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Falcons and Swans, Year 6 2017/18


Falcon and Swan

Year 6 English and Maths Objectives

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you will know, it is our SATs next week! On Monday to Thursday we would like to invite the children into school early to breakfast club where they can have some toast and a drink. We ask that the children arrive for 8:30am so they can have some breakfast with their friends and have time to relax and talk through any last minute questions. In the past, the children have all really enjoyed this bit of time to wake themselves up and get prepared for the day ahead!

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Quarmby & Miss Woods

Test your Maths and Grammar Skills with these quick mini tests!

Can you complete the challenge?

This Week's Grammar Homework - Due 04.05.18
Answers from last weeks tests below - please go through any that your child got wrong and revise using revision books.



Arithmetic 27.04.18

2018 Key Stage 2 tests

A summary of the Key Stage 2 tests that Year 6 pupils will take in England in May 2018. Aimed particularly at parents.

SATs Revision Guides!

As some parents have expressed an interest in purchasing revision guides for their child, we have ordered some SPAG and Maths revision guides from CGP. This is the same company that produces the practise materials we use in school, so we can definitely recommend them. Once the order arrives, you will be able to purchase them from school. Ordering in this way allows you a 50% discount on the usual price at only £2.50 per book!


Reading Rocks! Some documents you might want to take a look at to help support your child with their reading.

Internet Safety Day 2018

Still image for this video
In preparation for Internet Safety Day 2018, listen to the song we practised in Singing Assembly, so that you're ready to sing it loud and proud on Tuesday 6th February!

In this half term, Falcon and Swan are going to be working on one overall learning challenge:
VOTE 100

Read the Curriculum Newsletter above (or the paper copy sent home) to see what we will be covering in this topic.

Across many different subjects we will be looking at democracy: what it means; who has the right to vote; how have people in history fought for this right. Why not watch the promotional video for the National Justice Museum below, where during our upcoming trip we will take part in a courtroom workshop and a crime and punishment through history tour!

National Justice Museum video

Visit the National Justice Museum in Nottingham www.nationaljusticemuseum.org.uk

Budding Lawyers in our midst!

The pupils in Year 6 have been working independently and in groups to prepare for a mock trial. The defendant in the case is Mr Earnest Plumstead, a character from our class text (Opal Plumstead by Jacqueline Wilson), who has been accused of theft and embezzlement. Split into the Defence and the Prosecution, the children have honed their arguments and counter-arguments to perfection!

English Mock Trial Preparation 23-24. 01.18

Wheelchair Basketball 22.01.18

Inspired by Powerful Women in History!

Some of the students in Falcon Class have been so inspired by our recent topic, that they created some Suffragette posters and articles in their free time.

Amber had this to say:

Suffragettes went through a lot towin their rights for voting.  I personally think that they were not just women,they were  brave warriors who sacrificed their lives so women could vote.   


In this half term, Falcon and Swan are going to be working on one overall learning challenge:
What does the automaton do?

Read the Curriculum Newsletter above (or the paper copy sent home) to see what we will be covering in this topic.

Across many different subjects we will be looking at automata: how they work; their place in history; how we could create our own. Why not watch the promotional video for the MAD Museum below to get inspired and excited for our upcoming trip to visit it!

The MAD Museum

We've put the finishing touches to our brand new promotional video, to help show off our new Henley Street location. Let us know what you think. Many thanks to Graham Cooper and his team, Dan Croxford and Chris Bartlett, for all their hard work filming and editing the video.

Cam Creations - Design and Technology (Dec 2017)

DT CHALLENGE! 05.12.17

MAD Museum in Stratford-Upon-Avon 17.11.17

We are LOVING this class text!

Into Film Festival! 09.11.17

Along with the rest of KS2, we headed to the Odeon cinema in Mansfield to watch a special screening of 'Moana'. 

Maths Open Morning! 08.11.17

Thank you to all the parents that attended our Maths Open Morning and helped us create division riddles about ourselves. We enjoyed having you with us and were able to show off how great we are at Maths!

Figure Me Out!

Safeguarding Workshops 07.11.17


We were joined by volunteers with the NSPCC to talk to us about how we can be involved in safeguarding. The leaders were really impressed with how well we listened and contributed, making our teachers extremely proud of us!


'We learned about the different types of abuse and we learned that Childline is free and you can call anytime.' - Evelyn 


'I thought it was very good and we learnt a lot about what to do when someone is neglected. We watched some clips and learnt what the phone number was and the actions to go with it.' - Amelie


'It was really fun because we learnt about loads of stuff.' - Brandon


'We did a sheet that had on it things that make us happy and safe, people and places. We also talked about good secrets and bad secrets.' - Isaac


'What she taught us was that if someone said 'Let's watch an inappropriate film', what we could say and if someone sent us an inappropriate message, don't block them straight away; show your parents the evidence and then block them.' - Jacob

In this half term, Falcon and Swan are going to be working on one overall learning challenge:
What Makes Everything Awesome?

Read the Curriculum Newsletter above (or the paper copy we sent home) to see what we will be covering in this topic.

In both History and English, we will be looking at the story of the LEGO company. Why not watch/re-watch the animation below to help with your work in class!

The LEGO® Story

As The LEGO Group celebrates its 80th Birthday, we take a look back at its history with this short animated film. Find out more here, http://www.facebook.com/LEGOGROUP See the Outtake video! http://youtu.be/g-olhaMCRDE

Art and Maths! We looked at how different cultures have used geometric patterns in their art and used this inspiration to create patterns with two lines of symmetry.

No Pens Wednesday 4th October

LEGO: A Falcon Class Brickumentary!

Still image for this video
During 'No Pens Wednesday', we rehearsed the sentences we could use when writing our biography of the Lego company by recording the voice-over to our own 'Brickumentary'!
In maths we had to make shapes with a perimeter of 20cm.

Balancing upthrust and gravity.

We investigated how the surface area of a parachute affects the speed at which it falls. This helped us to demonstrate air resistance and sent our Lego mini-figures flying!

We worked in groups to present an introduction to the Lego company suing superlatives and hyperbole!