"Holly Hill is a friendly and welcoming school of which pupils, parents, carers and staff are justifiably proud", OFSTED 2018. This is a 'good' school.

Holly Hill Primary and Nursery School

Doves, Year 3, 2021/22

Welcome to Dove's class page!

On this page you will be able to find photos of what we've been doing in class throughout the day. We hope you enjoy seeing what we get up to in class!


Please keep a look out for any new information or updates.


  • PE is on Monday and Wednesday. Please keep PE kits in school as sometimes we do other planned sports activities on different days. If your child wears earrings, they will need to be removed before school or your child can take them out by themselves in class. 
  • We will be swimming every Thursday from the 9th September for 9 weeks. Dove class has been split into two groups so if you haven't had a letter this week, your child will be in the next group to go. (We will be arriving back at 3.30pm so may be a few minutes late onto the playground).
  • Spellings will be given out at the beginning or each term for the whole term, and then tested on a Friday. Spellings will be stuck into reading diaries.
  • Please use reading diaries for any messages but for urgent messages, please contact the school office.
  • Children are expected to read five times a week at home, practise spellings and practise the times tables. Times tables can be practised by using TTRockstars. Your child's login details will be at the back of their reading diaries alongside their Mathletics passwords.
  • Our library session is on Thursday afternoon. 




Summer term 1- Savage Stone Age (continued)

This term we will continue to learn about The Stone Age. In history, we will be carrying out local studies using our enquiry skills.
Our text in English is…

We will be writing recounts and a trip advisor for Cresswell Crags after our visit. 
In Science, we will be studying the wildlife in our local environment. We will be discussing why we find these in our local area and think about how humans effect

the environment. 
In DT, we will be practising our sewing skills to design and create a gatherer bag.

Savage Stone Age - Summer 1 Knowledge Organiser

Jubilee Fun! We made flags to decorate the entrance to school.

Lola’s mum and Lola made us yummy jubilee cupcakes!

We had our faces painted- Thanks FOHH

Thursday 26th May 2022- We have thought about the pilgrimages some people make to Southwell Minster. The carvings on the cathedral have fascinated people since the 13th century when they were carved.

Tuesday 24th May 2022- Dove class are getting really excited getting ready for the Queens’s jubilee. We’ve all had fun making paper chains while practising our jubilee songs!

Look at our amazing gatherer hunter bags we’ve sewn!

Monday 23rd May 2022- Practising our sketching skills to draw portraits of Her Majesty the Queen to celebrate the jubilee while listening to arise Up and Serve. Dove class love art and this song, a perfect combination!

DT- Practising our sewing skills to make our hunter gatherer bags tomorrow!

Monday 16th May 2022 - We had a fantastic time at Creswell Crags. We learned about how people lived in The Stone Age while in Mother Grundy’s Cave, we practised our survival skills, observed tools and bones in the museum found in the caves at Creswell Crags and learned about the different types of rocks and the rock cycle. We had a wonderful day!

Tuesday 10th May 2022- Today, we visited St Helen’s church to find out about the history of the church and surrounding area. We were very lucky to have a representative of the church who kindly told us and showed us the history of the church. It was extremely interesting and fabulous to be outdoors learning.

Wednesday 4th May 2022- We have enjoyed using measuring equipment to accurately measure our classroom and objects in it. We compared measurements and discussed equivalent lengths in mum, cm and m.

PE- Today we practised long jumps. We had to compare how far we can jump not using our arms to using our arms to help us jump further.

Friday 29th April 2022- We have been learning about equivalent lengths for m and cm by playing a connect 4 game in Power Maths today. It was lots of fun!

Thursday 28th April 2022- Dove class enjoying the library!

Tuesday 26th April 2022- We have been so lucky today as we had a visit from White Post Farm. We met rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, a snake, a bearded dragon, a giant African land snail, a cockroach and a tarantula.

Monday 25th April 2022 - This morning, we have enjoyed researching Stonehenge to create our own glossary.

WBD 2022.mp4

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Look Who’s Turned Up For School Today!

Charlie and Elliot were the first to crack the addition and subtraction codes to find the answers to jokes. Well done boys!

Riley was the first to crack the addition codes to work out the question ‘What is your favourite book? Well done Riley!

Take a look at our wonderful potato character designs!

And the winner is… Melissa. Well done Melissa.

Reading for Enjoyment in Dove Class

Spring Term 2

Our topic this half term is 'Savage Stone Age'. Our focus subjects are History, Geography and Science.


We will learn the time line from the Stone Age to the Iron Age to the Bronze Age. 

In Geography we will be learning about settlements and how the land was used.

In Science we will learn about habitats, micro-habitats and living things in these habitats.


In English we will be reading Pebble in my Pocket, Little Nose the Hero and Stone Age Boy

Monday 7th March - Today we have Anchor Creative Education in school to help us with our punctuation and grammar. We had a fun singing assembly to learn about nouns, adjectives, verbs and prepositions.


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Fronted Adverbials

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We learnt a song to learn about fronted adverbials and the punctuation to use. It was very exciting!

We loved designing and creating cave paintings!

We enjoyed creating a freeze frame for a part of our text we are reading in English - The Stone in my Pocket.

In our Jigsaw lesson we worked in small groups to design a special garden for a particular group of people. We chose to create a garden for people who are deaf, don’t have a garden at home, physically disabled and one of the favourites was a garden for a blind person, thinking of Stevie Wonder who we learnt about earlier on in the year. We presented our designs to the class.

Spring Term 1

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

This term our topic is 'What's Wonderful About Stevie Wonder?' The Year 3/4 team have been busy planning some very exciting activities to find out all about Stevie Wonder. We will be learning about how music has developed over the decades in Music. In Science, we will be learning about 'Sound.' In Computing, we will be learn how to code and debug programmes.  It's going to be a very full and exciting term!


Online learning:

For anyone isolating, please see the timetable which will be published below. This will have all your learning for the week.

Please note that this is for children who are well enough to carry out home-schooling. 

Thank you

Tuesday 8th February - Eureka visit- We've had a wonderful day learning lots about our digestive system and sound.

Friday 4th February 2022- Computing. We have really enjoyed programming a sprite to move, make a sound and add a background.

Thursday 3rd February- English We are busy making our own non-fiction books about Motown Record artists. We have researched Motown Records, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye and The Jackson 5.

Friday 28th January 2022- In Science, we have been learning how sounds are made. We made vibrations using a tuning fork in water, elastic band on a tub and rice on a drum. We could see, feel and hear the vibrations. Then, we made telephones to investigate sounds with a taut string, loose string, a knot in the string and a short string.We really enjoyed it,

Thursday 27th January 2022- On the way to swimming having a fun time on the double decker bus! We loved what we could see from the upstairs windows!!

Wednesday 12th January 2022-Music. This afternoon, we have enjoyed learning about Louis Armstrong. We learned about the key features of jazz music, which instruments are used and tried keeping the beat and rhythm to some of his songs. It was lots of fun!

Tuesday 11th January 2022- Music-This afternoon, we have enjoyed learning about Glenn Miller and Big Band Swing. We have learnt about the two sections of the band - horn section and rhythm section and which instruments are in these sections. We listened to how each instrument sounds and we talked about how the music made us feel while we listened to it.

Friday 7th January 2022 - English -Today, we’ve really enjoyed researching Stevie Wonder using iPads while listening to his music. 

Autumn Term 2

This term our topic is Festival of Lights. We will be learning all about Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita in English and RE. In Science, we will be learning about electricity and how to be safe with electricity. In DT, we will learning about pulleys and levers having lots of hands on learning to make both using our imagination and knowledge. It will be a very exciting term leading up to Christmas and we will be having lots of fun! 

Tuesday 14th December 2021 - We’ve had lots of fun measuring, sawing, assembling and designing our pulley systems today.

As it’s Christmas jumper day, we had a design your own Christmas jumper competition. We looked at each other’s designs and gave feedback to choose a favourite. Poppie’s design won!

Monday 13th December 2021- We had a fantastic time playing Laser Tag today!


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Merry Christmas everyone from Dove Class!

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Friday 10th December 2021- In science, we made circuits with buzzers and motors. Then we had to create a switch using split pins and a paper clip. It took us a while to work out how to make the switch but we got there after lots of perseverance.

Wednesday 8th December 2021- We’ve had a fab time in Science making complete circuits to make a bulb light!

Wednesday 8th December 2021- In gymnastics we had to work together to create a sequence of moves using small apparatus.


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Wednesday 24th November

Wednesday 24th November - School Closure.mp4

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Wednesday 11th November 2021- Today in gymnastics we had to use shapes on the apparatus. We learnt the pike, straddle, tuck and star positions. We also used a stretch position.

Tuesday 9th November 2021- This afternoon, we have enjoyed painting our divas!

Tuesday 9th November- Working with play scripts. Today, we looked at the features of a play script, then we enjoyed reading through the play in small groups.

Friday 5th November 2021 - Performing a story using actions

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Celebrating Diwali- Making diva lamps

Designing Mehndi Patterns

Symmetrical Rangoli Patterns

Trying Chocolate Barfi- We loved it, it was yummy!

Gymnastics - Wednesday 3rd November 2021

Autumn 1 - The Egyptians


This term, we will be learning about the Egyptians through the subjects Religious Education (R.E) and History. Our enhancement subjects will be Art and Geography. 


Egyptian Wow Day Fun

We’ve had a wonderful day dressed up as Egyptians, baking unleavened bread, making collars and death masks.

Poetry Day

For National Poetry Day we read a poem about ancient Egyptians. Then we wrote rhyming couplets about the Egyptians to create our own poems. We were really good at finding rhyming words and we knew to put the rhyming words at the end of the line so they rhymed. 


Today in English, we pretended to be the scarab beetle from our story The Scarab’s Secret. We thought about how the beetle would feel in the part of the story when he was alone and lost. We hot seated each other to explain our feelings.


Today we challenged ourselves to timed circuits. We had a list of exercises we had to do in 30 seconds. It got every competitive!


We love our new books in class!


This afternoon, we have enjoyed talking about our life experiences and how we felt. 

Egyptian Dance

Today in dance, we used the Egyptian dance moves alongside Egyptian poses to create a sequence of moves.



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Brain Break

After some amazing writing we had a dance brain break before maths.


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In art, we have designed and made Egyptian sculptures using clay. We chose from a range of sculptures- pyramids, the Sphinx, Tutankhamen to name a few. We had so much fun making our sculptures! 

Thursday 9th September 2021-PE

In PE over the next few weeks we are going to create an Egyptian dance. We began our lesson warming up to ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ using Just Dance. Then, we thought carefully about how to create different shapes with our bodies. We used Egyptian art to plan and present a freeze frame from Egyptian art. We worked really well in our groups. From all our work, we chose our first three moves for our own dance. We had lots of fun!


7th September - we have had a great day today for our wow day. We learnt about mummification with Mrs Fisher. We mummified tomatoes!! 🍅

Hieroglyphics: We wrote in Egyptian Hieroglyphics, writing secret messages for our friends to decode. We also wrote our names Hierglyphics.