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Leading Parent Partnership Award


We are pleased to announce that Holly Hill Primary School has achieve the Leading Parent Partnership Award! This fab news certainly does not mean that we will take our foot off the pedal! We are already thinking of new ways to continue to work together with parents and improve relationships!


School Year 2019-2020

Writing Open Event

Class Assemblies

Maths Open Event

Parents Evening

Grandparents' Open Event Oct 19

Phonics / Reading Open Event

School Year 2018-2019

Feedback comments - Thank you

Feedback comments - Thank you

Gents Open Event

Ladies' Open Afternoon

English - SPaG

English - writing

Maths Events

Reading Volunteers

Parents Evening

Grandparents Afternoon - Oct 18






Feedback comments - Thank you.

Gents Day Celebration - June 18

Foundation Stage Cream Tea - June 18

Phonics and SPaG open event - May 18

Anti Bullying information workshop - May 18

English Open Morning 12.03.18

Parents Evening March 18

Ladies' Open Afternoon - March 18

SATs Information Yr 6

Phonics and SPAG - Jan 18

Phonics information Nov 17

Maths Open Morning Nov 17

Parents Evening Oct 17

SPAG and Phonics Open Session - Oct 17

F2 Phonics Information meeting - Sep 17



Latest LPPA newsletter!

Now that the Family Cookery course has come to an end, we are very excited to put on more courses in the future. Some parents have expressed an interest in first aid, book making, computing and photography so watch this space!



We would like to say a big thank you and well done to all the parents who attended and completed the Family Learning Cookery course. It was great to celebrate your achievements with your child last week in our Holly Hill Heroes assembly.

We look forward to putting on other courses in the future.


Thank you for your continued support.

Family Cookery course

Autumn Term 1

                      LPPA Newsletter



September 2014

Thank you to all the people that have attended our events so far this year. Feedback on your comments will be coming soon.

National Care Home Day!

As well as our work to enagage more with parents, we at Holly Hill are also committed to strengthening links within our local communtiy. Therefore, it was a real treat when Wren Hall invited Year 4 and 5 to take part in a 'Family Fun Day' in order to celebrate National Care Home Day.

There was a World Cup theme, which linked to the topic being studied back at school. The children were able to meet and engage with the staff and residents and everyone had a fantastic time! Below are some pictures from the day...

Parents' Levels Workshop

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend the recent meeting to explain levels and targets. We asked for feedback from all parents that attended, so that we can continue to develop our communication with you. Below is a brief outline of what was said.


39 parents of 56 children attended. Of these 34 parents completed the feedback questionnaire.

Of the parents that responded:
94% felt that the welcome from staff was ‘very good’, or ‘good’.
100% felt that the day of the meeting was suitable.
97% felt that the time of the meeting was suitable.
97% felt that the meeting was useful to them.

You said:
A great meeting which explained targets really well.
The handouts of slides from the presentation were very useful, especially as there was lots of information given.
Very informative.
The transparency regarding how the child’s progress is monitored is really helpful.
Very useful.

You also said that you would like to be regularly kept updated with changes in the progress of your child. We will be sending home regular updates in addition to the usual parents' evenings.

We need to hear from you!!

If you were unable to attend the Welcome Meetings that were held the other week, then we would like to hear from you, so that we may better cater to your needs with future events. Please take 30 seconds to complete the survey by following the link below.



Thank You!

Welcome Meeting Feedback

Thank you to everyone who attended the Welcome meetings at the start of this term. They were extremely positive and a great way to start off the new year! All parents who attended were asked to complete a feedback form and below is a brief summary of the results.

Year Group Number of
parents attended
Percentage of parents
leaving feedback
Felt the welcome was
'very good', or 'good'.
Felt the day was
Felt the time was
Found the meeting useful.
Foundation 2 23 65% 100% 93% 87% 100%
Year 1/2 43 40% 100% 100% 88% 100%
Year 3 26 81% 100% 95% 95% 95%
Year 4/5 33 55% 100% 100% 96% 100%
Year 6 16 88% 93% 86% 93% 100%


You said that:
Teachers were approachable.
I am really happy we have had a chance to meet the teachers before parents' evening.
This meeting has been very helpful for me.
These meetings really make KS2 feel more accessible.
It is good to know what is expected of the children.

Excellent. Great to have a creche, so that parents have a chance to ask questions.

The teachers inspired us with confidence.

These kind of meetings are excellent and essential for parents to understand 'jargon' associated with teaching.
Great introduction ans explanation. I am sure it will help parents feel more able to approach teachers in the future.

I think the teachers on the playground is a real improvement.
Really nice to be welcomed into the school and given information.

You also said:

It would be useful to have meetings with new teachers at the end of Summer.
Open afternoons could be on different days for each year group.
Working parents need as much notice as possible about events.
Children don't seem to ahve much to play with at playtime.

LPPA Newsletter 06.09.13