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Holly Hill Primary and Nursery School

Falcons, Year 6, 2021/22

Welcome to Falcon Class! 

Welcome to Falcon Class page! My name is Mrs Cordon and I am Falcon Class Teacher, but you may have heard of some of our fabulous teaching assistants, Mrs Brooks and Miss Hill, who also work in our class. smiley


Below you will see daily pictures of what Falcon get up to and some of the things we have been learning! We hope you enjoy seeing our Year 6 adventure!

 Key information:


- P.E will be on a Tuesday afternoon, but please make sure that the children keep their P.E kits in school all week for if we decide to squeeze in an extra session. 

- New spellings will be given out every Monday and then tested the following Friday- this should mean no weekend stress!

- Please feel free to use reading diaries to communicate any messages, but for anything more urgent then you can contact me through the school office. I will sign reading diaries every Monday/Tuesday. 

- For homework, the children are expected to read 5 times a week at home, practise their spellings and practise their times tables (most enjoy to do this using our school subscription to TTRockstars, login details for which are stuck into reading diaries). Please record reading in diaries, or in Year 6 the children can record their own reading and have a parent sign it.

Would you like to donate a book to your child's classroom?


We have loved reading Holes this Autumn term and it was definitely made more meaningful, as Mrs Cordon had bought enough copies for us to use one each. 
The next book we will be reading in class is Boy In The Tower by Polly Ho Yen.

If you would like to donate a copy of the book for use in Falcon Class, you can do so via the link to an amazon wishlist below:


15.01.22 How amazing is our writing!?!! We were inspired by the first chapters in books that we had read (Holes/ Boy in the Tower) to create a suspenseful and powerful opening chapter of our own.

14.01.22 Lesson 2 in our D.A.A.R.T. Programme looked at recognising and managing signs of stress

12.01.22 In Computing we have begun to look at a new piece of hardware that we can learn to program: a MICROBIT!

11.01.22 In Science we recapped the rotation of Earth using the globe and torches.

10.01.22 Our topic for JIGSAW this half term is ‘Dreams and Goals’. We played a game where when the music stopped, we had to stand next to a label that was one of our strengths.

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07.01.22 Today was our first D.A.A.R.T. Lesson. Falcon were superstars and were able to discuss the issues surrounding alcohol sensibly and maturely.

06.01.22 In Maths we have been using place value counters to demonstrate our understanding of decimals up to 3 decimal places.

05.01.22 Our first P.E lesson of the year involved exploring the apparatus!

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04.01.21 Happy New Year!

Falcon Class have had a wonderful first day back and also some exciting information. This week we will be beginning the first session in a 10-week DAART (Drugs, Alcohol and Resilience Training) programme. You might remember it under its old name of DARE! 

More information can be found in the letter below. 

17.12.21 The last day of Term! 
Falcon have had a wonderful day today!
We started off with an ‘Escape Room’ style challenge where Year 6 were locked in and needed to solve various puzzles to escape the room and save Christmas- they smashed it in 35 mins! 

Next, inspired by Swan Christmas video, we played the Home Alone theme on Boomwhackers! We were so good that we then had a go at the Harry Potter Theme! 
After that, we used oil pastels to create a seasonal inspired calendar for you to hang in your home!
Finally, this afternoon we snuggled down with blankets and hot chocolate to watch the Polar Express! The perfect end to a perfect day 🥰

The Escape Room Challenge!

Home Alone Boomwhackers!

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Harry Potter Boomwhackers!

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Ready for the Polar Express!

16.12.21 Swans and Falcons watched the movie of our class book ‘Holes’ this morning, and we loved it so much it got a spontaneous round of applause!

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15.12.21 I am blown away by the sophisticated discussions that Falcon Class have been having about the novel Holes. They can now confidently reference chapters of the book to back up their arguments in such a grown up way!

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14.12.21 Falcon look fantastic in their Christmas jumpers!

Some Christmas Cheer from Falcon Class!

Christmas Week Timetable 13th-17th December 2021

07.12.21 We are coming along with the Ukuleles! This week we used the three chords we have learned so far to play along to ‘Happier’ by Ed Sheeran

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06.12.21 In Science, we demonstrated our understanding of genetic inheritance by creating Mr Men offspring!

02.12.21 In SPAG we revised the main word classes by creating a labelled sentence poster.

01.12.21 In English we prepared to present our retrieval on Kissin Kate Barlow by looking at wanted posters!

30.11.21 Our Jigsaw lesson saw us researching Paralympians and thinking about what makes them so special

29.11.21 The first snow of the season and the smallest snowman of the season ☺️

22.11.21 How impressive is our fractions work!

17.11.21 Falcons utilised their skimming and scanning skills to pull out details of characters in the book 'Holes'.

16.11.21 Today’s Kindness Challenge!

15.11.21 In English we practised arguing FOR and AGAINST whether the character of Stanley in Holes should give his find to the warden or another boy…

12.11.21 We had such an amazing Music lesson! We learnt to tune the ukuleles, play an A Minor chord and play along to a song switching between 2 chords! Scroll down for the video 😁


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11.11.21 For Remembrance Day, we took part in a webinar about the events of World War One. It was soo interesting!!

10.11.21 In History we looked at the significance of the Gunpowder Plot: we applied what we had learnt to create a persuasive speech FOR or AGAINST the execution of Guy Fawkes.

O9.11.21 In science experimented with separating materials. Today we tired separating a mixture of flour and rice.

04.11.21 Our first music lesson with the Ukuleles! We practised strumming a ‘C’ chord- it’s a shame they haven’t been tuned yet!!!

03.11.21 BODMAS song!

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Mrs Cordon knows the best way to get a concept to stick, is to do a crazy song and dance. BODMAS is a way to remember the order of operations in maths.., it means we can solve 2 x (5 + 10) - 3 easily!

02.11.21 In Maths we used cubes to represent cubed numbers. Ask us how to find 3 cubed!

01.11.21 It was such a treat for me to come into the classroom this morning and see what absolutely fantastic biographies the children had produced while I was away at Walesby. They really have done a brilliant job and should be very proud!

8.10.21 Absolutely love this photo of Year 6 from lunchtime today! Mrs Steed x

07.10.21 Today Falcon class wrote their first totally independent piece. We watched the opening to a video clip and they continued the story in whatever way they wished!

06.10.21 To celebrate Mrs Cordon’s birthday we had a hot chocolate and biscuit break before maths! The class washed up after themselves and went on to smash short division too!

05.10.21 As part of the ‘Connect Us’ game in Jigsaw Falcons had to line up in alphabetical order without speaking!

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04.19.21 Today we logged on to Mathletics to consolidate our learning of long multiplication. We are starting to feel more confident, but need to take care!

01.10.21 Our finished biographies!!! I am blown away by the fantastic presentation!!!

29.09.21 Falcon have made a great start on their best version biographies!! We are really going to wow you!

28.09.21 In Guided Reading we looked at ‘Pompeii’ song lyrics and discussed how they could be interpreted to be about both the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and about a broken relationship. Y6 were so insightful!

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27.09.21 We are the first class to try out the brand new iPads! We used them to support with editing our written work in English. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

23.09.21 Today we worked out time differences while following the journey of Nelly Bly. I can really see the school value of ‘PRIDE’ in these faces!

22.09.21 Today we continued the phonics approach to our Y6 Spelling words, but as ‘reggae’ is one of those words, we enjoyed a sing-along at the same time!

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21.09.21 Today the Sports Ambassadors had their training afternoon to learn about how to lead mini competitions in school. Very proud to have 2 thirds of the group from Falcon Class!

20.09.21 The first stage of the editing writing process: Monkey Reading!

17.09.21 Falcons worked so hard to present their notes on the properties of solids, liquids and gases. Not bad for a Friday afternoon!

14.09.21 Falcon really impressed our new coach Mr.Pitchford in the first Basketball lesson. Just a shame I didn’t arrive to take a picture while they were in action!

13.09.21 I love the way Falcon Class are already becoming bolder and eager to join in with my daft videos. Today they asked ME if they could sing along learning numbers in the millions!

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10.09.21 Topic WOW DAY session 4 ‘Blubber Gloves’

10.09.21 Topic WOW DAY session 3 Orienteering

10.09.21 Topic WOW DAY session 2 ‘What Floats Your Boat?’

10.09.21 Topic WOW DAY session 1 ‘Gloopy Glaciers’

09.09.21 Today was our first Geography lesson- ask us about lines of latitude and longitude!

08.09.21 In English today we looked further at the adventures of Ranulph Fiennes and wrote using adverbial phrases.

07.09.21 Our display of PRIDE is really shaping up. Falcons love that they can write up their little successes throughout the day.

06.09.21 We re-capped some key Maths skills and got to know each other a littler better by making and solving problems that revealed a fact about ourselves!

03.09.21 Class Trailer

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We had so much fun making a trailer for our new class! We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of all our personalities!

02.09.21 Our first piece of class Art! We used ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds to help us reflect on the school value of ‘PRIDE’