"Holly Hill is a friendly and welcoming school of which pupils, parents, carers and staff are justifiably proud", OFSTED 2018. This is a 'good' school.

Holly Hill Primary and Nursery School

Doves, Year 4, 2020/21

Welcome Meeting presentation slides for pupils moving into Year 5!

Monday 12th July 2021


For anyone who is self-isolating, please go to the Swallow class page and click on 'Remote Learning'

Thursday 9th July

Dove created their own Pentecost artwork this afternoon. 

Dove were true Ninjas this afternoon taking on the Holly Hill Ninja Warrior course! Everyone did amazing and really challenged themselves to do more than they thought they were capable of! 

Dove had a great morning trying out lots of different skills in our Circus skills workshop. 

Year 3 and 4 Sports Day 2021 - we had such fun! πŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ…

Sports activities - even though it was a hot afternoon, we managed to grab some shade and rest and have some fun. βš½οΈπŸ“πŸŽΎ

Friday 11th June 2021 - So much fun today during our PE session. We learned lots of running techniques and got very sweaty running lots of races. Well done Dove class!

Dove have had an amazing medieval day! We’ve been taking part in lots of fantastic medieval activities such as looking at weapons, armour and artefacts; creating our own medieval remedies; playing with medieval children’s games; and having a go at creating our very own illuminated manuscripts! It’s been a busy day but a lot of fun!

Thursday 29th April

In Science today, Dove class have been dissecting flowers to identify its different parts. They were all great at this and really enjoyed the opportunity to carry out some scientific observations.

Wednesday 28th April

This morning, Dove class were finishing off their letters of application to Robin Hood’s band of merry men. These are two fantastic examples of the great letters the children created and wrote into their Wow Write books.

Tuesday 27th April

In Dove class today, we had a go at using the pencil skills we learnt earlier in the year to recreate pencil artwork of castles. The children really enjoyed getting the opportunity to put their skills to the test and worked really hard all afternoon.

Monday 26th April

This afternoon, Dove class have been having a go at creating simple animations using a technique called “Onion Skinning”. They all created some fantastic animations including different stick men that they created themselves.

Friday 29th March

Today, the children in Dove class finished off their posters about a country of their choice that Aloha Wanderwell visited. Once they had all finished they all took it in turns to present what they had learnt about their country to the rest of the class. We were treated to lots of fascinating information about countries like Japan, Egypt, Netherlands, as well as many more!

Wednesday 24th March & Thursday 25th March

For the last two days, Dove class have been learning about a lady called Aloha Wanderwell who travelled the world in the 1920s in a Ford Model T. In English, the children have been researching some of the countries that Aloha visited and have begun to create information posters about their chosen country. Either tomorrow or Monday, each group will present their research and poster to the class.

Tuesday 23rd March

Today, Dove and the rest of Holly Hill had shared in a minutes silence to commemorate the one year anniversary of the first lockdown. We used this time to reflect and consider how all of our lives have been effected by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last year. We then took a moment for a round of applause for the people that have helped us through this difficult period be they key workers or our friends and family.


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Monday 22nd March

Today, Doves were given their prize for winning the TTRockstars tournament! They did really well and won every single week! Well done Doves! You all very much deserved the prize and did fantastic!

Tuesday 16th March

In geography today, Dove class were learning about why volcanoes erupt. We learned some big words like ‘magmastatic’ and ‘lithostatic’ pressure and talked about what happens to the Earth’s crust when tectonic plates move. The children worked hard to name the different parts of a volcano and describe what happens to these parts as a volcano erupts.

Monday 15th March

Today, Dove class were working hard to find the features of a fact file. We learned that fact files have lots of information about a single topic and that this information can be displayed in any order. 

Friday 12th March

We’ve been working very hard today, in Dove class, on a top secret project! Don’t worry all will be revealed soon but for now your only hint are the pictures above...

Thursday 11th March

We have been working really hard on fractions today in maths. Fractions can be a bit tricky but we’ve persevered and helped each other when our friends have needed it. Thanks to our hard work we are all becoming fractions whizzes!


This afternoon, we also started creating our own musical composition using clapping rhythms and call and response. 

Wednesday 10th March

Today, Doves began a science experiment to investigate how plants are effected by different factors. As a class, we planted some cress seeds and are going to keep them in different conditions to see how they effect the growth of the seeds. One will be treated normally while one will be kept in the cupboard; one outside; and one will get no water. We can’t wait to see what happens!

Tuesday 9th March

Doves have, today, been creating wanted posters for the terrible Long John Silver! We had to make sure to include lots of information to help capture him as well as a reward and contact information in case someone did find him. We had some fantastic ideas and lovely discussion around this task, especially when we tried to decide on what Long John Silvers punishment should be.

Monday 8th March

In Dove, we started our new class book today "Little Badman and the Time-travelling Teacher of Doom". However, we may have got a little bit too into it as we've already read four chapters...

TT Rock Stars Competition (week 5)

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Masked Reader Answers

Holly Hill's Masked Reader!

Come back tomorrow for the answers!

TT Rock Stars Competition (week 4)

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TT Rock Stars Competition (week 3)

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TT Rock Stars Competition (week 2)

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TT Rock Stars Competition

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Wednesday 6th January

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Hello from Mrs Scott

This is a short video to introduce myself to you all. I am very much looking forward to teaching alongside Mr Homer for the next couple of months, both in school and online.

Our Dove Class Christmas video!

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Dove were treated to a fantastic performance of Jingle Bells today! Well done Lilith! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Wednesday 25th November

This morning, the children worked in groups to create there own shelters. This was to give them a slight insight into what it would have been like living in the trenches of the First World War and having to build your own shelter to live in.

This afternoon, we then went back outside to use trundle wheels and tape measures to calculate the perimeters of different spaces around school.

Wednesday 18th November

Today, the children had a go at writing a postcard recount as if they were in the trenches of World War One! These are two great examples of the work they produced.

Monday 16th November

This morning, Doves took a moment to enjoy their morning bagel while they practised their handwriting. 

Friday 13th November

Annie is our fantastic hero, this week, in Dove class. She has gone above and beyond in everything that she does consistently since the start of this year. She has pushed this to even greater heights this week when requesting maths homework so that she can practise her fractions at home before we have even begun learning about them in class. Congratulations Annie!

Wednesday 11th November

Today, to mark Remembrance Day, the children lined up on the playground and took part in a two minutes silence as a whole school.  

Thursday 5th November

Dove have spent the afternoon researching the First World War using the laptops.

Wednesday 4th November

Today, the children spent the morning familiarising themselves with these different online learning resources they all have access too. These will allow the children to practise their skills in reading, spelling, times tables and maths at home all in a fun and interactive way.

Thursday 15th October

Today, Dove had the important decision of what our next class book would be. They decided on ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes and also our next book after that! However, we’re keeping that one to ourselves for now! We have all really enjoyed reading Little Badman and hope our next class book will be just as good!

Wednesday 14th October

This afternoon, Dove have been creating their own comic strip about their Superhero. This is the final piece of art this half term and is based on the story that they have been writing in English.

Tuesday 13th October

We have started our final versions of our superhero stories this morning. This will be the children’s second Wow Write and will be the culmination of over a weeks and half of work. This is only half of these stories they’ll finish writing the rest in the morning!

Friday 9th October

Congratulations to these two fantastic Doves who are our heroes this week. They have set a fantastic example to everyone. Well done girls!
Doves have been doing handball today in PE. Luckily we didn’t get rained on!

Wednesday 7th October

Doves have been building on our last few lessons of art today by drawing a cartoon characters face using guidelines and simple shapes to aid with proportion.

Tuesday 6th October

We added our third book to the wall today! We still have a some of Little Badman left to read but the children are already discussing what our next book could be!

Monday 5th October

Today, Dove began work on their own Superhero stories. We will continue this all week before editing and producing a final best version next week.

Friday 2nd October

These two girls have had fantastic weeks and are our heroes for this week! Well done girls keep it up! 

Thursday 1st October

Today these hard working Doves have been practising counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. 

Wednesday 30th September

Dove have today been continuing to learn and practice how to use simple shapes to aid proportions when drawing. This lesson focused on how they could be used to draw a side profile. 

Tuesday 29th September

This afternoon, Dove class have been working hard on scratch creating algorithms to draw different shapes. Once we had mastered this we explored using the repeat function to make this task quicker and more efficient.

Friday 25th September

Here are our two fantastic heroes for this week. Well done both of you!

Wednesday 23rd September

Today, we were practising using similes by writing list poems about feelings. We will be using these as the basis for our Wow Writes this Friday.

Tuesday 22nd September

Today, Dove have been working hard comparing 4-digit numbers in maths. Here they are hard at work.

Monday 22nd September

Dove class took the skills they have learned over the last two weeks and applied them to create a sketch of a face using simple shapes to help with proportions. Here are two wonderful examples.

Friday 18th September

We had our Heroes Assembly today! Well done to these two fantastic heroes for their hard work all week and the amazing work they have produced! 

Thursday 17th September

Today, we wrote some new list poems titled “Here we are...”. Here are two wonderful examples.

Wednesday 16th September

This morning, Dove had a go at writing a list poem about the sky. These are two fantastic examples of the work the children produced.

Tuesday 15th September

Today, Dove joined Swallow and Kingfisher for a story assembly with Mrs Steed on the grass outside. 

Before their assembly Dove had been doing some Art, this time they were practising creating different shaped lines using their pencil.

Friday 11th September

Congratulations to our two fantastic heroes this week. They have both had amazing weeks and have more than earned their award! Well done girls!

Thursday 10th September

This afternoon, Dove have been practising their different pencil skills today in art. These are two fantastic examples of the work they did.

Wednesday 9th September

Dove have been doing computing this afternoon. They have been practicing their animating skills ready for creating their own superhero themed animation.

Tuesday 8th September

Today, Dove have been learning about Stan Lee in preparation for their art project this half term linked to our topic of superheroes.

Monday 7th September

Today Dove added the first book cover to our reading wall. We will add the cover of each book we read together to this wall as the year progresses. 

Friday 4th September

Thursday 3rd September

Doves have had a lovely day today. We spent the morning doing our Jigsaw lesson before moving on to some addition and subtraction recap in Maths.