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Kingfishers, Doves and Swallows, Years 3 and 4, 2019/20

It's a Bug's Life!

Charlotte's Web: Freeze Frames. In Kingfisher, we have taken some of the main events of Charlotte's Web and used them in our drama session. Can you guess who we are?

Swallow loved creating freeze frames of the story Charlottes Web.

Wow, didn’t Swallows look amazing on World Book Day!

The Eureka was a great trip, here are Swallows having a lovely time....

The science work shop was amazing... Swallows loved their session!

Music through the ages!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Traditional and Jazz Version

Thank you to James Danson's grandad for providing us with this wonderful Jazz version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Kingfisher Class really enjoyed listening to it!

The Origin of Sound

Still image for this video
A homework video made by Holly. Wow! We really enjoyed this, thank you Holly.

Kingfisher Class have been performing Raps in class today, complete with clicks, claps and actions. We really enjoyed listening to all of the raps!

Swallows enjoying creating Andy Warhol type art with Coca Cola cans and Heinz Beanz cans....

Swallows loved having a go with the musical instruments, making rhythms and beats!

Instrument making! Kingfisher had a good time making instruments with Mrs Hastings yesterday. Some experimented with pitch and volume.

Mrs Ward bought in her record player today for Swallows to have a look at, we loved listening to it!

Kingfisher Open Morning - We were rappers for the morning and so were our parents and grandparents! Some fabulous rhyming from Kingfisher Class!

Musical Homework - Thank you Kingfisher for your fabulous homework so far...Remember, next Thursday 13th February is the homework due in date.

Kingfisher’s Hockey: A great session of hockey this morning, focusing on attacking and scoring skills.


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The Dream Big Assembly was great, Swallows loved seeing the real Nations Cup that Nottingham Forest brought into our school.

Making cup telephones was definitely a hit in Swallow class!

Swallows loved making their musical instruments in DT with Mrs K...

Swallows enjoyed performing their raps.

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Which Festivals in the world involve light?

Shadow Puppets - Kingfisher Class have retold the story of Rama and Sita in a shadow puppet show. They look fantastic!

Kingfisher class experimented with the circuit equipment and made a full circuit to make the bulb light up.

Today we had a great afternoon discovering circuits; we managed to light the bulbs, move the motors and make the buzzer sound...

Kingfisher's Squash Sessions - We have had so much fun and learnt so much about squash this half term!

Today was Swallow's first Squash lesson. They learnt how to lunge and get closer to the floor by rolling a ball through gates to their partners.

On No Pens Wednesday Swallow Class created a Zone of Relevance for play scripts...

Wow, Swallow class have started their sewing! What a great skill to learn!

Swallows had a great time with the Olympic Athlete that came into school.

Swallows have loved their sewing lessons with Mrs K!

Dove were working hard in Science, to make their circuits work!

In Science this term Swallows have been creating electrical circuits. Great fun!

Swallows enjoyed creating switches today!

Would you rather be a Pharaoh or a Slave?

Kingfisher Homework - WOW! What amazing homework you all made for our Egyptian homework! Thank you for all your hard work.

Swallows, Doves and Kingfishers had a great Wow morning to introduce their topic of the 'Ancient Egyptians'. We mummified tomatoes!

Swallows enjoyed writing to the Residential homes in Selston all about our summer holidays. We hope the residents enjoy reading them.

Dove had a great afternoon, turning themselves into Mummies!

In Science we are learning about 'States of Matter'... Swallows enjoyed weighing gas.

Another Science investigation - melting chocolate!

Swallows loved having our Grandparents in class to celebrate their special day..

Swallows enjoyed creating some atmospheric pictures from Egypt.

On our Egyptian day we create these magnificent Cartouches.

Some of Swallows spent a long time on their Egyptian homework, here are a few great examples!