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Holly Hill Cares - Behaviour and Pastoral Support

Pastoral care 2019/1020


This school year has seen further development of the pastoral care we offer here at Holly Hill.


We have evolved the Nest into a full time Nurture unit in which we have a team of staff on hand to deliver full and part time nurture sessions to a variety of children.

A small group of children will attend on a regular basis, engaging in some of the planned work from their class teachers alongside activities which will be targeting their social and emotional development. These children will have time in the Nest and time in their class.


Alongside this Mrs Parrwood will be carrying on with ELSA sessions for small groups or 1:1 sessions.

These sessions as always will be carrying out work within one of these themes:

Self Esteem

Dealing with strong emotions, such as anger, anxiety, fear.


Resilience and Growth mindset




Mr Homer and Mrs Parrwood have attended training being run by the Notts educational psychology service on becoming an Attachment and Trauma aware school. This has led to staff training on this area so that as a whole school we are working to support our children as effectively as possible.


We continue to follow the Pivotal behaviour policy and our attachment and trauma training fits in well with this.


Later on this year we will be beginning a whole school PSHE program called Jigsaw which will also wok alongside our attachment and trauma awareness work.

Anti Bullying Week 2018

Next week is the national date for Anti Bullying week 2018.

The theme for this week is Choose Respect.

As part of this week parents are invited to attend an Anti bullying workshop after school on Tuesday 13th November from 4pm -4.30pm. This workshop is to let parents know how bullying is termed in school, what we teach children and the process of dealing with suspected bullying cases.


Normally the children would be taking part in Anti bullying activities during this week, however we are undergoing some major changes with regards to our student council this year. Part of our work with this is to involve the council with the planning of these weeks. We are still in the process of selecting our council teams so we will therefore have our own independent Anti bullying week after Christmas.

Amazing News!


Before we broke up for the summer Miss Mitchell and Mrs Parrwood submitted the final action plan and evidence of work already carried out in school for the All Together Anti Bullying Award.

A few weeks ago we were informed that we had won Gold level status and we can proudly call ourselves an All Together school.

Winning the award does not mean our work stops here, we still have many plans to develop our work further.

Watch this space, there are more exciting things ahead.!



Pastoral Interventions


There are lots of new pastoral interventions now on offer at Holly Hill.

Alongside the Happy to be me and ELSA sessions, Mrs Parrwood is now running Lego Based therapy groups, in which children learn to listen and cooperate with each other.

Although training is continuous Positive play sessions have begun and proving a big success with staff and pupils.

Mrs Parrwood is also running Drawing and Talking sessions in which children can express their thoughts and concerns through drawing.

If you would like any further information on any of these please feel free to pop in and chat to Mrs Parrwood or Mrs Keegans.

House Winners 2017-2018 - Outstanding Oak

Oak were the overall winners and enjoyed the activities for their treat time.




Ash house are the first of our houses to win an afternoon treat as our termly winners for the Spring Term.

During our house meetings Ash had decided that if they won they wanted to watch a DVD and have popcorn as their reward. So,  just before the Easter holidays, after being announced the winners and being presented with a trophy, Ash children all met in their house room to watch the Lego movie.


The race is on now for the end of the year winners and a bigger reward for the winning house!


We offer a variety of programs and sessions for children who have emotional well-being issues.


Phoenix Group


Phoenix is a relaxed group session, providing a chance for children to focus on their Personal, Social and Emotional development.

We meet up once a week in The Nest. Children are in a group of no more than 10.

There are up to 10 sessions in total and during these sessions we focus on a range of themes and topics, such as; our emotions and how we express them, how we can stay calm when things get tough, Friendships, how we learn and to have a growth mindset.

Self Esteem is a big part of our learning in Phoenix and we carry out lots of activities based on this!

Because it is small group it is much easier for children to develop and maintain positive relationships within the group.

During the sessions the children’s progress is observed and monitored and at the end of the program children will either stop attending Phoenix group or be given more time to focus on these areas a little more.




ELSA, like Phoenix group, is work focusing on a child’s Personal, Social and Emotional development.  However these sessions are more specific to a child’s needs. We have 2 trained ELSAs in school, Mrs Parrwood and Mrs Slaney.

Each ELSA session is carried out on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis. There are usually 6 sessions in each program and are  only 20 -30 minutes long.

The sessions are usually in the form of a planned, structured activity, a chance to draw and talk about any issues a child may have, or just to sit and talk through any difficulties.

Sessions can focus on Behaviour, Strong Emotions, Bereavement, Separation, Anxiety, Friendship Difficulties, Transition issues and any other problems a child may need some help with to ensure a positive emotional well being.

Again, as with Phoenix, the sessions are observed and evaluated to acknowledge progress and determine whether further sessions are required.



Happy To Be Me


Happy To Be Me is a 6 week program in which children work alongside a puppet named Cog.

Cog helps the children explore their self-esteem, making the right choices and respecting the views of others.

They work towards a group reward at the end of their time with Cog and develop a better understanding of themselves.

This program is carried out within the Phoenix group.



Positive play and Sensory rooms.


Here at Holly Hill we have a group of Teaching Assistants who make up our pastoral team led by Mrs Keegans our SENCO and Mrs Parrwood. The teams consisits of:

Mrs Parrwood, Mrs Rawson, Mrs Slaney, Mrs Bis, Mrs Aldred and Mrs Cooper

As a team we are currently undergoing training in the Positive play initiative. This is very similar to our ELSA sessions. The sessions are 1:1 and are carried out in our Sensory rooms, which we are currently developing. There is an “Enchanted Forest” room in the KS1 building and an “Under The Stars” room in the Nest in KS2.

The sessions are play based activities exploring emotions and our emotional well-being.


Members of staff will suggest children that they believe may benefit from the Phoenix, ELSA, Happy to be me or Positive play sessions to Mrs Keegans and/or Mrs Parrwood. Discussions will then take place with parents and places on the sessions will be offered.

However if a parent feels these sessions may help with emotional well-being issues noticed at home then you may discuss with the class teacher, who will bring this to the attention of Mrs Keegans and/or Mrs Parrwood. A place on the program will then be offered.

There is often a waiting list but places are offered as soon as they become available.

A new home and page for all the news and goings on with our work on behaviour and the well-being support we offer here at Holly Hill.