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Owls, Year 5, 2020/21


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Monday 26th July 2021


Our nearly last day “Water Fight”

The adults had their fun getting the children wet during a few games. Unfortunately the children got us back “good and proper!”  Uurgh - horrible children!!

Monday 19th July

We enjoyed some cooling down time in our woods today- making dens, looking for creatures and playing hide and seek.

WeekBeginning 12thJuly

Some of our activities this week included another chemistry experiment. We investigated ways of removing the shell from an egg leaving the rest of the egg in tact.  Every time we tried to do this the egg membrane split. We were successful in the end by keeping the egg in vinegar. Some of the children quickly realised why the shell came away. From our science work last week testing the pH of liquids they knew that vinegar was very acidic and that it dissolved the shell.

In art this week we’ve continued to work on Tudor style portraits.


Welcome Meeting presentation slides for parents of pupils moving into Year 6

Wednesday 7th July


Hathersage - 1st & 2nd July 2021


What a fabulous few days we had in Hathersage.  Orienteering, a stream study followed by a long walk in the afternoon and a great big ice cream finished off the day beautifully.


The weather was amazing and the Year 5's were amazing too.  Thank you Mrs Fisher for organising this for us.


Please look in our "Residential" part of the website for more photos



Monday 28th June

Practising sketching techniques focussing today on proportion and size of features ready for our portraits. Lots of moaning this afternoon and not a lot of perseverance.  Come on takes practise.... that’s all!  😅😅😅

Friday 25th June

This week has been our Assessment week and we’ve been really busy doing tests in Maths and Reading.  The whole of Owl class have been superstars and worked so hard.  Well done for trying your best Owls.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.  You can relax more tests next week!

Thursday 24th June

After a busy morning finishing our tests we had a lovely afternoon painting our big Shakespeares. Each person had their own square to complete which we then fixed together to make the final piece of art. Don’t they look fabulous!,

Thursday 17th June

Our Ninja Warriors


Circus Skills 

The children had a great time. Miss Hill and Mrs B definitely need more practise with juggling the scarves!

Click on each image to enlarge.

Y5/6 Bubble Sports Day

Wednesday 16th June 2021


Sports morning was fabulous in our bubble today.  Considering the heat the children were absolutely amazing.  They cheered on their team mates and watched on with pride.  Well done to our Firsts, Seconds, and Thirds and to everyone for doing their best!


Well done to our Girls relay team who came 1st and Boys relay team who came 2nd.

(Not the best at dodgeball but great runners!).


Enjoy our phots 




Tuesday 15th June

We are looking forward to our COVID-safe sports day tomorrow. We start at 9 o’clock when the Year 5/6 bubble have their hour and a half slot on the running track for some traditional races.  During the rest of the day we will be doing other sporting activities and games.  In the afternoon we’ll be taking some time out to design the Aldi ‘design a lorry’ competition which the whole school is taking part in.  P.E. kits may be worn in Owl class all day and the children can arrive in these in the morning.  Please apply suncream on the morning and provide the children with drink. We look forward to sharing photos with you tomorrow!  

Friday 11th June

Happy Friday Everyone

We've had a lovely day today and finished the afternoon with Owl v Swan class dodge ball.  Unfortunately they got the better of us (THIS TIME!!!)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Wednesday 9th June

This half term in Science we are becoming chemists and will be carrying out experiments every week.  This week we were investigating molecules and finding out what happens when different liquids meet.  We had lots of 'ooohhhhs' and 'aaahhhhs' and 'come and look at this' for our first experiment.  I'm hoping that they can tell you what happens to the fat proteins in milk when a soap solution is added. Normally the reaction cannot be seen but the food colouring lets us see a little of what is happening....... Scientists in the making!

Friday 29th May


Owl class you have had an amazing half term and worked so hard.

We'd like to wish you all a very Happy Half Term. You can have a rest now, recharge your batteries and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 8th June.


From Mrs B, Mrs B and Miss H xxx

Thursday 27th May 2021

Our Holocaust visit


The children had a fabulous day at the Holocaust Centre.  I had an e-mail from our leader there saying how well behaved the Year 5's were and how their attitude and behaviour was fabulous.  The children really made us proud - answering lots of questions and really engaging in the day.


I'm hoping they can tell you about these photographs.

Wednesday 26th May 2021

Every lighthouse tells a story!!


We have had a very relaxing afternoon creating our lighthouse.  In our story the lighthouse is painted over to stop the enemy planes seeing our coast-line.  We have started to create our lighthouse of two halves. Look out on Friday for our finished pieces of art.


Tuesday 25th May 2021 - Dancing to the Colon and Semi-Colon Song!!

Still image for this video

Tuesday 25th May

Holocaust Museum Visit

Dear Parents,

if you have not yet filled in the medical form for this trip please could you fill it in and send it back. The link for the form was sent to you last week via a text message.  The children have been told today if we are still waiting for their forms. 
Many Thanks Mrs Balchin

Monday 24th May 2021 - Guided Reading

Wednesday 19th May

This week we have been writing persuasive speeches in English.  In our class book ‘Letters From The Lighthouse’ a German bomber plane has crash landed in the village. Everyone surrounds the plane... shouting, jeering and deciding what they should do with the badly injured German pilot. Some of the ladies of the village spit on him and kick him.

Olive (the girl in the story) feels sorry for the pilot and desperately wants to help him. She thinks about her own father who has recently died as a result of the war.  Will she be able to persuade the townsfolk to help the fallen soldier?


Listen to the speeches that the children have written.......will YOU want to help?




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Thursday 12th May

Owl Class are really finding our History WWII topic interesting.  This week they could tell you all about Kristallnacht and today we started learning about the Kindertransport.  We are looking forward to our visit to the Holocaust Museum during the last week of this half term.  Please return slips to give us permission to take the children out of school.  


Wednesday 12th May

A great big Thank You to Friends of Holly Hill for providing Owl Class with 8 paperback Oxford English Dictionaries and a Concise English Dictionary.  We used to borrow them before but we now have our very own supply!  Also courtesy of FOHH today we were also able to play with cards and dominoes at lunch time as we are getting bored of looking at the big screen.  Thank You Friends of Holly Hill.

Friday 7th May

Today was our second session with Scott from Next Level Sports.  Today the focus was 'Energy'. The children looked at all the factors affecting having more energy and being the best we can be every day.  Factors talked about included exercise, getting enough sleep, drinking water and eating enough fruit and vegetables.  The highlight of the session was a zoom dance off which YES.......Owl Class won!   The children will be keeping a diary this week to record how much of the above they are getting daily.



Wednesday 28th April

Some of our English work Today

Monday 26th April

We had a visit from the PCSOs today to talk about knife crime.  The children were fabulous and found the session really interesting.  There was also lots of time for questions.  The children wanted to know everything and could have kept the officers here all afternoon!  They also got to try on handcuffs, protection vests and breathalisers.  

Well done Owl - You do make me proud!!

Nottinghamshire Police Knife Crime Workshop

This Monday 26.04.21, the pupils in Year 5 and 6 will be visited by a member of Nottinghamshire Police force as part of their initiative to tackle knife crime. 

They will receive a talk/ workshop about the dangers of knife carrying and ways to avoid becoming involved in knife-related crimes. 

This is not in response to any specific knife-related incidents locally, but as part of a wider initiative targeting primary schools across the county. 

Teachers and teaching assistants will be on hand for any pupils requiring additional support. 

Friday 24th April

It's Friday and Owl Class have had a fabulous day.  Today we've had PE with one of our sports specialist teachers - dodgeball was great on the field.  We've read 2 chapters of our class text and then had to collect information about the Lighthouse keeper (a new character in the story).  In history this afternoon we've made a time-line showing the new laws that came in which Jewish people had to follow.  Active 15 was lovely in the sunshine too!

Well done Owls for your hard work this week.  Have a lovely weekend!


Parents Evening Phone Calls next Tues, Weds and Thurs.  Please send your slips back to let me know which would be the most convenient time to give you a call.  Many Thanks.  

Thursday 22nd April

Our Amazing Looking Anderson Shelters complete with indoor accessories and vegetable patches.


Monday 19th April


We've missed you Owl class...We hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and then enjoyed the rest of your holiday too.  It's good to be back in school for a WHOLE term and we're looking forward to getting stuck in with all of our exciting learning.

This half term we continue with our World War II topic and with our text 'Letters from the Lighthouse' (which I know you are really enjoying - we got to a particularly exciting bit in guided reading today!!) We will be continuing this topic in history and there may be a school visit in the pipe-line!  In science we are continuing some investigative work with circuits also.  

So look out for all of our exciting posts and photographs in the next few weeks.  Today I'm posting some of our science and DT.....some from the last week of term, some from today  when we were making our Anderson shelters and investigating bright lights and loud sirens.  

Happy Summer Term Everyone!



Friday 26th March

It's Friday!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone.....another great week for Owls.  Here is some of our English work from our text.  We've been writing diary entries and letters from the characters. 

Have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday 25th March

Rounders this afternoon (Owl Style) and then a little sit in the sunshine together.  

Tuesday 23rd March

Maths, English, PE and a bit of French were on the menu today.  At  12 o'clock we observed the minute silence in recognition of the start of the pandemic a year ago today.  The children stood and had the opportunity to think about how things had changed due to the pandemic and thoughts were with people we had lost too.  You could hear St Helen's church bells faintly in the distance which was so lovely.  We then gave a massive round of applause to someone who had helped us during this time and who continues to help us today.  

Monday 22nd March

Exploring circuits today.


Friday 19th March

Learning about The Blitz.  Guided reading, comprehension and discussions about how The Blitz might have effected the children who were evacuated, their parents and their new families.  Today we also looked at the power point that Lacey made during lockdown when she interviewed Great Grandad Eric about the war.


This week Owl Class (and the rest of school) have been doing some assessments in Maths and Reading.  They have really worked hard and I am very proud of them.  Well done Owls.  I hope you can relax this weekend after all the tests that you've done - you must be shattered! 

Wednesday 17th March.

A few photos from PE this week.  We enjoyed playing tag rugby and practised throwing and catching Rugby style.

Tuesday 16th March

WWII - Exploring the Artefacts

The children have been really fascinated by some of our World War II artefacts.  We have spent time looking at, discussing and thinking about key questions for each item like:-


-What it is and how would it have been used.

-Who would have used it.

-What would it have been like to use it.

-What difference would it have made to people's lives.


The children particularly enjoyed talking about the tin of powdered eggs, the ration books and the gas masks.  We were able to identify with the ration books and the need for them after witnessing the recent lockdown 'panic buying' which left some of our shelves empty!!


Well done Owl Class - some really great work today and yesterday!!

Friday 12th March          A Really Fabulous Week!

Owl class have had a wonderful first week back!  It has been so lovely to see them smiling and chatting while continuing their work.  I haven't been in school for part of the week but have had regular updates from Miss Hill and Mrs Brooks- who have said that the children have been amazing!  Looking forward to Monday and already our second week back. We will be looking at historical artefacts as we continue our learning about WWII.  We'll be planning a prototype of an Anderson shelter in DT and continuing work on circuits in Science - testing circuits ready for making a siren for our Anderson shelter.  

We hope that you love your Mother's Day cards and we would like to wish all of our Mums, Grans, Grandmas, Mammas, Nannars, Nanas (and anyone we've missed) a very Happy and Special Mother's Day xxx


Making a bridge with reinforced structures

Today we have continued our work on bridges and looked at different ways we could make our bridges stronger.  Some children were able to get their bridges to hold either their pen pots or water bottles

Reinforcing our bridges with supports

Wednesday 10th March

Another fabulous day had by all!  This morning we started our English text for this half term 'Letters from The Lighthouse'  which ties in with our World War Two topic.  We studied the front cover and blurb in order to begin to build up a picture of what the book might be about.  This afternoon in DT we made bridges using paper.  We had several attempts to try and make our structures stronger and next week will have the opportunity to use what we have found out today to make our BEST BRIDGE! 

A very wet afternoon meant a few games in the hall this afternoon - but everyone managed to have a good run around (especially when Miss Hill and Mrs Brooks were 'IT' during Bulldog.



Monday 8th March

And we're Back!  Yay!!

We have had a lovely day today and the children have been absolutely fabulous.  This morning they designed and made their own board games to help them remember all of our bubble rules.  They loved playing their games with their partners to test them out.  This afternoon they have made their (better late then never) 2021 calendar as I promised them before Christmas we would make them on the first day back.  It has been so lovely to see the children all together.  They have been chatty but productive at the same time. We have got lots of activities for the rest of the week including work on wellbeing.  

Well done Owls for a fabulous first day back!!





TT Rock Stars Competition (week 5)

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Masked Reader Answers

Holly Hill's Masked Reader!

Come back tomorrow for the answers!

World Book Week Menu

Don't forget to send photographs in to the class email address! We'd love to see you reading!

TT Rock Stars Competition (week 4)

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TT Rock Stars Competition (week 3)

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TT Rock Stars Competition (week 2)

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TT Rock Stars Competition

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Children's Mental Health Week 1st-7th February 2021 Be Happy. Keep Smiling

Children's Mental Health Week - 1st-7th February 2021

This week is Children's Mental Health Week and the theme is 'express yourself'.  Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. This could be through art, music, writing and poetry, dance and drama, photography and film, and doing activities that make you feel good. It’s important to remember that being able to express yourself is not about being the best at something or putting on a performance for others. It is about finding a way to show who you are, and how you see the world, that can help you feel good about yourself.


Below is a grid of activities you might like to try this week. Miss Illsley has also shared a 'highlight of my day' sheet - all you need to do is fill out something you felt went particularly well during the day Monday-Friday. It doesn't have to be related to your remote learning.  Here are some of Miss Illsley's examples: 

  • The sun is shining!
  • I won the game I played with my family!
  • I am really proud of the remote learning work I did today!
  • A piece of good news I received
  • We went out for a walk and saw lots of cute animals!


This is separate to your remote learning and is for you to pick and choose what you would like to do! You can also watch the virtual assembly all about Children's Mental Health Week 2021.


Matthew's Healthy Advert

Lockdown Gallery


Here are some photos of what you have been doing whilst at home


We love to see what you're up to!


Lacey and Skyla try out some easy activities to help keep them entertained during our 3rd national lockdown !! These ideas are super low cost and simple but ...

Sophia made a video for Mrs Balchin

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The Nothing to see Here Hotel read by Mrs Brooks

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Chapters 1 and 2

The Nothing to see Here Hotel - chapters 3 and 4

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The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Chapters 5 and 6

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The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Chapters 7 and 8

Still image for this video

The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Chapter 9

Still image for this video

The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Chapters 10 and 11

Still image for this video

The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Chapter 12

Still image for this video

The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Chapter 13

Still image for this video

The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Chapter 14

Still image for this video

The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Chapters 15 and 16

Still image for this video

The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Chapters 17 and 18

Still image for this video

The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Chapters 19 & 20

Still image for this video

The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Chapter 21

Still image for this video

The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Chapters 22 and 23

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The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Chapter 24

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The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Chapters 25 and 26 - The End

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and here they are....