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Owls, Swans and Falcons, Years 5 and 6, 2018/19

Owl, Swan and Falcon


Curriculum Newsletters

Swans do Yorkshire Wildlife Park - What a wonderful final trip to end the year with! We had such a lovely day, the children loved every second and some even needed a sleep on the coach journey home they had walked and played so much.

Twice a week, Swan Class have a 'Morning Meeting'. We spend time thinking about the choices that we make, and why they are important. We also use this time to set goals and get motivated for the week ahead. We thought we would share a few with you...

MAD museum and Stratford-upon-Avon

World Book Day - Part 1

Swans made the most of the sunshine this afternoon and recreated some of the Giuseppe Arcimboldo's artwork we've been studying, by using things found in our woods on the floor.

Half Term Homework. Due in 25.02.19

Well Done!
Well done to all Y6 for their work on their practise papers this last week. Those papers will be kept at school and used to support the work you do in SATs boosters on Tuesdays. This means you will get chance to have a closer look at the questions suitable for you in the small group.

Correction Challenge!
The papers in your packet are the practise papers we completed back in December 2018. Your homework challenge is to look through your papers and see if there are any questions you can correct. You can do this using your own knowledge, the help of a friend/relative, or even looking up help online! For every question corrected in a different colour, you will receive 1 House Point and keep your SATs knowledge fresh!

Relaxation Challenge!
As your tests approach, it becomes even more important for us to know how to relax! Whether it is meditating, exercise, listening to music, or getting a good night’s sleep, find out what relaxation techniques work well for you, so that when the going gets tough, you can keep on going! We will be collecting your different ideas when we return to school.

The Rights of The Child

As part of our topic on Vote 100 and women's right to vote, we have also been looking at what rights children have. We are preparing an Art piece based on the UN Rights of The Child that we have looked at in SMSC. For this piece, we will be using the images of our hands/arms and so have been experimenting with creating our exact skin tone with watercolour paints.

Remembrance Day - Swans had so much fun making poppies to decorate the school to celebrate remembrance!

R.E. Day: 6th November 2018


Swinging Sixties!

Thursday 18th October, Holly Hill had an exciting visit from 60s cover band 'Revival'. The band (fronted by former Headteacher Geoff Ellis) played a set for the whole school, followed by a set for Y

5&6, which really got us up and moving! The band played a range of 60s hits from the likes of Chuck Berry and The Beatles, which enabled us to have possibly THE BEST assembly at Holly Hill EVER!

Huge thanks to the band for donating their time and talents to make our topic totally swinging!

(If you would like to check out their sound, you can hear samples on their website http://www.revival-web.com/ )

Revival- 18.10.18


Still image for this video

Raise The Colour Bar!

Inspired by the bus boycott Rosa Parks began in America, Paul Stephenson decided to begin one in Bristol in 1963 after the Bristol Bus Company declared that they would not hire any people of colour to work on their busses. Along with others, Paul Stephenson organised a city-wide boycott and peaceful protests to encourage the bus company to 'raise the colour bar'. Y5&6 have spent several lessons looking at the Civil Rights Movement as part of their History work on the 1960s and during one of these lessons, they demonstrated their understanding by acting out the events of the bus boycott in 1963.

1963 Bus Boycott Role-Play

1960's Music - This week we've been analysing lyrical meaning of songs from the 60's!


Swans have been showing their artistic talents this week, as we explore 1960's artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. We've been using the pop art style to recreate some of their most famous art. 









Lakeside Arts Centre

On Thursday 20th and Friday 21st September Year 5/6 went on a trip to Lakeside Arts Centre to take part in an artist-led workshop to compliment the work we have been doing in class about Pop Art and fabric printing.

The Science Behind Textiles- Guest Expert Mrs Asher

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