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Doves, Kingfishers and Swallows, Years 3 and 4, 2018/19

Welcome to Dove, Kingfisher and Swallow's class page

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Summer 2

'Can you be an Olympian?'

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For our final term in Year 3/4, we are focusing our topic around Ancient Greece and their Olympian origins. We will be exploring how the Olympics began and what life was like in Ancient Greece. For our English, we will be continuing some myths such as Theseus and the Minotaur and Perseus and Medusa. The children will be creating their own stories and they will be writing various pieces linked to our topic. Our science this term will be focused on 'Animals including Humans' based around healthy nutrition and our skeletons. We will also be linking our Design and Technology to our science with designing, planning and making pizzas.

Kingfishers working hard on their freeze frames for 'Theseus and the Minotaur'

Gents afternoon - Thank you to all of the male figures who came and joined us. We hope you had a fabulous time!

Summer 1 

'Dungeons & Dragons'

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This term, we will be exploring castles around the world from our past and present. We will also be reading and learning about a range of myths and legends and creating our own, as well as working on play scripts, whilst creating, writing and performing our own. In Maths, we will be beginning to focus on measurement including length, mass and capacity and using these measurements to solve problems within our maths.

Kingfishers marvelous Maths - throwing bean bags and measuring the distance with metres sticks. How many throws does it take to throw a bean bag 200m?

Year 4 had a great time trying the 'Can you fill it? challenge' with our capacity work

Kingfishers enjoying their D&T time making draw bridges

Spring 2

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'Where in the world?'


This term we will be learning all about different countries within the world and researching what they are like compared to England. We will also be researching different explorers and finding out why they became famous and what their biggest achievements were. For our science we will be recapping magnets and moving onto our plant topic. Within Maths, we are learning about fractions and decimals, moving onto shape and angles.

Fabulous Mums! We had a wonderful time on Ladies afternoon, thank you for coming in!

In Dove we have been drawing landscapes in our Art.

Dove have been researching where their food comes from. Here are some examples from their PowerPoints.

Kingfishers had a wonderful WOW afternoon making their own rafts and testing them!

Kingfishers amazing World Book Day costumes! Thank you for all trying so hard, we had a fabulous day celebrating books!

Buddy Class reading - World Book Day! What a sight to see!

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Savage Stone Age


This term our topic is focused around the Stone age and the changes which occurred to the Iron age. In English we will be writing information texts, stories, creating our own stories and writing recounts. In History we will be learning lots of facts about the Stone age and how people lived and survived in those times. Our Science this term will be rocks and in maths we will continue to learn about multiplication, whilst moving onto division.

Dove Class Stone Age Visit

What a fantastic WOW morning we had in Kingfisher class!

Swallows had a great WOW morning to get them into the mood for the Stone Age topic...

Kingfishers having a go at creating our own hand stencil cave paintings

Fridays are for art and this week Swallow created our own cave paintings...

We love Fridays - Design & Technology time! We had a go at making our own 'Stone Age' houses out of natural materials in Kingfisher class

Making some cave music in Kingfisher class - it definitely a noisy session!

Kingfishers worked super hard in their groups to make their own 'Stone Henges'

Kingfishers conducting their final soil experiment to discover which soil was the most permeable