"Holly Hill is a friendly and welcoming school of which pupils, parents, carers and staff are justifiably proud", OFSTED 2018. This is a 'good' school.

Holly Hill Primary and Nursery School

Falcons, Year 6, 2021/22

Welcome to Falcon Class! 

Welcome to Falcon Class page! My name is Mrs Cordon and I am Falcon Class Teacher, but you may have heard of some of our fabulous teaching assistants, Mrs Brooks and Miss Hill, who also work in our class. smiley


Below you will see daily pictures of what Falcon get up to and some of the things we have been learning! We hope you enjoy seeing our Year 6 adventure!


14.06.22 As our class text ‘The Arrival’ is a graphic novel, the illustrations require a lot of thought. Falcon had some fantastic discussions about what they could infer from the details of some of the images.

13.06.22 Flying Buttresses!

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In Art we began to look at the features of Gothic architecture, one of which is flying buttresses, a type of support that enabled buildings to be made much taller and thinner than before. In this demonstration, we showed how an archway is stronger and can hold much more weight with the help of flying buttresses!

10.06.22 Wear Yellow For Winnie Day! The day was a huge success raising £524 across the whole school. Falcon class also drew pictures and wrote letters to cheer up and support Winnie and her family! 💛

09.06.22 We experimented with a more abstract representation of Nottingham architecture by using only the straight edge of cardboard to print onto paper. The results are pretty effective! 🏙

08.06.22 Inspired by the illustrations in The Arrival by Shaun Tan, we tea stained some paper as the background for our finished poems about leaving home. 🥲

07.06.22 In Science Mrs Brooks and Mr Close helped up to demonstrate the forces that act on levers. No children were harmed in the making of this! 😇

06.06.22 Happy First Day Back! We began our new art topic on architecture by carrying out a sketchbook study on significant buildings in Nottingham City.

Y6 did a First Aid course! We learnt how to carry out CPR in case of an emergency.

27.05.22 We ended our AMAZING jubilee day with a picnic 🍓

27.05.22 The Revival performed a range of songs that would have been popular when the Queen was crowned 70 years ago and the still sound brilliant today,


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27.05.22 A ‘Hook-A-Duck’ turned into a relay! 🐤


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27.05.22 We has time for a spot of magic 🧙‍♂️

27.05.22 We loved our outdoor disco!

Year 6 can still rock the Hokey Cokey! 🥳

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27.05.22 We loved the fair ground rides and, despite being very dizzy, person was sick!


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27.05.22 Jubilee Day at Holly Hill began with some face painting 🫅🏻🇬🇧

24.05.22 In History we wrote poems about Alfred The Great and some children chose to perform them!

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23.05.22 We combined learning the jubilee song with a History knowledge check up. When the music stops- say a fact!

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20.05.22 As part of our Jubilee celebrations, we made these gorgeous Union Flag yarn hearts!

19.05.22 Today we tested our parachutes!

How organised are these guys!

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Teamwork makes the dream work!

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18.05.22 As a warm up for our music lesson we performed a Viking chant in three parts.

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17.05.22 Falcon spent a morning researching Vikings and another morning producing these fantastic reports! They are just wonderful! 🥰

16.05.22 Falcon started off the week by making parachutes to conduct their investigation into air resistance

13.05.22 SATS ARE OVER!!! Year 6 celebrated with a morning of fun and picnicking at the park!

25.04.22 Our finished Art work is finally on display! Our Anglo Saxon inspired illuminated letters and brooches are so effective!!

21.04.22 Falcon Class have been obsessed with den building lately, so we used our Active 15 to try some den/tent team building.

20.04.22 As part of our daily revision, we are practising spellings each morning!

19.04.22 The first day back after Easter holidays and we had a treat in the form of a visit from White Post Farm

01.04.22 I definitely caught the Falcons out with this April Fool’s maths prank 😂. Did they manage to trick any of you with it at home?

31.03.22 Today In History, we looked at the hierarchy in Anglo-Saxon society. Do you think you would have been more Thane, Churl, or Peasant?

30.03.22 In Maths we worked in partners to construct and interpret line graphs. 🤓 📈

29.03.22 Some revision this afternoon, but using the Ed Sheeran song ‘Nancy Mulligan’.

28.03.22 Today we looked at different techniques we could use to create an illuminated letter before designing our own.

25.03.22 Falcon class are all heroes this week for the way that they have worked so hard and tried their very best with all of this week’s assessments. You are awesome, 🥳

22.03.22 One of the ways we try and get Grammar content stuck in our heads is with signing. It works- we promise 😅

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21.03.22 A quick game of ‘Simon Says’ to revise types of lines before we head home 😁

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18.03.22 Falcon class have really impressed with their accuracy when drawing shapes and angles… they are at one with the protractor!

17.03.22 Today we wrote some poems about Beowulf and Grendel using kennings to describe each character.

15.03.22 In Maths, we used the geometry kits to create 3D shapes and matched them to representations of their nets.

14.03.22 For British Science/STEM Week we took part in a virtual event run by BT and The Open University looking at digital forensics!

We finished the session with a zoom Q and A session where answered our digital forensics questions!

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11.03.22 Anglo-Saxon inspired brooch making!

We felt like true 6th Century craftsmen!

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09.03.22 In History, we sequenced some of the key events from the Anglo-Saxon era, discussing the concepts of ‘movement’, ‘society’ and ‘monarchy’.

08.03.22 Our Anglo-Saxon inspired brooch designs are coming along brilliantly! Falcon have tried so hard to develop and intricate design worthy of the era!

07.03.22 Rock And Roll Grammar Day!!! We are obsessed with the rock grammar songs from Anchor Creative Education for learning SPAG. Today we started the day with a rock in’ singing assembly!


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In the afternoon, Y6 had a workshop to teach the active and passive voice. We were even more excited than we were in the morning!

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Thank you so much Ed from Anchor Creative Education!

04.03.22 In Maths we began looking at volume by using a set more of cubes to create shapes with the same volume.

World Book Day

3rd March 2022

WBD 2022.mp4

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The day started out with a jam-packed timetable and some reading of course!

We listened to the World Book Day song by MC Grammar and were challenged to find and order all the books mentioned on his rap!


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We headed over to the library to try a book scavenger hunt! We also got lots of inspiration for our next reads!

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In the afternoon, we played ‘Game Of Quotes’ where we searched through our reading books for the best answer to the prompt on the board.

01.03.22 Need help remembering the formula for area of a triangle?

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28.02.22 Some great thesaurus work today to collect language related to Beowulf

25.02.22 It was fascinating learning about how the Anglo Saxons came to Britain!

24.02.22 Our first Art lesson this half term looked at the features of Anglo-Saxon design using the treasures from Sutton Hoo.

23.02.22 In English we are so excited to get stuck into our new book: the Anglo-Saxon legend, Beowulf!

22.02.2022 Welcome back and Happy Twosday! Today’s date is both an palindrome and ambigram!

10.02.2022 I am very proud of the thoughtful responses the children gave to their R.E. Learning!

09.02.2022 Our final lesson in this Gymnastics unit and a chance to show off!

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08.02.22 for Safer Internet Day, we looked at some of the risks associated with gaming and came up with some safe recommendations.

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07.02.22 In Maths, we carried out some practical investigations into estimating and measuring length/weight/capacity. It my look a little chaotic, but we have a much better ifrqme of reference for different measurements! 🥸

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04.02.22 Falcon Class came up with a way of physically demonstrating the way the gravitational pull of the Moon affects the tides on Earth.

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02.02.22 In P.E. we tried out different counter balances and then used careful weight distribution to build a human pyramid!

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01.02.22 Falcon Class unleashed their ‘inner Karen’ while rehearsing their letter of complaint!

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31.01.22 We programmed the microbits to become a working compass!

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27.01.22 Another awesome computing lesson!

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26.02.22 In English we used the roll of a dice to decide which kind of non-finite clause to add to our sentences

25.02.22 In P.E. we used ‘small apparatus’ to explore different shapes and stretches

24.01.22 We programmed the microbits using ‘if, then, else’ statements to become fortune tellers! 


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21.01.22 Henry is our hero this week- look at the amazing improvement with his handwriting!

20.01.22 We used Cluedo characters to write sentences in the active and passive voice!

19.01.22 Some expert demonstrations in Gymnastics!

18.01.22 At the end of English, we worked in pairs to proof-read and edit our writing. I love seeing how engaged falcons are! 💕

17.01.22 We had a spare ten minutes today and decided to use it to practise programming the microbits ready for Computing on Friday!

15.01.22 How amazing is our writing!?!! We were inspired by the first chapters in books that we had read (Holes/ Boy in the Tower) to create a suspenseful and powerful opening chapter of our own.

14.01.22 Lesson 2 in our D.A.A.R.T. Programme looked at recognising and managing signs of stress

12.01.22 In Computing we have begun to look at a new piece of hardware that we can learn to program: a MICROBIT!

11.01.22 In Science we recapped the rotation of Earth using the globe and torches.

10.01.22 Our topic for JIGSAW this half term is ‘Dreams and Goals’. We played a game where when the music stopped, we had to stand next to a label that was one of our strengths.

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07.01.22 Today was our first D.A.A.R.T. Lesson. Falcon were superstars and were able to discuss the issues surrounding alcohol sensibly and maturely.

06.01.22 In Maths we have been using place value counters to demonstrate our understanding of decimals up to 3 decimal places.

05.01.22 Our first P.E lesson of the year involved exploring the apparatus!

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04.01.21 Happy New Year!

Falcon Class have had a wonderful first day back and also some exciting information. This week we will be beginning the first session in a 10-week DAART (Drugs, Alcohol and Resilience Training) programme. You might remember it under its old name of DARE! 

More information can be found in the letter below. 

17.12.21 The last day of Term! 
Falcon have had a wonderful day today!
We started off with an ‘Escape Room’ style challenge where Year 6 were locked in and needed to solve various puzzles to escape the room and save Christmas- they smashed it in 35 mins! 

Next, inspired by Swan Christmas video, we played the Home Alone theme on Boomwhackers! We were so good that we then had a go at the Harry Potter Theme! 
After that, we used oil pastels to create a seasonal inspired calendar for you to hang in your home!
Finally, this afternoon we snuggled down with blankets and hot chocolate to watch the Polar Express! The perfect end to a perfect day 🥰

The Escape Room Challenge!

Home Alone Boomwhackers!

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Harry Potter Boomwhackers!

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Ready for the Polar Express!

16.12.21 Swans and Falcons watched the movie of our class book ‘Holes’ this morning, and we loved it so much it got a spontaneous round of applause!

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15.12.21 I am blown away by the sophisticated discussions that Falcon Class have been having about the novel Holes. They can now confidently reference chapters of the book to back up their arguments in such a grown up way!

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14.12.21 Falcon look fantastic in their Christmas jumpers!

Some Christmas Cheer from Falcon Class!

Christmas Week Timetable 13th-17th December 2021

07.12.21 We are coming along with the Ukuleles! This week we used the three chords we have learned so far to play along to ‘Happier’ by Ed Sheeran

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06.12.21 In Science, we demonstrated our understanding of genetic inheritance by creating Mr Men offspring!

02.12.21 In SPAG we revised the main word classes by creating a labelled sentence poster.

01.12.21 In English we prepared to present our retrieval on Kissin Kate Barlow by looking at wanted posters!

30.11.21 Our Jigsaw lesson saw us researching Paralympians and thinking about what makes them so special

29.11.21 The first snow of the season and the smallest snowman of the season ☺️

22.11.21 How impressive is our fractions work!