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Doves and Kingfishers, Years 3 and 4 2017/18


Year 3 and 4

Kingfishers and Doves

In Kingfishers this year our teacher is Mrs Stonham.


In Doves this year our teacher is Mrs Hutchinson.




Rainforest layers


We have just finished finding out about the different rainforest layers.

Can you decide which animals would like to live in each layer?



Tree frog





Find your egg!


Dove and Kingfisher had to drew very detailed drawings of an egg and then had the egg taken away! 

Could the children find their egg afterwards by just using their drawings?

Yes they could.

Non chronological reports


We have been researching different plants that you can find in the rainforest.


We then wrote our own chronological reports about plants such as the "Rafflesia" that smells like dead meat and the horrible sounding "Strangler Fig". 



Persuasive writing

In English this week we have been writing persuasive posters. We looked at the issue of deforestation and sorted reasons into for and against. From our reading, we decided we were against deforestation and wanted to persuade people that it must stop. 


Dove Class collage

Our WOW day

We started our topic with a wow day, looking at the work of Henri Rousseau. We talked about his style of painting and used this to create mixed media collages based on his painting 'Surprised!'

We will be looking at where rainforests are located and their features.

In science this half term we will be looking at plants, animals and life cycles.

Summer Term

Rainforest vs Desert     


Happy Easter to all the chlldren in Dove and Kingfishers.

Mad Science day.

Dove and Kingfisher class were lucky enough to have the chance to be scientists and astronauts for the day on Thursday 22nd  March.

We had the opportunity to work with the team from Mad Science to learn all about space.

We investigated planets and discovered which would be best to land on.



We tried to build towers in astronaut sized gloves which is really tricky.

We found out about the distances of different planets from the sun by making a human planet chain.

Finally we witnessed a mini rocket launch.


We had an incredible day and learnt many new facts.

World Book Day.

Our World Book Day was snowed off but we didn't want to miss out on all the fun.

Well done for all the fantastic costumes that everybody came to school in to celebrate our love of books and reading.

Kingfishers reading with their buddy classes on World Book Day

Class Assembly

Well done Dove Class for an amazing class assembly. I know all the parents that came to see it thought you were brilliant.

You told them lots of facts and information about our topic and they enjoyed hearing examples of your writing.

Watch this space


On the 22nd March the year 3 and 4's will become astronauts for the day when we are visited by the Mad Science group.

Happy Mother's Day


Thank you to all our special Mum's who enjoyed ladies day on Thursday, 8th March.


Dove class enjoyed making cones filled with flowers whilst Kingfisher class made 3D boxes filled with love for all our lovely mothers.


Happy Mother's Day to all of you this coming Sunday, 11th March. 



Kingfisher Class assembly


Thank you to everyone who came to see Kingfisher class on Friday, 9th March where the children shared their work from last half term.


As part of their maths work the year 4's in Kingfisher class made symmetrical aliens that can be seen displayed in Kingfisher classroom.


In English we have been celebrating the achievements of British astronaut Tim Peake. We have learned about his mission to the International Space Station by reading information and watching interviews to write a newspaper report about him. We have been really inspired and some of us now aspire to be astronauts one day.



We have been comparing the size of the earth, moon and sun and looking at the distance between the planets.

We used a basket ball to show the sun, a blueberry to represent the earth and a peppercorn to represent the moon.

We also compared the relative distances between each of the planets.


In science we have been looking at the shape of the planets and explaining how we know they are spherical bodies. We looked at the opinions of people at different times to disprove the old theory that the  world was flat.


World Book Day



Dragon training cancelled

How to train your dragon by Cressida Crowell

World book day token competition

Wow morning


On our wow morning we looked at the abstract art work of Peter Thorpe.


Curriculum newsletter

Spring 2

Our learning journey question this half term is:


" Is there anybody out there?"


For details please read our Spring 2 curriculum newsletter.


As our homework treat we went to the park to investigate mechanisms. We had a great time.

We have looked at different mechanisms and how they work. We discovered that a mechanism means that less force is needed to move heavy objects.




Our design and technology mechanisms

Internet Safety Day 2018

Still image for this video
To prepare for Internet Safety Day, practise the song we started learning in Singing Assembly so that you can sing it loud and proud on 6th February!

Investigating water resistance

We have investigated friction and measured how far an object will travel on different surfaces to see which creates most friction.


We have investigated air resistance by making different sized parachutes and timing how long it takes for them to reach the ground.


We have investigated water resistance by creating objects of different shapes and seeing how quickly they move through the water.


We learnt about Archimedes and made our own Archimedes screw.


Our science topic is all about forces.

We have found out about Isaac Newton and gravity and measured forces using Newtons.

In English we have been writing explanation texts to explain how a contraption works.


On our Wow morning we made a catapult to help us think about forces.

Our topic this term is Cracking Contraptions.

We will be investigating forces and mechanisms with the help of Wallace and Gromit.


Spring term 1

Science Investigation

This week we have been investigating materials to decide which would make the best cloak. We planned our investigation and then carried it out. 



We concluded that felt would make the best cloak as it was flexible, soft and warm.

Children in need


A special thank you to Thomas and his Dad who made everyone in class a delicious, decorated Pudsey bear biscuit.

During Anti Bullying week our focus was on our uniqueness!


Kingfisher class learnt a song all about how diverse and unique we all are.

Anti bullying song.mp4

Still image for this video

Dove Class thought about how we are all different and special and thought of what makes us unique.

We spent time with our buddy class and worked  cooperatively to support each other.

Cross curricular Maths


Kingfishers calculated the perimeter and and area of different castles to choose a suitable castle to meet Henry VIII's needs.

Dove and Kingfisher WOW day

We used construction equipment to build crowns, carriages and palaces fit for a king or queen.


Autumn 2

Our learning journey question this half term is:


" If I ruled the world.."



For details please read our Autumn 2 curriculum newsletter.

Dove Class poetry

In Dove Class we have been looking at different types of poems. We have looked at acrostic and calligram poems. We have written a class poem about Dove Class before we had a go at writing our own. 

D elightful Doves

O nly Doves can do the hardest work

V ery hard working

E very Dove celebrates achievement


C ool fabulous class mates

L ots of different activities

A dventurous Doves, amazing and active all day

S pectacular sharing Doves

S uper, smart, smiling Doves are on their way

Thank you to all those parents that have attended parents evening this week.

If you didn't manage to make an appointment please try and make one with us at some point soon. It would be lovely to share how well your child is doing in school.


A lot of parents have asked how they can use mathletics to support their child. It would be advisable to pick a topic that the children have covered or going to cover.


Both classes have done the following work this half term:

adding 10, 100 to a 3 digit number (year 3)

adding 10, 100, 1000 to a 4 digit number

ordering numbers from largest to smallest

recognising what numbers are worth

partitioning numbers e.g 3456 = 3000 + 400 + 50 + 6


We have also done some work on statistics.


Next half term both classes will be concentrating on addition.


We hope this helps.


Kingfishers class book

Gettinng to know each other in week 1 by passing string to someone with a similar like to create a huge spiders web!

Kingfishers and Doves weeks 1 -4

The story so far.


In English we have been busy writing acrostic poems about ourselves and learning limericks by the famous poet, Edward Lear. ( He is famous for writing " The owl and the pussycat").

We were all confident enough this week to write our own limericks and perform them in front of each other.

In Maths we have been making sure we can read and write numbers in figures and words, using the symbols < > and  = to compare numbers, ordering numbers from largest to smallest and representing numbers in different ways.

Please have a look at all our wonderful work on poetry in our English and wow writing books and our place value work when looking at your child's work during parents evenings next week.


Kingfisher class had a wonderful time not using pens all day!

In English we presented limericks we had written. In Maths we represented numbers by using money, base 10 equipment and place value counters. In Science we measured each others feet to investigate whether taller people have larger feet. We had to put a sticky dot on a 100 square to remember our measurements. In guided reading we had a mock trial to decide whether Tuffy the cat was guilty of harming many small animals. Tuffy is from our class book titled, " The Killer Cat" by Anne Fine.


Our jury and our prosecutor and defendant - Alfie and Henry

Did the tallest person have the largest feet?

Grammar morning

A big thank you to all the parents who visited both classes.

We hope you had fun and also learnt a lot!

Kingfisher and Dove class weeks 5 - 6

The story so far.


In English we have been written biographies about someone in class.

In Maths we have been creating different graphs about ourselves.

Useful Documents


Autumn Curriculum newsletter and creative homework



This terms themes

Our learning journey question for this half term is:


"Who do you think you are?"


For details please read our curriculum newsletter.

Next half term our learning journey question will be:


If I ruled the world.


Things to remember

PE on a Monday

PE on a Thursday - year 4 only

Swimming lessons on a Thursday - year 3 only

x table test on a Thursday

Spelling tests on a Friday


English objectives
Maths objectives
Reading book targets

How to help your child with reading comprehension guides

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