"Holly Hill is a friendly and welcoming school of which pupils, parents, carers and staff are justifiably proud", OFSTED 2018. This is a 'good' school.

Holly Hill Primary and Nursery School

Falcons, Year 6, 2020/21

Welcome to Falcon Class! 




Walesby Residential October 2021 initial Letter

Timetable for the last days at Holly Hill

13.07.21 Today in Maths we used geometry sets to create 3D shapes


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12.07.21 Falcon thought about the phrase ‘defeat is a better judge of character than victory’ and wrote their version of Gareth Southgate’s message to the team.

02.07.21 Today we collected our 4th transition lesson where we matched up High School lesson vocabulary and practised reading a 2-week timetable

Walesby Forest Adventure Centre! 
On 30th June - 1st July, pupils from Falcon Class visited Walesby Forest for an absolutely fantastic day of fun and adventure!  It was so amazing to see the children conquer fears, work as a team and make wonderful memories! 
I took so many pictures that I have added them all to a sub-page which can be found at the top of this class page. 

29.06.21 In Jigsaw we continued our RSHE work. Falcons had some fantastic discussions around what a couple need to have before they have a baby. The answer most of them gave as being important to them was ‘To be in a stable, loving relationship’.

24.06.21 The next step in our Computing learning was to use what we had learnt about ‘decomposition’ to break down an animation task in order to recreate it.

23.06.21 In computing we looked at the key skill of ‘decomposition’ which means breaking down a programme into smaller chunks. We used this skill to recreate an animation.

22.06.21 Today Falcon used a technique to map the proportions of a face for a Tudor portrait

21.06.21 Falcon used their ‘pounced portraits’ as the basis for these fab sketches of William Shakespeare

18.06.21 RESIDENTIAL DAY! Falcon had the best day ever taking part in an exciting mix of activities that are normally only saved for residentials! Even the rain couldn't stop them having fun!

17.06.21 Ninja Warrior Kids gave us a workshop that taught us about the links between physical and mental health... plus it was FUN!


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16.06.21 Sports Day!

15.06.21 Falcon had a great time trying out circus skills as part of our ‘Well-being Week’

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14.06.21 Tudors used a method of reproducing artwork called ‘pouncing’. Check back for the finished pieces in the coming days.

Pouncing in progress...

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11.06.21 Some Falcons are proving they are ready for Secondary with the amazing quality of the English work on Macbeth!

10.06.21 The first lesson of our new Art topic looked at the importance of portraiture to the Tudors, so we collaborated as a class to produce a portrait of one very famous Tudor. Can you recognise him?

27.05.21 Mrs Warsop kitted us out with some awesome ‘Be Internet Legends’ model sets. You can play the online game by typing ‘be internet legends’ into Google.

26.05.21 Some snaps from our trip to The National Holocaust Centre! The Falcons were so sensible and really impressed the centre staff with their knowledge!


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Here is the second batch of persuasive speeches!
Pupils were inspired by a chapter in Letters From The Lighthouse, where a German pilot crash lands in the seaside town of Budmouth Point. In the book, young evacuee, Olive, has to persuade the townspeople to treat the man with kindness and humanity. 

All pupils wrote their own speech and then combined the best bits of each to create their group script. 

Group 3

Group 4


Here is the first batch of persuasive speeches!
Pupils were inspired by a chapter in Letters From The Lighthouse, where a German pilot crash lands in the seaside town of Budmouth Point. In the book, young evacuee, Olive, has to persuade the townspeople to treat the man with kindness and humanity. 

All pupils wrote their own speech and then combined the best bits of each to create their group script. 

Group 1

Group 2

19.05.21 Mrs Cordon bust out the tracing paper again and we used it to make notes on people from minority groups that contributed to WW2. People included Alan Turing, Roberta Cowell, Virginia Hall, Ulric Cross and John Henry Smythe

18.05.21 As we near the end of our class text, we used everything we knew about the book to map the relationships between the characters.

17.05.21 We used the hall to spread out in our groups. We worked on turning our persuasive speeches into a script to perform!


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13.05.21 Another wonderful History lesson. Inspired by Anne Frank’s diary, we considered what legacy we would like to leave behind.

12.05.21 Falcon were fascinated by the re-prints of WW2 newspapers and were surprised to recognise some familiar brands in the adverts!

11.05.21 Even the pouring rain can’t stop Falcon Class getting outside on the Active 15!

05.05.21 I was blown away by the thoughtful, intelligent and mature responses the Falcons gave to the question ‘How could the Holocaust impact Jewish people’s faith?’

04.05.21 We looked at different first-person accounts of the Kindertransport that were hidden all around the hall and used them to answer questions about Jewish children’s experience

29.04.21 Today in Science weused split pins to create switches that would enable us to send messages in morse code!

28.04.21 Today we began our R.E. Unit and began by researching some of the key beliefs in Judaism. We recognised a lot of similarities with Christianity and found it very interesting!

27.04.21 In History we learnt about the experiences of Jewish people during Kristallnacht. We wrote poems about their experiences.

26.04.21 Today some officers delivered a workshop about knife crime.

They told us some really interesting facts about knife crime, but also told us their most used defence weapon as a police officer- their words! We were surprised, but pleased to learn that the skill officers are most in a dangerous situation is just to talk to the person: a superpower that we all have! 
We were also reminded of where to go if we were in trouble: 

Call 999 in emergencies

Call 101 to report a crime in a non-emergency

Visit to give the police information about a crime. 

Nottinghamshire Police Knife Crime Workshop

This Monday 26.04.21, the pupils in Year 5 and 6 will be visited by a member of Nottinghamshire Police force as part of their initiative to tackle knife crime. 

They will receive a talk/ workshop about the dangers of knife carrying and ways to avoid becoming involved in knife-related crimes. 

This is not in response to any specific knife-related incidents locally, but as part of a wider initiative targeting primary schools across the county. 

Teachers and teaching assistants will be on hand for any pupils requiring additional support. 


Our published work!

Click on the links below to read some of the work we have been doing in English this week!

20.04.21 Today we used ‘Hot Seating’ to practise speaking in the character of Ephraim Pengilly the lighthouse keeper!

01.04.21 Today was the last day for our superstar Teaching Assistant Mrs Loscalzo! We are going to MISS YOU!

31.03.21 Using hot glue and a lot of patience- the body of our Anderson shelters is built!

30.03.21 Mrs Cordon nearly had a breakdown, but every member of Falcon class has sawn their own wooden supports for an Anderson Shelter!

29.03.21 Today we began work on constructing our Anderson Shelter models!

25/26.03.21 Falcon had two Science afternoons this week: first planning an investigation involving circuits and then carrying it out!

24.03.21 Falcon Class are totally absorbed by our class book: Letters From The Lighthouse

23.03.21 The whole of KS2 gathered on the playground at 12pm for a minute of silent reflection on a year since the first lockdown , followed by a round of applause for people who helped us during the pandemic.

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22.03.21 In English we are reading Letters From The Lighthouse set in WW2. We love the story and will be looking at how to write a letter as an evacuee!

19.03.21 Farewell Miss Illsley!
This Friday was the last day with our Super Student Teacher Miss Illsley. She was so fabulous that she is leaving us to straight away start her new job teaching in Y1! We are so grateful for everything you did with us during remote learning and once we were back at school. Good luck in your new job!

Love, Falcon Class heart

18.03.21 Science afternoon saw Falcon investigating electrical circuits

17.03.21 In D.T. This afternoon Falcons applied what they had learnt about strong structures to create a design for their own bomb shelter.

16.03.21 Falcon are working so hard on assessments this week, so they really enjoyed letting off some steam on the scooters!

15.03.21 Today’s JIGSAW lesson looked at understanding what can lead people into risky gang behaviour

11.03.2021 - Today in science we continued our work on electricity by labelling circuit diagrams and then drawing our own diagrams with different components. Super job Falcons!


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Today in DT we talked about strength and sturdiness of materials. We tested our thoughts by making bridges and then used weights to test their sturdiness!


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09.03.21 Falcon got ‘hands on’ in History with some original WW2 artefacts

08.03.21 We had a great first morning back, making board games to help us remember the Bubble Rules!

TT Rock Stars Competition (week 5)

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Masked Reader Answers

Holly Hill's Masked Reader!

Come back tomorrow for the answers!

World Book Week Menu

Don't forget to send photographs in to the class email address! We'd love to see you reading!


TT Rock Stars Competition (week 4)

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Zoom Hangout 26.02.21


Following the success of our Zoom Hangout on the last week of half term. I will be hosting another one this Friday 26.02.21 at the slightly earlier time of 11.30am. The meeting should last around 30 minutes. 


As before, this is a social meeting for Falcon Class to connect with each other and hold on to our sense of belonging! 


To be able to take part, all children must have parental permission and parents must read the guidance document below this post. You can give permission by completing the online form using the link below:


If you have completed this previously, you do not need to do so again. 


I will send the Zoom meeting link to all pupils with permission by text before the meeting on Friday morning. 


I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there!

Mrs Cordon x



TT Rock Stars Competition (week 3)

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Elle’s Inspiration!

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To get us through this last week of half term, Elle has made a short video of inspirational quotes! See if there are some words that speak to you.

TT Rock Stars Competition (week 2)

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Our Happy Times in recognition of Children's Mental Health Week

Story time with Miss Mills - chapter 3

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TT Rock Stars Competition

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Children's Mental Health Week - 1st-7th February 2021

This week is Children's Mental Health Week and the theme is 'express yourself'.  Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. This could be through art, music, writing and poetry, dance and drama, photography and film, and doing activities that make you feel good. It’s important to remember that being able to express yourself is not about being the best at something or putting on a performance for others. It is about finding a way to show who you are, and how you see the world, that can help you feel good about yourself.


Below is a grid of activities you might like to try this week. Miss Illsley has also shared a 'highlight of my day' sheet - all you need to do is fill out something you felt went particularly well during the day Monday-Friday. It doesn't have to be related to your remote learning.  Here are some of Miss Illsley's examples: 

  • The sun is shining!
  • I won the game I played with my family!
  • I am really proud of the remote learning work I did today!
  • A piece of good news I received
  • We went out for a walk and saw lots of cute animals!


This is separate to your remote learning and is for you to pick and choose what you would like to do! You can also watch the virtual assembly all about Children's Mental Health Week 2021. 


The Clockwork Crow - Chapters 4, 5 and 6!

Listen to Mrs Loscalzo reading chapters 4, 5 and 6 below. 

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Take a peek at Tilly’s fabulous water clock advert!

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Elle-Mae has made an excellent advert for the water clock too!

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Check out Evie’s awesome video advert for Abu Mafouz’s water clock!

Still image for this video

British Values translated into Arabic calligraphy!

Wishing a very happy birthday to this Fabulous Falcon!

What shall I call my snow-child?!? Send your ideas to the class email!

The Clockwork Crow Chapter 3 part 1

Chapter 3 of The Clockwork Crow read by Mrs Loscalzo

The Clockwork Crow Chapter 3 part 2

Read by Mrs Loscalzo

Story time with Miss Mills - chapter 1

Story time with Miss Mills - chapter 2

The Clockwork Crow Chapter 1

The first chapter of a thrilling Y6 book read by Mrs Loscalzo!

The Clockwork Crow Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of the story read by Mrs Loscalzo.

Mr Cordon's Story Time Part 1

Mr Cordon's Story Time Part 2

Mr Cordon's Story Time Part 3

Hello from Miss Illsley!

Check out the 'meet the teacher' profile below!

Here's some information all about me!  Why don't you have a go at writing a few facts all about you for me to read? Send them to Mrs Cordon through the class email address and she will pass them on to me. 

Miss Illsley :) 


Falcon Hero 08.01.21 is Isaac for working with his siblings on this awesome Key Worker rainbow!

What a wonderful first week of remote learning. You have made me so proud Falcon!

Happy New Year Remote Falcons!

Sorry its in portrait mode again! I'm face-palming so hard.

Important note:

As the new Risk Assessment states we will no longer be passing Reading Diaries between home and school, weekly spellings will be listed on this webpage under the 'Homework' heading. 

For Mrs Parrwood

Merry Christmas Falcon Class! 
You can watch a message from me in the video below.
The next two days would have been Christmas activity day and Polar Express day, so although you don’t need to access home remote learning, I have put a few activities below if you would like to try any ( don’t forget we sent an exercise book and pencil home in the pack if you need to use them.) 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I can’t wait to hear all about it when we come back to school in 2021!! 

Mrs Cordon Christmas Message

Sorry it’s in portrait mode! It was very early in the morning 😅

#DrawWIthRob 64 Elf

✏️ARE YOU READY TO DRAW? Here's a festive #DrawWithRob film for you to watch with your little/big ones. Today we are drawing an elf 🧝. All you need is a pie...

#DrawWithRob *SPECIAL EDITION* Vodafone Light Up

✏️🎁 ARE YOU READY TO DRAW? I'm delighted to be working with Vodafone UK on their festive Light Up campaign and bringing you a drawing class for you and your...

I absolutely love a Christmas Quiz with my family! It only sometimes ends in an argument...

Why not try the Christmas Quiz below! 
You could play against your siblings, whole family, or even just challenge yourself! 
Video game round

Fast Logo round

Christmas Carol round

and more!!! 

Christmas Quiz (answers included)

A Christmas Craft for in your garden! You could take a picture and put it on the front of a card!

3D Paper Snowflakes DIY

Make big 3D snowflakes with this tutorial! I featured these in my recent blog post at where I used them as decorations for my Annual ...

A message from Father Christmas!

A Merry Falcon Christmas

16.12.2020 We managed to cram in some Music composition before the party and we LOVED IT!

15.12.2020 I spotted Santa, Rudolph and his Elf while on playground duty!

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Falcons enjoying their Christmas dinner!

Some of our Music work on Peter and The Wolf by Prokofiev

Proof that Falcon respect our school by hoovering up their mud! (A bit of hoovering never killed anyone)

03.12.2020 Today we practised the skills from yesterday by applying it to drawing a range of different beasts

02.12.2020 Today we discovered how to use simple shapes to get the correct proportions of our drawings

30.11.2020 Today’s jigsaw lesson we looked at how we all have different power in situations and how we can use our power for good.

27.11.2020 Falcon were fabulous in our basketball lesson this morning!

26.11.2020 I am so glad I bought this book, as it has engrossed these boys!

25.11.2020 For ‘No Pens Wednesday’ we used the text of Fantastic Beasts to create poems.

23.11.2020 A couple of exciting/distracting things today: a surprise fire drill and a fascinating plane flying over the playground!

19.11.2020 We practised our sketching skills further by following a tutorial to draw a Bowtruckle

18.11.2020 We have been using shading techniques in Art to give the illusion of texture and depth

17.11.2020 Harry proves that Falcons can be fabulous out of school too! He worked with his brother to clear the road and make it safer for everyone!

16.11.2020 We kicked off Anti-Bullying Week with taking part in Odd Socks Day

11.11.2020 Remembrance Day artwork- how amazing!

10.11.20 Eadon and Femi were the first Falcons to complete the mission of finding the definition for the word ‘unctuous’!

09.11.20 We learned about synonyms by completing a rather tricky puzzle!

05.11.2020 We demonstrated the information we had retrieved from the text by making sketches and notes.

16.10.2020 This Week’s Holly Hill Hero!

15.10.2020 Some excellent examples of an interview written in character as Georges Melies


Still image for this video
The rainy weather meant that our active 15 was a Just Dance session!

13.10.2020 The next step in Computing was to use the ‘repeat’ block to make a more efficient algorithm.

12.10.2020 Our newly-elected Student Council members!

09.10.2020 This week’s Holly Hill Hero!

08.10.2020 The next stage of computing was to build on our sequence, adding in selection, so that Papa Georges could interact with a customer!

07.10.2020 A mini science investigation, to see how the length of shadows change as the distance from the light source increases.

06.10.2020 A morning of computing! We were learning about the importance of sequencing commands to get the desired output using the toy booth from Hugo Cabret!


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Still image for this video

05.10.2020 A few more finished automata as we completed and evaluated them. We enjoyed reviewing each other’s models and thought hard about some practical improvements.

02.10.2020 This week’s Holly Hill Heroes!

01.10.2020 Bricks 4 Kidz automaton building workshop