrs Cottee's era (ha, ha, ha!!) Everyone made a real effort and even the teachers were is sixties clothing!!







During the 60s day, we looked at actually artefacts from the 1960s. Mrs Ward spoke to us about what life was like. It was truly fascinating!








Why did we have a 1960s day?


We have been learning about humans and animals in space. We learnt about the race to Space by Russia and America.  We know that America won the race and Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969.  We wanted to know what life was like in 1969 and in the whole of the 60s. 


We came to school on our 60s day dressed in 60s inspired clothes (adults too). We listened to and had a dance to the Beatles.  We listened to some mo-town music and we learnt to do the twist.  We also studied some objects which we had never seen but which people in the 60s would have been very familiar with.  We knew what some of the objects were but they looked very different to the ones we have today..........We saw a record player and some vinyl records, a twin tub, typewriter, wireless radio, a very old looking, big, wooden television, a bright yellow dial telelephone and a 1960s car!  


What a fabulous day we had in Key Stage 1!!

Wrens looked super cool in their 1960s attire.
Wrens at the National Space Centre

What a busy first week back after half term. We had a great visit to The National Space Centre on Monday 26th February.

Part of our visit was to a living room from 1969 which the children found fascinating. This started our work learning how life has changed since the 1960s.

Having fun in Puffin Class learning about The Swinging Sixties. Parents, grandparents and carers we were very impressed with the efforts you went to with the costumes.

We hope that you have all had a lovely Half Term break

We have a really busy first week back!

Please don’t forget our

Key Stage 1 Trip to the Space Centre is tomorrow (Monday 26th February)


Please remember

· We leave promptly at 9am so make sure your children are at school by 8.45am.

· We should return by 3.45pm but this is dependent on traffic so it might be later.

· Children need to wear school uniform.

· Unless a lunch has already been ordered from the kitchen children will need to bring a packed lunch and drink which they will need to carry with them so a back-pack type bag is preferable.

· Children may bring a maximum of £5 to spend in the shop but this MUST be in a NAMED PURSE please.


Tuesday 27th February is our 1960s Day

And we have lots of exciting activities planned. Children are encouraged to come dressed up – staff have been deliberating costumes over half term too.


Thursday 1st March is World Book Day which the whole school gets involved in. Again children are encouraged to dress as a book character.

On Thursday 1st February Wren Class room had a massive make over and was transformed into THE MOON! Puffin and Wrens then went exploring to learn about what the moon is like.

Internet Safety Day 2018

Still image for this video
To prepare for Internet Safety Day, practise the song we started learning in Singing Assembly so that you can sing it loud and proud on 6th February!

Spring 1 Curriculum Newsletter - Please take a look at some of the exciting learning we have planned for Key Stage 1 this half term.

Welcome back to 2018!!



Hi all,

Welcome back to a new and very exciting year. KS1 have lots to look forward to and this half term our topic revolves around Space (the first man on the moon) and the 1960s. The children are so excited for our Space Centre trip (February 26th). Our first text is Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram which the children have already fallen in love with. 

Product Details




Later this year, Year 2 children will be working on their SATs and here is a link to some videos which explain how things work. 




We will prepare the children as much as possible for the tests and they will complete them in a really comfortable environment within small groups. 





Today was our whole school Christmas Party, everyone had lots of fun.

Over the last few weeks Key Stage 1 have been busy with a Design Technology project. The children have worked in a group to plan, make and evaluate a Story Box based on a traditional tale.

Great fun was had when we had snow - Key Stage 1 children and staff wrapped up and played on our lovely field.

Wednesday 22nd November : Puffin Class has been a hive of excitement this afternoon when the children decided that they needed crowns, shields and swords for our role play castle. A great deal of Design Technology, discussion and co-operation took place with children working together and helping each other.

Thank you to everyone who supported our Winter Warmer on Monday 18th November - we made over £300 which will be used to buy much needed equipment for our class rooms.

Don't forget our Year 1 parents meeting about phonics!

Thursday 16th November at 3.30pm in Puffin Classroom.  

Parents of Year 2 children are free to come too if you would like to.  

All welcome!

Puffin Class had great fun learning to make Gingerbread Men. The children read the recipe, measured out the ingredients and then wrote a list of what they had used - using Maths and English skills whilst having great fun!

Please come to our Winter Warmer on Monday 13th November from 2pm - 4pm when we hope you will buy our lovely Gingerbread Men.

Over the last two weeks as part of our History work Key Stage One have been learning about why we celebrate Bonfire Night.

We also took part in creative activities related to Bonfire Night.

Year 2 Maths - Addition and Subtraction

We are working on addition and subtraction this half term. We will be practising different ways to carry out mental maths calculations and learning some different ways to record them.  We will also be problems solving, using addition and subtractions to help us solve a variety of problems.


We are adding and subtracting in these ways in Year 2.

Adding three 1-digit numbers (4+7+9)

Adding/Subtracting a 2-digit number and 10s.  (36-10)   (64-10)

Adding/Subtracting a two 2-digit numbers   (23+36)   (56-25)




Monday 13th November (PM)


Please come and join us for some scrummy treats in our KS1 hall.


We cannot wait to see you there!




Puffin Class - The children have been really excited about the autumn objects that they brought into school.

Everyone had fun today in Wren class on NO PENS WEDNESDAY!! 


In English we took on the roles of some of the characters in the traditional tales that we have been reading.  We

had great fun pretending to be the characters.  There were some amazing questions and answers.


We had an amazing day and cannot thank Mrs Warsop enough for helping us and for organising the day!! Woodpecker class spotted Mrs Watson using a pen and stopped her IMMEDIATELY!!! Well done Woodies!!!


In Maths some of the Year 2s started a money topic. We sorted coins, described them and played coin Bingo.

Puffin Class - No Pens Wednesday

Year 2 Maths Money

We have been naming and sorting coins.  We have been practising counting pots of money and investigating how many different ways we can make a set value.


Ideas to practise at home.

Go shopping with someone at home. Can you work out which coins you need to pay.

Use coins to work out how many different ways you can make a set amount...for example - How many different ways can you make 25p?  Challenge your adult or brother or sister......Can they make any more ways?

Year 1 Maths - No Pens Wednesday

Today Wren Class had their first session in the library.  We had a great time looking at some of the books with our friends, sharing books and reading stories together.  Some of us just wanted to sit and read on our own!  We loved all the Big Books.






Please remember reading diaries daily to allow us to stick in your spellings and also take these home to learn!

Puffin Class wk beg 18th September

Year 1 Maths

A Great big thank you to all of you who joined us for our first reading morning this week.  Just a reminder that our reading morning will be every Thursday from 8.50 to 9.00.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Year 2 Maths Number and Place Value

In maths we have been doing lots of work on number and place value.  We have been counting forwards and backwards to 100 in 1s and also counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  We have been learning to read and write 2-digit numbers to 100 and we have been learning about the place value of each digit in that number. We have ordered numbers and compared them using the vocabulary bigger than, greater than, smaller than, in-between, 1 more/1 less.  We have also used symbols <  >

to compare numbers.


Ideas to practise at home.

Practise reading numbers in the environment (page numbers, house numbers)  Say the number.  Partition and say how many 'tens' and how many 'ones' in that number.

For example 72 is 7 tens (70) and 2 ones.

Play bingo with an adult at home using 2-digit numbers.