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Welcome to Kingfisher Class!


Summer 1

This term we will be continuing our topic on the jungle!


We will be looking at the life cycle of plants and animals.

Why not test your knowledge by completing a quiz and playing the game?




Things to note:

Swimming for Year 4 will take place every Tuesday whilst Year 5 will do P.E.

Kingfisher will have their second P.E. session on Mondays.

We recommend that pupils leave their P.E. kits at school for the whole week and as the weather improves, they will need outdoor shoes, as we will take every opportunity to be outside.


Creative Homework!

For this half term, your task is to write your own story set in the jungle. It must be presented to a high standard and the quality of writing must match what we expect in class.
E.g. paragraphs, chapters, punctuation and detail.

The rest is up to you!!


If you need any resources (e.g. paper) please see your teacher.


Harry Potter

This term we have started our topic on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

We started the term with our Harry Potter day where we were sorted into the four different houses - Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

We made a badge to show which house we are in. We have to wear these at all times. Collecting jewels for our house is the team challenge this term!

We made lava lamps in the Charms class and butterbeer in Potions Class!


In the afternoons we have been investigating to see which materials will make a warm cloak for Harry.

We were sorted into Houses!

Autumn 2

World War II

Last term we had a great time learning all about WWII. We went on our trip to Beaumanor Hall where we went in the shop and had to make a meal with rationed foods. After that went in a shelter and listened to the sounds we may have heard during the time. We thought about what it must have felt like to be young during this time. Finally, we listened to a code and then had to decode it using the decoding wheel. It was an interesting and fun day!smiley

WWII Town Maps