"Holly Hill is a friendly and welcoming school of which pupils, parents, carers and staff are justifiably proud", OFSTED 2018. This is a 'good' school.

Holly Hill Primary and Nursery School

Kestrels, Year 5, 2021/22

Welcome to Kestrel Class

A huge welcome to Kestrel class. I am Mr Homer and I am the class teacher for this year. I can't wait to get started this year and get to know my new class. I am sure we will have a lot of fun and learn about lots of new and interesting things!


In Kestrel this year, I will be supported by Miss Mills. Miss Mills will be working 1:1 in the class as well as working with some small groups depending on the lesson.


Key Information


The children will have P.E. every Tuesday.  Please make sure kits are in school for this day.  Ear rings must be removed for all PE activities.


Reading Diaries

We will be using reading diaries as normal this year.  Our school target is reading 5 times a week and the children in Year 5 are able to fill in their own diaries if they wish.  In class we will also be having time for quiet reading, guided reading and reading in the curriculum daily.  Please feel free to write any messages in diaries and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  



Spellings are stuck into diaries for the whole half term and will be practised weekly alongside the Year 5 spelling rules and patterns.  They will usually be tested on the following Monday.  The children will also be working on the Year 5/6 statutory spelling lists which they will practise throughout the year.  If more practise is needed some children may have lists to consolidate from previous year groups and these will be sent home in the next few days. 



Homework throughout the school will be reading 5 times a week and learning spellings and times tables.  The children will also be able to use any of our learning platforms including Mathletics and TT Rock Stars. 

Wednesday 12th January

This morning, Kestrel had the chance to use some of the apparatus in P.E. while practicing some of the gymnastics poses they learnt last half term. They all had a great time and really enjoyed being able to jump off some of the higher pieces of equipment!

Friday 17th December

Today has been a very exciting and enjoyable day! We watched the film Klaus which as the you can see the children got very into. We also took on our Christmas escape room challenge which the children all really enjoyed, it took a lot of hard work but all the children did manage to solve all of the problems and save Christmas!


Merry Christmas and I will see you all in the new year!

Wednesday 15th December

Today was a very enjoyable party day! We had a disco with the rest of Year 5 and 6 before returning to class for snacks and party games! I didn’t know the class could be as quiet as they were when we played sleeping lions!

Monday 13th December

Today, Kestrel had a go at laser tag out on the playground. We had a good try on our own before splitting into teams. Once in teams the real competition began! The children all had a great time, running around so much they forgot it was raining!


Then in the afternoon, we joined the rest of year 5 and 6 to watch a Christmas pantomime. With a very silly elf who had a bit too much fun with a water pistol!

Kestrel Class Christmas Video

Still image for this video

Friday 3rd December

Today we announced our superheroes for the week. In Kestrel class our hero was Daisy. This was for working fantastically hard all week and trying her very best in every lesson. Daisy's hard work is really starting to show and is now starting to help others in maths as she is now becoming so confident!

Well done, Daisy!

There were even some surprise Headteachers Heroes this week so be sure to check out the assembly on the link below!


Wednesday 24th November

Remote Learning

Wednesday 24th November - Remote Learning.mp4

Still image for this video

Maths - 24.11.21

Please watch this video to recap the work we did yesterday in maths and then have a go at the worksheet below.

Thursday 11th November

This afternoon, Kestrel class carried on with their music for this half term which is learning to play the ukulele. They were amazing and even started to play a simple song together as a class. We will be continuing to practise for the rest of this half term.

Monday 9th November

Kestrel were discussing this afternoon the challenges of racism and created these ribbons to represent the battle against racism and to raise awareness.

Tuesday 2nd October

Today, Kestrel were visited by the spooky, creepy crawly workshop. In the workshop the children were given the opportunity to handle animals like tarantulas, snakes and lizards! 

Monday 1st November

It was great to see everyone back in school today! I loved hearing all about the amazing things everyone had been getting up to over their break.


This morning, Kestrel started the day by reading and learning all about the history of Halloween and how it evolved from a traditional Celtic celebration to the festival it is today.

Friday 15th November

Well done to my Kestrel hero for this week is Maisie-Ann.

She has been trying exceptionally hard in her writing this week. Maisie-Ann has worked hard to improve both the presentation of her writing and the content, taking extra care and asking for extra time to edit her writing to ensure it is the very best.

Keep it up, Maisie-Ann, your hard work is paying off!

Thursday 14th October

Today, Kestrel have been making sledging biscuits. These were used by Captain Scott, on his expedition to the South Pole, to help ensure he had enough energy during and after a hard days trekking. 
Some of the children really liked the biscuits but others were really not impressed!

Wednesday 6th October

Today, Kestrel spent their morning writing their final finished version of their biography of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his fateful expedition to the South Pole. These are two fantastic examples of the amazing work the children created.

Monday 4th October

Today in our Jigsaw Lesson, the children were continuing to discuss their rights as children. This followed on from our last few lessons when we looked at the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We discussed how we are entitled to certain rights and what rights we felt we all deserved while working in school, the above image shows the rights the children decided on. They then looked at how to ensure rights and rules are followed there are sometimes rewards and consequences and decided on a set of these themselves by practicing their democratic rights using a vote.

Friday 1st October

A huge congratulations to this weeks hero, Lucas! He has come back to school and jumped straight back into learning. No matter the subject Lucas is always willing to offer answers and ideas. Lucas is the definition of inquisitive always seeking to learn more and always open to new ideas. Not only has Lucas been unstoppable in his work ethic he has now begun to help others around him without being prompted and has helped several other children in the class to understand new concepts that they may otherwise have struggled with.

Please take a look and help up celebrate this weeks Holly Hill Heroes by following the link below:

Holly Hill Heroes Link

Thursday 30th September

This afternoon, the children in Kestrel were learning all about time zones and the time of day is different depending where you are on Earth. We all found it very strange that you could live in the same country as someone but not the same time. This was especially true for Russia when we learnt that it could be 4pm on one side of the country but midnight on the other side!

Wednesday 29th September

Today, Kestrel have been learning all about states of matter and how particles behave differently when a solid, liquid or gas. The children then discussed which materials they could think of that fit into each category as well as if there were any materials that they used in each of it's different forms.


Please take a moment to have a look at some photos from our fantastic boys football team, who all played fantastically well today, by following the link below.

Year 5/6 Football

Friday 24th September

A huge well done to our hero this week! Daizy has been working fantastically hard in all of her lessons especially in her maths group with Mrs Brooks. Daizy even managed to score a perfect score on six back to back timestables rockstars games this week as well! She truly deserves this award and embodies our Holly Hill value of happiness in everything she does no matter what!


Thursday 23rd September

In Design and Technology, Kestrel have been learning all about food and nutrition. This has involved researching the different nutrients we get from our food and how our body uses them. This week, Kestrel have begun designing their own meal plan that an explorer could take to eat during an expedition to the South Pole.

Tuesday 21st September

Today in Kestrel, we have begun researching Robert Falcon Scott and his famous expedition to the South Pole. We have learnt all about the misfortunes that befell his team and will be using what we learn to create our own biography of Robert Falcon Scott later this week in the style of our topic book “Great Adventurers” by Alastair Humpheys.

Thursday 16th September

Kestrel have started their Geography work for this half-term.  We have been learning about lines of longitude and latitude.

Wednesday 15th September

This morning, Kestrel class were learning how to use hyphens to join words to aid with clarity and description in their writing. Here’s a picture of a great example of some of the ideas the children came up with to describe some of Robert Scott’s kit.

Friday 10th September

Thursday 9th September

Kestrel class were using laptops to research the different nutrients found in food and what they do for our bodies. When they learnt that calories give us energy a few of them decided they must eat lots of calories as they always have so much energy!