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Welcome to Dove Class


April 2014 Term 5


We are still in the Jungle! This term we are continuing our tales from the jungle and learning about life cycles.




Things to note:

Swimming for Year 4 will take place every Tuesday whilst Year 5 will do P.E.

Kingfisher will have their second P.E. session on Mondays, while Falcon and Dove will have theirs on Thursdays.

We recommend that pupils leave their P.E. kits at school for the whole week and as the weather improves, they will need outdoor shoes, as we will take every opportunity to be outside.


Creative Homework!

For this half term, your task is to write your own story set in the jungle. It must be presented to a high standard and the quality of writing must match what we expect in class.
E.g. paragraphs, chapters, punctuation and detail.


The rest is up to you!!


If you need any resources (e.g. paper) please see your teacher.

We have studied the law of the jungle and written our own laws for the playground.


smiley   TERM 3 JAN 2014   smiley

Our topic is - Do you believe in Magic? We are reading the book Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone. On the first day of term we made lava lamps, beer butter and created our own house badges. We were all sorted into houses by the magic sorting hat.

Being sorted

Spring Newsletter - Do you believe in Magic?

smiley TERM 2 OCT 13 smiley

We had a great time when we visited Beaumanor this term. We decoded letters, visited the shop and used our ration books to make WW2 recipes. smiley


Our WW2 work

Have a look at what we will be studying this term. It's going to be explosive!

Firework boxes

smiley TERM 1 SEPT 13 smiley

Last term we looked at imaginary worlds. We played the computer game Myst 11 and watched the Never Ending Story. We created our own imaginary creatures and sculpted them out of clay. We wrote our own stories, we have put a few on here for you to read, we hope you enjoy them.

Where will your imagination take you?