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March 2020 5/6

Home Learning: Week Beginning 20.07.20

Maths Tasks - This week, since it's our final week of schooling before the summer holidays, we're mixing it up! You have three tasks, the answer to each task is either Miss Fretwell, Miss Woods or Mrs Balchin. If you're a Y5, these tasks will give you the opportunity to get to know your teacher for next year a little better! 

Maths Task 1

Maths Task 2

Maths Task 3

Hi Year 5 & 6, 

We hope you are all well and are still keeping busy at home. Last week, the year 5 group were chatting and discussing how they felt just before they returned to school in June. Some of the words they used were anxious, worried and unsure, so we decided to try and help those of you that haven't yet returned by creating Wordles. They came up with words to describe what school is like now and the things that they are enjoying! We hope they help you feel a little happier and more confident about coming back in September. If you're a Year 6, we hope you enjoy looking at them.

Miss Quarmby & The Year 5 Group 

Back to School Wordles

Why not have a go at creating your own for your new teacher which tells them about yourself or maybe to tell us about your lockdown experience? Every Wordle tells a story!

Have fun!


Year 5 - A little something to keep you occupied

over the holidays!


The school term is nearly over and the holidays begin!  Year 6 going to Selston High School will have received a booklet full of activities for them to try and complete as many as possible by September. 


I thought there might be  a few year 5s who might also like this challenge! 

So if you fancy learning something new, trying something different or just keeping busy have a flick through the next few pages and give a few a go.  Good luck!!




Home Learning: Week beginning 13.07.20


Hi everyone! 


There are only 2 weeks now until we break up and end our home learning journey for the summer holidays! So, let's keep up the hard work now that the end is in sight. All of the teachers are ready to welcome back the Y5's back to school in September. This week you will have found out your new class teacher too! Exciting! Don't forget that on the 'Transition' tab of the website, there are videos from all of the teachers and teaching assistants who will be in your new class. 


Year 6, don't forget to keep checking the 'Year 6 Transition' page for more transition lessons on moving to Selston High. We also can't wait to see you soon for our Year 6 Goodbye Picnic! All of the information that you will need is inside your report envelope. 


We hope to hear from you and see some of your work on lookatthiswork@gmail.com It's been a little quiet on there recently so please make an effort to send us anything you've been up to, even if it's nothing to do with school work. 


Miss Fretwell, Miss Woods, Mrs Balchin, Miss Quarmby 


English Task 1

This task looks at how the boy in 'The Lost Thing' could have persuaded his parents to let him help his new friend. Being at home, I'm sure you will have had lots of practise at persuading your parents to let you do things, so this first task should be easy!

English Task 2

In this task you will take a closer look at the advert for The Department Of Odds and Ends and have a go at creating your own!

The Lost Thing Part 1

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

English Task 3

My Keyworker bubble have been moaning all last week that they want to watch the ending of The Lost Thing. If you have also been saving the ending, this task is where we finally get to look at what happens. 

kayıp şey / the lost thing - shaun tan

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Anybody up for a spelling Quiz this week?


A Bit of Year 5 Transition (part 1)

Year 6 have been doing quite a bit of work to get them ready for their new schools next year both in school or from the transition page on our website.  Year 5... here are a few things for you to think about...

It's a strange time we're continuing to have at the minute and a few things might be on your mind.....It's nearly time to break up.....but we haven't been in school!  We're starting to think about Year 6.....but we didn't fulfil what we wanted to in Year 5!  

You might have lots of thoughts, questions or worries about what has happened in Year 5 and about the start of your time in Year 6.  


Let's Chat!      


Grab something that makes you feel relaxed, happy, comfortable - a favourite teddy, pillow, blanket.  Ask your adult if you can talk to them.  Tell them what's on your mind.  Ask them any questions that you might have.  


Together talk about.....


What were your 'best bits' in Year 5?

Talk about the friends that you miss?  

What are the things that you might be worried about?

What things might be different in school?

What things might have changed?

What are you looking forward to in Year 6?


This week is an exciting time as you will be finding out who your new teacher will be in Year 6.  Look on our transition page on the website in-case you have forgotten what your teacher looks like wink.   Read your meet-the-teacher note in your report envelope to find out a bit about your teacher.  


Remember you can ask us any questions or tell us about your worries at

lookatthiswork@gmail.com  and we will really be happy to help!

Topic Week Beginning 13th July 2020 – French


Task One – Making French Crepes.

Have a look at the KS2 Bitesize website at how to make French Crepes. Listen to how to say the ingredients in French and practise saying them to yourself or others.



Can you make some French crepes now following the recipe? Enjoy!



Task Two - French Foods

Have a go at the Duolingo activities on food names on these links:




Here is a website to do some lessons on French foods:



Create a poster that tells others about the new foods you have learnt in French or have a go at writing your own recipe in French for your favourite dish.



Task Three – French Sports

Let’s learn some sports names in French.



Have a go at this lesson. Start with the ‘flashcards’ section on the left side and then complete all the sections below.



What is your favourite sport?

Use Duolingo to write a sentence in French that says what your favourite sport is. You might want to use Duolingo translate to help you.


Home Learning: Week Beginning 06.07.2020


Hi Guys!


Year 5:
I know that lots of you are starting to look ahead to September and wondering about your new class. Never fear! This week the teachers are putting the finishing touches to your end of year reports ready to be collected next week (starting 13th July). Inside your report, you will be able to read what you old teacher has to say about you (we've certainly been missing you lots) as well as find out who your new teacher and class will be!


On top of that, the teachers are also busy writing letters, videos and presentations about your new classes, so that you can get a taste of what to expect. We sent a text last week to see if any of the Y5s had a question about life in Y6 you want answering. If you still have something on your mind, send the question to lookatthiswork@gmail.com, so we can include the answer in the presentations we are preparing. 


Year 6:

The big topic on your minds is understandably moving up to Selston High. As you may know from me texting your parents, the Y6 Transition page on this website now has 10 different activities to help prepare you for secondary school. These are really practical things: planning how to get to school, making a uniform shopping list, practising with a timetable and much more! Stop worrying and start planning!


Of course moving up means we have to say goodbye. Your teachers are making preparations for us all to see each other again at the Y6 leavers picnic (Scheduled for Monday 20th July) and we will make sure to contact you in the next couple of weeks with some details about the socially distanced celebrations!


Phew, that was a long one! Keep trying your best with the home learning tasks- coming back to school in September won't feel half as big if you've sharpened up your skills. 

Keep in touch!
Miss Woods, Miss Fretwell, Mrs Balchin and Miss Quarmby




English Task 1

How brilliant was the Cicada book! I loved the way Shaun Tan changed the 17 years underground to 17 years working in a office! With that said, this week we are going to look at one last Shaun Tan fantasy story! 

You will start this task by practising and revising how to use apostrophes. Then you can watch the trailer for the next story in order to put your skills to use!

The Lost Thing Trailer

In a world of rivets and drabness, a boy befriends a fantastical red creature that appears to be totally lost: based on the writer-director Tan's prize-winni...

English Task 2

This task will revise and practise preposition phrases. You can use the videos below to recap what a preposition is and then watch the first part of The Lost Thing to put your skills to use!



The Prepositions Song (New for 2019)

Anchor Creative Education - ROCK 'N' ROLL GRAMMAR! Anchor Creative Education specialise in leading creative literacy sessions in primary schools across the U...

George Explains...Prepositions

Anchor Creative Education - ROCK 'N' ROLL GRAMMAR & PHONICS! ➡www.AnchorCreativeEducation.com In this edition of George Explains...we cover PREPOSITIONS! Cli...

The Lost Thing Part 1

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

English Task 3

A really great way to impress your new teachers is to have practised your spellings! For this task, you will watch the next part of The Lost Thing and then use some of the dialogue to practise the Y5/6 spelling words and revise the different word classes. 

Topic Week Beginning 06.07.20 - Art

What do you know about architects? This week, for your topic, you will be finding out a bit more about architects, looking at some of their buildings and doing some sketching. Have fun!


Task 2 – To know the key features of buildings.

Here are a list of words that might be used to describe a building and their features. Use the internet to look at pictures of them and then sketch an example. Don’t forget to label it.












Stained glass


Task 3 – Who was Watson Fothergill?

Part 1 - Use this website to find out more about this architect:



Can you find any similarities in his building designs?

You can also use Google images to look at more of his buildings.


Part 2 - Use this link to go to Google Maps and drag the little orange person onto the map where you want to look.

It will take you to the street view.

Walk around Nottingham to look for his buildings.



Can you sketch one of his buildings or some parts of his buildings and label the features?

Feeling disappointed about missing out on the Hathersage or Walesby Residential?
Try these residential-style challenges at home and send in your pictures!

Cicada Posters Y6 Keyworker

Home Learning: Week Beginning 29.06.20


Hey Year 5/6! We all hope that you've had a lovely week and have made the most of the sunshine! We've loved the videos

that you've sent in so far of your Virtual Sports Day activities! I had the Y5 Key workers doing Sports Day, Miss Woods had Y6 Key workers and Mrs Balchin had Year 2 Key workers and we all had a great time, but it was definitely not the same as our traditional Sports Day, and there were no teacher races like there usually are! (Who can remember Miss Woods and I smashing it in the three-legged race?! And who could forget Mr Homer and Mrs Ward getting in a tangle and falling over 3 times!) 


We hope that you're still finding ways to have fun at home and I cannot stress enough how much we still want to hear from you at lookatthiswork@gmail.com Even though we won't be together to end the school year, we still miss you so please stay connected with us. 


That's all for now. Enjoy the home learning this week, stay happy and safe.

Miss Fretwell, Miss Woods, Mrs Balchin and Miss Quarmby xxx

English Task 1

For this task you can begin by watching the first part of the story of 'Cicada' by Shaun Tan. It is a little bit sad, but remember, this is only the first part not the full story! 
The full details of the task can be found in the document below. 

Cicada Part 1

Still image for this video

English Task 2

For this task, you can watch the full story of Cicada and then you will be asked to think about whether or not you think it was right that he was fired!

The task instructions are in the document below. Tok! Tok! Tok!

Cicada by Shaun Tan

Brendan Brumby narrates the audio book version of the children's classic "Cicada", featuring over dozen talented voices.

English Task 3

For this task you will be thinking about what Shaun Tan might have wanted the story of Cicada to mean. You will also be asked to use your imagination to write your own version of the story!
You can watch Shaun Tan talk about the book in the video below and full task instructions are in the following document. 

Shaun Tan on the mystery of CICADA

Shaun Tan explores the mystery behind his new book CICADA as well as the resonance the story has for him. Music: Yesterday On Repeat by Vexento https://sound...

Topic Tasks Week Beginning 29.06.20

Hi Year 5 and 6. I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the sunshine last week. This weeks topic tasks are our second and probably final week on geography for this year. Our tasks this week consist of looking at human and physical features in Nottingham, looking at where the river flows that also flows through Nottingham and finishing off with the stages of a river diagram with all the key vocabulary. 

Missing you all,

Miss Quarmby

Anyone for Science?


For the budding scientists among you. I've found some lovely websites with on-line Science learning that's worth a look.  These range from on-line free resources, interactive resources, games, investigation ideas and prompts, interesting reading material and interviews with scientists.  The topics covered include all the ones we do in school plus many more....so have a look and see if anything takes your interest.  Create a mini project for yourself or just try a one-off.  


Anyone can be a SCIENTIST!


Whizz, Pop Bang .com

Crickweb - KS2 Science

Science Games PBS Kids

WOW Science

Sheppard Software

Science Games for Kids - Turtle Diary




Year 5 and 6 Spellings for w/b 29th June.


Some more spellings from our Y5 and 6 spelling lists.  Hope some of you are still practising these. What amazing spellers and writers you will be!  This week we look at words ending in 'able' and 'ible'  Good Luck!


changeable     noticeable      forcible     legible    dependable    comfortable     understandable     reasonable     enjoyable    






If you want to know 'what on earth' I am doing in this picture then head over to the 'Sports Page' https://hollyhillschool.co.uk/sports-page/ to watch some embarrassing videos for you to join in for the VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY!!


Good luck, and remember to send in your photos or videos!

Mrs Fisher xx


Y5 Keyworkers Obstacle Course

Y6 keyworker skipping race

Still image for this video

Y6 Keyworker egg and spoon race

Still image for this video

Y6 Keyworker sprint

Still image for this video

Y5 Keyworker sack race

Still image for this video

Y5 keyworker sack race

Still image for this video

Y5 keyworker egg and spoon

Still image for this video

Y5 vs y6 sprint

Still image for this video

This Thursday should have been our annual Sports Day!

Unfortunately this will not be happening as we normally know it, but keep an eye on the 'Sports Page' or your 'Distance Learning pages' for Holly Hill's attempt at a 'Virtual Sports Day'!!

Home Learning: Week Beginning 22.06.20

Hi Owls, Swans and Falcons! I hope you're all still managing to complete some of your home learning and are managing to stay happy and busy at home. Remember, if you're finding something tricky, your teacher is only an e-mail away to help you.


Year 6, don't forget that there are lots of great transition activities on the Year 6 page of the school website. These will help you to feel ready to make your move to Selston High in September! We would usually do these activities together in school but it would be just as nice for you to chat to your family about the activities. If you have any worries or questions to ask about anything to do with transition, you can e-mail your teacher on lookatthiswork@gmail.com and we can talk it through. 


Keep smiling, keep working hard and we hope to see your faces sending pictures to the g-mail. 


Miss Fretwell, Miss Woods, Mrs Balchin and Miss Quarmby xxx

English Task 1

This week we continue the stories by Shaun Tan. I am so glad to hear emails from you about how you are enjoying his books! His next book that we will look at is called 'Cicada'. (it's pronounced sick-ah-da)

This first task involves some research into what exactly a cicada is! You can find the full instructions in the document below.

English Task 2

Who knew cicadas were such interesting insects? For this task, you will be using your research on cicadas to make predictions about what Shaun Tan will have written in the story. There is also a little haiku throwback!



English Task 3

Having an insect working in a human office might not be all plain sailing. For this task you will need to consider how different people might think and feel about working with someone who is so different to them.


Cicada by Shaun Tan

When you have completed the tasks for this week, enjoy watching the full story of 'Cicada' by Shaun Tan.

Topic Activities Week Beginning 22.06.2020

This week we are going back to some geography activities and will be practising our map reading skills. There are lots of quizzes for you to complete to test your knowledge at the beginning of the task and then again at the end to see how much you have learnt. Do you know the countries in Europe? Can you locate and name the counties and cities in England?


Have a go and test yourself with the quizzes!


Hi Year 5 and 6!

Have you seen the WWF Planet website?

You can find out about and explore habitats all over the world!

What animals live in the frozen worlds, forests, jungles, grasslands, fresh water, coastal seas and the high seas?

What is it like there?

What can you do to help our planet?


Have a look and see what you can learn about our amazing world. 

Miss Quarmby x

Swan Class - Peggy the Penguin Update!


Hey Swannies, 


Our Peggy soft toy has been hard at work with my Year 5 Key Worker bubble at school, and it looks like actual Peggy has been very busy too! I've attached some Penguin activities and information for you to have a little look at including an interview with a penguin scientist, as well as some Peggy pictures! 








Miss Fretwell xx 

Home Learning: Week Beginning 15.06.20

Hi Year 5/6! I hope you're all ok and are happy that we saw a little bit of sunshine this weekend! We saw lots of lovely work sent to lookatthiswork@gmail.com this week, particularly lots of English work about Eric! We are a few weeks into our Summer term now, so hopefully you will still be trying to complete as much of the Home Learning as you can. Remember, if you're finding something tricky, your teacher is only an e-mail away to help you. 


You also have something new to do this week, which is called 'Highlight of the Week!'. The challenge is to take a picture capturing your favourite moment of the week, and e-mail it to us! For example, this could be something that you baked, a piece of fun work you enjoyed doing, going for a walk in the park with a pet or enjoying the sunshine in the garden! Send your entries to lookatthiswork@gmail.com We can't wait to see!


Even though your learning at home continues, we continue to miss you and think about you all the time. Our school just isn't the same without all of your wonderful faces in it. Keep up all of the hard work, try to complete as many tasks as you can and enjoy what will hopefully be a sunshine-filled week. 


Miss Fretwell, Miss Woods, Mrs Balchin and Miss Quarmby xxx

English Task 1

This week we will be looking at some other short stories from our class book: Tales From Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan.

The story for this task is called ‘Alert but not alarmed’.

You can find the full story and the task instructions below.


English Task 2

This week we will be looking at some other short stories from our class book: Tales From Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan.

The story for this task is called ‘Broken Toys’.
You can read the opening paragraphs and find the full instructions for the task below.  

Adverbs and adverbials | English - Grammar for 11-14-year-olds

Suitable for teaching 11-14s. Farmer Frank gets to grips with adverbs and adverbials. Subscribe for more English clips from BBC Teach on Tuesdays when we hav...

English Task 3

This task will continue with the story 'Broken Toys' by Shaun tan.

Find out what the diver is doing wandering around the suburbs by reading the story and then following the instructions in the documents below. 


Maths Tasks 1, 2 & 3
Fluency Starters

Year 5 Maths Tasks 1, 2 & 3

Year 6 Maths Tasks 1, 2 & 3

Topic - Science


Last week we investigated the reproduction of plants.  How do plants reproduce?  Do they all reproduce in the same way?  Talk to your adult about what you found out last week.  


Hopefully some of you were able to start your own reproduction of plants - perhaps by planting bulbs, seedlings, taking cuttings or by planting seeds.  If you have we'd really love to see these as they grow.  send your pictures to 



This week we are continuing to learn about the reproduction and classification of plants.

Baby Quiz Answers Revealed!!!

Well Done to everyone who had a go

Have a look to see if you were right.

If you didn't see it before half term try and guess before you move onto the answer.

Home Learning: Week Beginning 08.06.20

Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully you managed to have a lovely weekend despite the rain! We have loved seeing your work being sent through on the e-mail. Please keep sending us what you've been up to, we love reading your e-mails and even though all of us are in school teaching now, we will reply to every e-mail on a Friday. 



Don't forget, if you have been allocated a place in school this week, please do not complete the English and Maths tasks, as we will be doing these in school. 


Keep up the hard work, we all miss you lots and can't wait to see what wonderful things you get up to this week. Keep smiling and cross your fingers that the sunshine comes back to see us. 

From Miss Woods, Miss Fretwell, Mrs Balchin and Miss Quarmby xxx


P.S Don't forget to try Mrs Parrwoods Baby Quiz- scroll down to find it! I tried it and it was so much fun. She would love to see your guesses sent to the e-mail.

Morning Starter: How many words can you find hidden in the grids below?

English Task 1

In this task, we will continue to use the story of Eric to help with some Grammar revision on modal verbs. The videos below should help refresh your memory for completing the task.

The Modal Verb Song

Anchor Creative Education brings you its up-temp, pop song all about MODAL VERBS. This song is an ideal resource for all of key stage 2 to sing along with in...

English Task 2 

In this task you will be imagining what kind of curious and strange questions Eric might be asking. You will then be using your writing skills to put these into direct speech

There are weblinks  to help you and full instructions/examples in the task document below. 

English Task 3

I saw some fantastic book covers last week and wished that I could open up the books to read the stories! With that in mind, this task gives you the chance to create your own story involving Eric! It can be as adventurous/ cute/strange as you like- it just has to be interesting! 

I also really like the idea of creating an Eric cut out or model to take pictures of to go along with the story! See the full instructions and my example in the document below. 

Eric by Shaun Tan

You do not have to make a video like this one, but I thought you might be inspired by seeing how effective a little model of Eric could be around your home!

Year 5 Maths Task 1
Year 6 Task 1
Year 5 Task 2 
Year 6 Task 2
Year 5 Task 3
Year 6 Task 3

Year 5 and 6 Topic


We're back on Science again this week with our topic this half term of 


Living Things and their Habitats (Plants)


Quick questions

How do you know plants are living?

What conditions do plants need to stay alive?


We know that humans and animals have off-spring which grow into adults.

Some of these are born live  (baby - adult         kitten - cat) and grow to adulthood.

In other animals  (chickens,  snakes) they lay eggs that hatch into their young which then also grow into adults!


But what about plants?

How do they reproduce?


Talk about your ideas with your adult before you try the three tasks below. 



How do they re

Calling all Year 5 and 6 Spelling Experts


Here are your next set of words.  Happy Learning!


considerable     considerable     considerably     consideration 

tolerate     tolerable     tolerably     toleration  

Home Learning: Week Beginning 01.06.2020

If you have been allocated a keyworker place and are coming to school this week  then please do not complete the English and Maths tasks at home, as you will be doing these in school. smiley

If you are continuing to learn from home, then you can keep doing the tasks posted here on whichever day you like! laugh

You can still ask questions, send work and keep in touch via the usual email address:

Your teachers are all working in school everyday starting this week, so will make sure to respond to any messages on a Friday. 
We are still thinking about you and missing you all the time. We are looking forward to the day when it will be safe enough to have you all back together!
Miss Woods, Miss Fretwell, Mrs Balchin and Mrs Quarmby


English Task 1

If you haven't finished hearing the end of Kensuke's Kingdom, then make sure to scroll down to watch chapter 10 and find out what happens!
This week we begin a new class book: Tales From Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan. Full task instructions can be found in the document below.


English Task 1 01.06.20

English Task 2

The first story in this book that we will look at is called 'Eric'. You can find the full instructions for the task in the document below. Read the text first, then look at the pictures, so you can see what a difference the illustrations make!

English Task 2 01.06.2020

English Task 3

In the instructions for this task, you will sharpen up your inference skills by hunting for clues in the text about the different characters. The full task instructions are in the document below.

English Task 3 01.06.20

Topic Tasks 01.06.20

This week, we want you to focus on your French skills. There are three tasks for you to complete as well as the Duolingo website/app where you can challenge yourself.


Task One

Watch this video and write down all the items of clothing you see and their name in French.



Now use Duolingo translate to ensure you know their names in English. Don't forget to write whether it is masculine or feminine (un or une).



Finally, complete this activity. Can you work out the names of all the items of clothing and match them up?

Task Two

Watch this video. Can you use the information in it to write a question for someone?

Animals in French: As-tu un animal?

Now try writing a response. 

You can use Duolingo to check your question and response. 

Try having a short conversation with someone!


After you have learnt the names of some animals, have a go at this activity.

Task Three

When something is described in French, it is different to English. For example, we would say, "A brown horse". In French, it would be, "Un cheval noir".  The colour goes after the animal instead of before.

Watch this video to find out more:



Now try this activity:

Half Term: Week Beginning 25.05.2020

 This week is half term, so there will be no home learning tasks for you to complete! All you need to focus on is staying safe and having a well-earned rest (that goes for all your parent-teachers too!).

If you haven't already, you should have a go at the teacher baby picture quiz... we're all on there... some of us have changed more than others! Keep checking back here, as the final chapter of Kensuke's Kingdom will be uploaded purely for your enjoyment and you can still contact us via lookatthiswork@gmail.com. 

Have a happy half term!

Miss Woods, Miss Fretwell, Mrs Balchin and Miss Quarmby



Kensuke's Kingdom Final Chapter!

These last videos will take you to the end of Kensuke's Kingdom. The chapter is call 'Killer Men Come'. Will the killer men harm anyone on the island? Will Michael ever see his parents again? Will Kensuke return to Japan? Find it all out here!


Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 10 Part 1

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 10 Part 2

Hope you are enjoying the Baby quiz, there have been some fabulous guesses already.

Just wanted to let you know i will reveal the answers after half term so you have a few weeks to get your guesses in.

Keep smiling 

XX Mrs Parrwood XX

Hi everyone.


Here's a fun quiz for you to have a go at. Post your answers on lookatthiswork@gmail.com and those with the most correct will get a certificate when we are all back together again at school.

Have fun 

From Mrs Parrwood

Home Learning: Week Beginning 18.05.2020!

We hope that you are all continuing to enjoy your home learning. Last week we saw some fantastic examples of the set work ( I think Kensuke would be proud of his biographies)  mixed in with some of you who just went with your own interests. Some examples include a report on tadpoles, detailed research on Codnor castle and an alternative ending to  Boy in The Tower! I also chatted with another pupil who is mastering telling the time and others who are being the teachers for their younger siblings! We can't wait to see what this next week will bring, as there are so many different ways you are learning from home.
We are especially looking forward to hearing the music you create- scroll down to see how! Don't forget to send it in to us via the email address:


Your teacher will always read your message and always send you a personal reply, so you can also use this address to ask for help with any of the work, or even have a quick catch up!

If you are running low on paper, exercise books are still available to be collected from the school gates on any day that it isn't raining!

Stay safe, stay active and stay in touch,
Miss Woods, Miss Fretwell, Mrs Balchin and Miss Quarmby

If you're worried about how your little one is feeling during their time at home, Young Minds have published some conversation starters to check-in on them x

Or if you'd prefer, talk about which Inside Out character you're feeling like this morning and have a chat about why!

English Week 5 Task 1
This week we will continuing with the story of Kensuke's Kingdom as we begin the penultimate (second to last) chapter! Before listening to the start of chapter 9, complete the SPAG task below.



Now use the questions below to practise using dashes. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them, or use them in powerpoint format. When you have finished, you can mark your answers and watch the start of chapter 9,

Task 1: Dashes

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 9 Part 1

English Week 5 Task 2
Begin by watching the second part of chapter 9 of Kensuke's Kingdom. 

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 9 Part 2

In this chapter, Kensuke and Michael work all night to save the baby turtles. Your task involves watching the clip of other baby animals below and then answering the comprehension questions.

Cutest Baby Animals From Our Planet 🐾 | Netflix

I can't handle the cuteness! Two and a half of the sweetest minutes featuring polar bears, wild dog puppies, seal pups, flamingo chicks, elephants and horses...

1) What do you think the word ‘rowdy’ means?
2) What does the phrase ‘try out’ tell you about the wildebeest calves?
3) What do you think the word ‘traverses’ means?
4) What does the word ‘chick’ tell you about the albatross?
5) What do you think it means to ‘learn the way of the herd’?
6) Can you think of a synonym and antonym for the word ‘wait’?
7) Pounce is a synonym for what?
8) What do you think the word ‘rinse’ means?
9) Horseplay is a noun used to describe a certain type of behaviour. What behaviour do you think it describes?
10) What do you think the phrase ‘a free ride’ means?
11) Choose one word (other than cute) to summarise this clip. Explain your choice.

English Week 5 Task 3
Throughout chapter 9, Kensuke is unsure about whether he should stay living on his island, or whether he should return to Japan to see what Nagasaki is like after the atomic bomb many years ago.
What do you think is the right decision for Kensuke?

There are lots of reasons why you could choose either. You may want to re-watch some of the chapter to give you ideas. 
Your task is to write an argument for what you think Kensuke should do.

- You should include a minimum of 3 reasons for your opinion.

- Use formal language

- Use a range of punctuation - how about dashes from task 1?

- A good writer will back up their ideas with evidence from the story.

- An excellent writer (particularly Y6) will remember to P.E.E.: make a point; back it up with evidence; explain what that means.
Have a look at my examples below to get you started. 

If you'd like something creative to do whilst you're having a bit of down time, I know how much Swan class loved using drumbit.app to compose their own music. Choose an emotion (joy, fear, sadness etc) and try to compose a piece of music which portrays your emotion! Save your compositions and e-mail them to lookatthiswork@gmail.com

Topic Activities - Week Beginning 18.05.20

Watch this short video...

UK: Pokémon Journeys: The Series | First Look

You may have seen this lots on the television before, but did you know it originates in Japan?

This week, for your topic, you will learn how to draw Manga characters! 


Manga (漫画, manga) are comics or graphic novels created in Japan or using the Japanese language and conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. They have a long and complex prehistory in earlier Japanese art. The term manga is used in Japan to refer to both comics and cartooning. Outside Japan, the word is used to refer to comics originally published in Japan.


In Japan, people of all ages read manga. The medium includes works in a broad range of genres: actionadventurecomedydetectivedramahistoricalhorrormysteryromancescience fiction and fantasysports and games, and suspense, among others. Many manga are translated into other languages.

Task One - Here are two videos which show you how to draw a male or a female Manga character. You can pick which you would like to do or have a go at both.

Be sure to look carefully at the techniques that are used.

How to draw a male Manga character

How to draw a Manga girl

Task Two

Do you know of any other Japanese artwork which is famous?

Where have you seen this picture before?

Hokusai’s Great Wave

Yes, you've guessed it...Kensuke's Kingdom!

Have a go at drawing and painting your own.

This video shows you how to draw it and how to use felt tips to create a wash if you haven’t got paints.

This video shows you how to draw it and use paints to create the wave.

Task Three

How about trying your hand at a bit of Origami?

Origami is the art of folding paper to create things and is associated with Japanese culture.

Here are some videos to show you how to create some. Have a go!



As always, we love seeing all your creations! Please keep sending them in to us.


Well done to all of you who are keeping up with the Year 5 and 6 spellings.....you really will be spelling experts after this.  Remember to practise using the strategies we use at school including look, cover, write, check and writing the words in pyramids to help you remember those patterns.   


Words for this week.....


obedient     obedience     independent     independence     adorable     adorably     adoration     applicable     applicably     application


Remember to ask someone to test you at the end of the week if you can.



On-Line Gaming





Over the last few weeks we have been thinking about on-line safely.  How can you be safe on-line?  Which websites are safe to visit and which might not be?  Which social networks do you belong to?  Do you know of others?  Why do people belong to different on-line groups/chats?  What would you do if you saw something that you knew was wrong or that scared you?


This week we are thinking about On-line Gaming.

Look at the numbers below.  How many people in the world do you think play games online regularly?



Jigsaw states that the number of on-line gamers in the world is 1.2 billion.  Do you think this is a lot?  Is the number more or less than you thought?  


What is it about playing games on-line that attracts so many people?

What is positive about on-line gaming?


Talk to your adult.  What are the positives of on-line gaming and what are the negatives?


Some of the positives might be......You can play with your friends

                                       You can be creative


Some of the negatives might be.....Someone might be pretending to be younger then they actually are

                                       Someone might be asking for your personal information


Read the scenario below and talk about what's happened.

What did Mia do which she shouldn't have?

What should she have done as soon as she saw something that she wasn't happy with?

How did this affect Mia later on?

Was Mia responsible for her actions?


How do you feel about the player GR8?

Were they being responsible? kind? friendly?

Why do you think they were being nasty on-line?


Jigsaw states that.....




Choose a game that you like to play on-line.  Design a really cool poster for it.  On your poster include what is great about your game, who might like to play it and what you have to do.  Think about what other information might be useful to include on the poster.  Send picture to lookatthiswork@gmail.com








Hi everyone!

I hope you've been enjoying the sunshine this week.  I have been finding sticks and leaves everywhere in the garden and out and about on our walks in the sun so it gave me an idea for a challenge this week.  Here goes:




Build something, make a picture or a sculpture, make them into a stick family, build a fairy den or teepee, use them for counting or measuring, decorate them in your own way - or leave them on the tree and decorate the whole tree!

Here are some ideas to get you going - and don't forget to email photos of your creations!  We can't wait to see them!

Mrs K


And if it's raining... have a go at this:



Home Learning: Week Beginning 11.05.2020

This week is week 4 of online home learning! Sometimes it feels like time is crawling and other times it feels like it's flying...what do you think? What I do know is that every time you get in contact with your teachers, whether it's about work or not, it helps us feel happier and more connected- I hope that our replies help you feel the same way!

We like seeing work, but really we just want to know how you are doing, so don't forget to send any pictures, documents or messages to


Your teacher will always read your message and always send you a personal reply, so you can also use this address to ask for help with any of the work, or even have a quick catch up!

If you are running low on paper, exercise books are still available to be collected from the school gates on any day that it isn't raining!

Stay safe, stay active and stay in touch,
Miss Woods, Miss Fretwell, Mrs Balchin and Miss Quarmby

Dear Year 6

Still image for this video

Morning Meetings

English Week 4 Task 1
This week we will look at chapter 8 and learn the whole truth of Kensuke's life story. ?In the first part of chapter 8, posted last week, we learnt that Kensuke had been a doctor during World War 2. 

When he tells his story, Kensuke's English is good, but not perfect. Your task is to re-write the first part of Kensuke's story into a biography using full, formal sentences.
Take each part of Kenuke's tale and extend it using the following:
-third person
-interesting sentence starters
-powerful vocabulary
-a range of punctuation . , ( ) : ; -
Here is my example to start you off...

English Week 4 Task 2
In part 1 of chapter 8 we learnt that Kensuke had been a doctor during World War 2 and that his home town of Nagasaki was hit with an atomic bomb.
Your task is to understand more about what happened to Japan at the end of World War 2 and to Kensuke's home. To do so, you will need to read the Newsround report by clicking the link and then answer the questions below. 
(It might be a good idea to copy down the questions first, then you won't need to keep flicking between pages on your computer!)



1) What is the name of the ocean surrounding Japan?

2) What was the name of the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima?
3) How many were initially killed by the blast?
4) How many days after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima was another dropped on Nagasaki?
5) 'the city was struck by a flash of blinding light'. What does the word 'flash' tell you about the explosion?
6) Why was the atomic bomb so much worse than 'a normal bomb'?

7) Why did America have such bad feeling towards Japanese soldiers?

8) Find and copy a group of words that suggests scientists were not eager to use the atomic bombs.

When you have finished,  mark your answers and listen to the next section of the story. 

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 8 Part 2

English Week 4 Task 3

Start off by listening to the final part of Chapter 8. 

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 8 Part 3

In this section, Michael is reminded of home and decides to write a message in a bottle to his parents. Your task is to write your own version of the message in a bottle (as Michael) using what we know from the story so far. 
You will need to split your message into the following sections.
Section 1- greetings to your parents 
Section 2- What happened to you
Section 3- How you are doing/surviving now
Section 4- What you want/hope will happen next
You can read my example below to get you started. 


Maths Tasks

Topic Week 4 - Geography

Last week we saw some fantastic work on earthquakes, tsunamis and The Ring of Fire. You may have now realised that Japan is a country that experiences these natural disasters regularly because of it being on The Ring of Fire. Some of you were far more creative than me and created a video to show where the Ring of Fire was on a globe, along with some fitting music! Great idea! You also sent us some detailed and well presented posters and Power Points. The volcanoes activity meant that you now know where the major volcanoes are located and hopefully you found out about Mount Fuji, located in Japan. We were very impressed with all your work. Please keep sending us photographs and videos of yourselves. 


Here are this weeks Geography activities:


Task 1 - Explain how the water cycle works.


What do you already know?

Watch these videos about the water cycle. Makes notes about what you find out.

You might even be able to find some more information using the internet.


Here are some games you might like to play.


Task - Now using what you know, can you draw a diagram which shows how it works with an explanation for each stage? Tip – If you search ‘Water cycle diagram’ on the internet, it will give you some ideas for your own.

Geography Challenges!

This week's Spellings w/b 11th May 


innocent     innocence     decent    decency      frequent     frequency     

confident     confidence     confidential


Remember you can use any of the strategies that we use at school.

Try one that you haven't used yet.  

Teach someone at home your strategy.

Ask someone to test you. 









This week's Jigsaw carries on from what you were looking at last - thinking about whether or not you think certain on-line activities are safe or not-safe.  Hopefully you've had the chance to talk about some of these ideas with someone at home.  Some of you also may have also completed your family 'Safe on-line list of Rules'.


This week we're thinking about Social Networks and the effects of belonging to them!


With your family list as many social networks or on-line communities that you can think of.  

(Just to give you an idea...I'm on the Year 5/6 online chat.  Mr B is on the Gardener's World Group - as gardening is his best thing ever!!!)


Do you know a lot of them?  Are you surprised by how many you know or don't know?



Most people join groups or chats on-line where they have common interests or perhaps if they want to find things out. People also like to feel part of a group - they want to connect and belong to groups in society.  So it is natural that some of us want to join social media for this purpose.


Look at the slides below showing different on-line communities.  (THESE ARE ALL FAKE)

If they WERE real....which would you like to join?  Discuss your reasons with someone at home.  Give reasons to explain your choices.


For each one answer/talk about the following questions:-


Who would this group attract?

Why would someone want to join?

Are there any risks of being part of this group?

What rights and responsibilities should we think about here?


# Fanzone

An on-line chat group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Group chats about latest sporting action.  36,943 members.



An on-line forum on instagram for sharing photographs and private messages for 10-18 year olds.  1,234 members.



You can join our snapkidz group if you are in our class.  10 members.


#Hate you Community

An on-line chat group.  If you hate the community where you live then join our chat forum to make it CHANGE. 10,345 members.


#Sing Star Factor

A group chat on instagram. Share your performances on mp3 or video.  12,845 members


#Love to Zing

An on-line group for local kids and teenagers who enjoy performing.  We meet every Sunday at the community centre. Come join us.   56 members.


#LoL Funny Vids

An internet site for sharing and making comments on hilarious video clips from around the world. 2,345,678 members.


Being part of any on-line chat or forum means you have to display a range of responsibilities to each other.   

With your family discuss what some of these might be.....here are a few to get you going.


Respect other people's views and ideas...even if you don't agree.

Never respond if it is to be unkind.

Always tell an adult if you see something that you know is not right or if you are unsure.


Can you think of any more......










Wonderful Wildlife

I am really enjoying my daily walks and this week I saw the most amazing pond full of tadpoles. There must have been literally thousands of them! I also managed to see one full-grown frog, but I shall be definitely heading back to this spot to see how the tadpoles are changing.
Maybe you will want to hunt for some yourself, or do a little bit of research into their life cycle... some of the inbetween stages start to look pretty weird!
Miss W x

Wow Owls...we've had a great week this week and a busy one! Lots of you have been busy making bunting and decorating your houses. I hope you all had a great VE day.  Some of you have sent Miss Fretwell photographs of you 'reading in a random place'.  Some of you have had a go at Mrs K's art and I was happy to see some of you sending in your Maths, English and Topic again.  I hope you have also been spending time outside enjoying the beautiful weather that we've had.  


Take a look at the little video for Year 6 which is at the top of this page.  It's Lovely!  It made me cry (a bit)

Keep sending your photographs and work.  I love it when an Owl e-mail pings up.


Have a good week

Mrs B x

Home Learning: Week Beginning 04.05.2020

The work you sent in last week  has continued to impress us and it is truly wonderful to see some of your excellent attitudes to working from home. Take a scroll down the page to see some of the pictures! There has even been some work sent in that wasn't set by the teachers, but where you just went with your interests- now that demonstrates a real love of learning! 

This week, you have a brand new selection of tasks, as well as a challenge set by Miss Fretwell!

We can't wait to see what things you are going to get up to this week, so don't forget to send any pictures, documents or messages to


Your teacher will always read your message and always send you a personal reply, so you can also use this address to ask for help with any of the work, or even have a quick catch up!

Stay safe, stay active and stay in touch,
Miss Woods, Miss Fretwell, Mrs Balchin and Miss Quarmby


Boy in The Tower - Penultimate Chapter!

Still image for this video

Lots of people have been caught reading in great places so far! Keep them coming!! X

Holly Hill Archives Question 9

Dance for VE Day!

Mrs Tompkins had entered Holly Hill into the English Heritage Dance for VE day competition...and we only went and won! 

The English Heritage was going to send 1940s-style dancers across the country 75 years after peace in Europe was first celebrated. Unfortunately this is unable to happen but they have arranged this instead...


English Heritage’s VE Day Commemorations on Friday 8th May!

Join in on Facebook or Twitter

12PM: Lindy Hop Dance Tutorial with Nancy Hitzig

3PM: Nation’s Toast

5PM: Dance for VE Day with Lindy Hop Dance Troupe and Band


Hope you're able to join in with the VE Day celebrations in any way that you can. I've also put some activities on the Distance Learning Page - general ideas and websites.


Mrs Tompkins x x 



Extra Challenge: Get caught reading! 


Can you remember on World Book Day, Mrs Watson showed you a picture of lots of teachers reading in creative places? Now it's your turn! Send a picture to lookatthiswork@gmail.com with 'Miss Fretwell' in the subject box with a picture of you at home reading in the most creative place you can think of, and I'll edit them into a big collage for you all to see! 

This was mine from World Book Day in Manchester Train Station- stay tuned for my picture at home!

Morning Meetings

Unlock your imagination and kick start your morning with a fun starter for each day of the week. Last week I told you my answers, but this week it's your turn to tell me! E-mail lookatthiswork@gmail.com and put 'Miss Fretwell' in the subject box so I can see what you come up with!

English Week 3 Task 1

In the second half of chapter 7, Michael describes life in the cave with Kensuke. He also describes how Kensuke makes his own paintbrushes.

Your task is to write a set of instructions for how to make your own Kensuke paintbrush. As you listen to the next part of the chapter, be ready to pause and make notes on exactly how Kensuke does it (look out for page 109-110). 

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 7 part 2

Below I have given an example of how to start off the instructions. Each point should begin with a fronted adverbial (when / where / how) and  include detail from the text.
English Week 3 Task 2
Your task today is going to involve a little bit of grammar revision. We are going to use the events from chapter 7 to practise the active and passive voice.  
Here are some songs and videos we have used in class to refresh your memory about the difference between active voice and passive voice

The Active and Passive Voice Rap

Here is our new song about active and passive voice. Active and passive voice is now part of the KS2 English curriculum and ,for most people , is a brand-new...

Passive Voice Song - Rockin' English

For ad-free videos and other content visit www.rockinenglishlessons.com Animated musical English lesson on active and passive voice. Sing along, learn Englis...

Now complete the table below, writing the sentence in either the active or passive voice. The first ones have been done for you. 
Active voice- the subject is doing something
Passive voice- something is happening to it (helper word = by)

English Week 3 Task 3
Next week we will look more closely at chapter 8 of Kensuke's Kingdom and find out the truth behind Kensuke's life story. Before we do that, Your task for today is to make some predictions based on what we already know about Kensuke. 
In Chapter 7, Michael asked himself the following questions about Kensuke: 


For each of Michael's questions, write your own prediction. Give reasons for your ideas using evidence from the text.

For Example:

1) I predict that Kensuke came to be on the island because.......... I think this because in the story.......

When you have finished, you can listen to the first part of chapter 8!

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 8 Part 1

Maths Tasks 1, 2 & 3

Geography Week Beginning 4th May 2020

Last week we saw some fabulous Science investigations carried out for your topic work. We have loved seeing these! This week you have been set three geography activities. These will help you learn more about what earthquakes and tsunamis are and what the Ring of Fire is and where it is located.  Finally, you will discover the names and locations of famous volcanoes across the globe. You might have even heard of some already!

(These tasks may take a while to complete so pick and choose which you would like to do. Please do not feel like you need to complete all of them, just do the ones you like the look of!)

Year 5/6 Spelling for week 3 w/b 3rd of May


We hope you're all remembering to spend a little time each week recapping the y5/6 spellings.  Use any of the strategies we use in class. Maybe you could ask someone to test you at the end of the week.  Some of you might have started a spelling journal where you're writing definitions, antonyms and synonyms too.  

 Here you go.....


tolerant     tolerance     toleration     substance     substantial     

assistant     assistance


This week's Year 5 and 6




On-line safety 


This week's Jigsaw has some really interesting ideas to get you talking as a family. It is all about getting you to think about what you're doing on-line.  Is everything we see on-line appropriate?  Is it safe for us? It's about us taking responsibility for ourselves and sometimes knowing that somethings may not be appropriate for us.  


Jigsaw states that you should...


understand belonging to an on-line community can have

positive and negative consequences.


Carry out this activity with your family.  Read the statements one by one. Talk about them and then place them under the following headings.


SAFE                                            NOT SAFE                                I'M NOT SURE




Did you all agree the same for each of the statements?  Have you had the chance to talk about your ideas?  At home and at school we want you to be safe on-line.  The internet is an amazing tool to use for all kinds of purposes but it is important that you are responsible when using it.



As a family come up with a set of 'Home Internet Rules' to help keep you safe on-line.  You might only have two or three but hopefully they will be specific to you and your family. Feel free to share them with us on the g-mail if you want to.








...and now a bit of Ancient Egypt

Tilly....this is for you!

Last week Tilly was learning about Ancient Egypt (just because she wanted to) and she challenged me to write my name in hieroglyphics...so here it is Tilly.  You'll have to check that it's correct! 




And now Year 5 and 6....We challenge YOU!!


Have a go at writing your name in hieroglyphics.  Don't forget to send a picture!

(From Mrs B and Tilly)



Hi everyone!  Hope you are all well this week and finding plenty to keep you busy!

Anyone fancy a fun art challenge?  


“Holly Hill Lockdown Masterpieces”


Lots of people around the world have been having a go at recreating famous works of art using anything (or anybody) they find around the house.  Some of the pictures you might find online are hilarious!  Let’s make our own Holly Hill Lockdown Masterpieces gallery.  Anyone can get involved in this – it’s for the grown-ups as well.  


Here are some works of art to have a go at – use them if you like – or if you find something else you like better – have a go at that (but if you email it to us, include a picture of the original work of art too!). Scroll down to the bottom for some examples from around the internet.  And don’t forget to email photos of your fun with your name and the title of the original work of art to lookatthiswork@gmail.com


We can’t wait to see your masterpieces!


Mrs K

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin.  


Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh


The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dalí


The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci



Banksy, Girl With Balloon, London



Kandinsky - Squares with concentric circles



Paul Klee:  Aroundfish


Pablo Picasso – Girl Before Mirror



Piet Mondrian – Broadway Boogie Woogie


Take a look at some examples of what other people have done and then have a go.  Use anything (or anybody) you can find around the house.  Be as crazy and inventive as you like.  BUT – don’t forget to take a photograph and email it with your name and the title of the original work of art to lookatthiswork@gmail.com


Here are some examples from the Getty Museum and Gallery original challenge:




Owl's Photos

Well done and Thank you to everyone who has sent photographs this week.  We had some really lovely 'Happy' photographs sent for Mrs Steed's weekend challenge.  We've had some interesting drawings of Kensuke's cave and some of you have really got involved in making parachutes and testing materials.   It looked like some of you were having a great time as well as learning about air resistance.  Thank you Tilly for sharing your yummy looking cheesecake with us and Samuel for your photographs of baking, creating rainbows for the NHS and playing battleships.  Remember I want to see everything that you're all up to and not just work.

Have a good week all, try to spend some time out doors, do something that makes you happy, keep in touch

Mrs B x


Another great week of work and play for the Fabulous Falcons! Keep sending in your pictures... perhaps you could be the first Falcon to send a picture of some Maths??

Emma's Parachute Investigation

Stanley's Kensuke's Kingdom cave

The years I have spent lay in peace on this deserted, scenic island. I am comfortable with my surroundings and now a washed up little urchin comes and messes everything up. 

How has he survived?

Why does he have a dog?

Why is he lighting fires?

What is he doing here?

A thousand thoughts enter my head and travel round at a steaming rate. Why can’t he just leave and get off this island. My island!

Stanley M

Swans are sending some amazing work this week! Please keep sending in pictures of what you've been up to, they make me smile so so much! It really helps us to stay feeling connected.

Parachute testing by Stanley!

Still image for this video

Parachute testing by Dalton!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Holly Hill Archives Question 5

Home Learning: Week Beginning 27.4.2020

A huge 'well done' and thank you to all the children who sent in their work last week- it was brilliant to see and to be able to share with each other. This week's distance learning is shaping up to be a pretty interesting one!

3 English Tasks- The story moves on as Michael plots his escape from the island and one of your tasks even includes an opportunity for some Art!


3 Maths Tasks- Between Fluent in 5, the daily lesson and  Problem of the Day there's plenty to keep your brain ticking!


3 Science Tasks- These tasks lead you through making and testing your own parachute. What/who will your parachute carry?


5 Morning Meetings- There's a reason to check in every day of the week and start each day with a smile!


Plus Jigsaw, spellings, and pictures of whatever else you have been doing! We love hearing it all, so send you work/pictures to lookatthiswork@gmail.com and you will always get a reply and chat from one of your teachers.


Stay safe, stay active and stay in touch,
Miss Woods, Miss Fretwell, Mrs Balchin and Miss Quarmby xx


English Week 2 Task 1

This week we will continue to read Kensuke's Kingdom and find out more about the mysterious character of Kensuke. 

Listen to the first part of chapter 6 and then complete the vocabulary task below. 

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 6 Part 1

Here is a list of some powerful vocabulary from this chapter:





Your task is to choose 3 words from the list and create a vocabulary map for each one. You have done these maps in class before, but I have put a picture below to help jog your memory. 

English Week 2 Task 2

Your task for today will sharpen up all those reading skills you were so good at before Easter. Listen/watch the chapter for today and then answer the questions below. 
Top Tips!
1) Look through the questions before you play the video so you know what to listen out for!

2) Skip back through the video to help with any questions you are stuck on- it's not a memory test!

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 6 Part 2

1) Why can't Michael light the beacon?

2) What is the name of Michael's hill?

3) What gave Michael the determination to escape?
4) Where was Michael when the boat arrived?

5) What did the old man do with Michael's fire glass?

6) Give 2 ways Michael disobeys the old man. 

English Week 2 Task 3

In this chapter, Michael wakes up from the jellyfish attack inside Kensuke's home. 

Your task is to use details from the text to draw the inside of Kensuke's home. You will need to listen out for shapes and styles, items in the room, where Michael and Kensuke are positioned etc.

A good idea would be to write a list of details to draw while you listen to the chapter.

An even better idea would be to label your drawing with quotes from the text- Year 6 in particular!


Your teachers will love seeing your finished drawings and sharing them here, so send pictures to lookatthiswork@gmail.com 

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 7 Part 1

Morning Meetings


Motivational MONDAY! 

Use this quote to inspire you to be the best you can be today 


Miss Fretwell x 


Talented TUESDAY! 

Write a list of 3 talents you have. Make a goal of one new talent you could learn whilst you are at home!  


Here’s mine:  

  1. Being kind

  2. Baking  

  3. Cooking  

My goal: To become a beginner at Yoga! 

I can’t wait to hear about your new talent. 

Miss Fretwell x  



What would you do if you... 

  1. Were size of a 1p coin? 

  2. Could time travel? 


Here’s mine:  

  1. I would hide in people’s pockets and listen to all of their secrets.  

  2. Travel back in time to when my mum was young, and see what she was like at school. 


Miss Fretwell x  


Thankful THURSDAY! 


What 2 things are you most thankful for? 


1. My family and friends 

2. Having my dream job 

Miss Fretwell x 



Forgetful FRIDAY! 


We can all be forgetful sometimes, but I want you to remember all the fun things you’ve done since being off school, so that you can tell me all about them. Start making a list this morning, and add to it every time you want to remember something you did.  


Here’s mine (so far):  

  1. Got a puppy 

  2. Went for lots of lovely walks.  

  3. Went into school to look after Key Worker children and had an amazing day with them. 

  4. Planned lots of fun work for us all to do when we are back at school together.  

Miss Fretwell x  

Please note - we are not in time with the White Rose Scheme of Home Learning. We are on Week 1 Lesson 4 now. Please follow along the sequence. Next will be Week 1 Lesson 5. Then, Week 2 Lesson 1. 


Topic - Science

Using the information from the slides and doing some of your own research you should have made notes on the following;-


Gravity     Friction     Air Resistance     Magnetism     Buoyancy


You might also have put your information onto a poster showing Key facts and vocabulary.


This week your topic tasks will be to investigate, plan, carry out and evaluate the making of a


Perfect Parachute!

Task 1 - Gain Knowledge, Collect Information, Plan your Investigation.

Watch BBC Bitesize clips on;-

Could you use an umbrella to parachute?   What is air resistance?  Experiments to test air resistance.   Wind resistance in cycling.    Watch the lesson on What is water and air resistance.   


You are now Air Resistance Experts!yes


Look at pictures of parachutes.

What are they used for?

What are they made of?

How do they 'drop', 'float', 'glide', 'move?'

What is their purpose?

How do you think their design helps their function?



What is the best material and shape to make a Parachute?


Success Criteria

Your Parachute has to bring a toy figure to the ground safely. (without a bump!)





On a piece of paper plan your investigation.  Your plan might look something like this.


My toy figure:                                              a Lego Man

What material will I use:                             paper, kitchen towel, thin plastic, cotton, viscose (blue dish cloth), tin                                                                          foil, bubble  wrap, sand paper 
What will I need to keep the same?           same lego man, same size of testing material, drop from same height
What will I need to change?                         ?????
What will I measure/observe/record?          ?????
How will I know which material is the best for my parachute?  What am I looking for?          ?????



Task 2 - Use the different materials to make a parachute/Record your Observations/Take Photos and videos of your falling Parachute.


Task 3 - Produce an Information board showing your results.


Could this include: -  

your photos?

your material samples?

any of your annotated sketches?

a table showing your results?   ie - 


Material Used Time Taken to fall from ............. Observation of parachute
thin plastic 7 seconds fell slowly, landed gently



Write a conclusion stating which was the best parachute/material for the job and give your reason why.


Challenge                           Go BIGGER

Can you create your Perfect Parachute to a much bigger scale?  (I bet you cant!!! smiley  Can you?)


Send your Pictures/Videos to lookatthiswork@gmail.com











We are now starting our Summer Term Jigsaw Theme which is going to be all about Relationships.  The first session looks at your relationship with yourself.  How do you see yourself?  How do you feel about yourself?


Today we're thinking about 



Think about this word.  Have you heard it before?  What does it mean?  Talk through your ideas.  Can you come up with a definition for the word.


Jigsaw says;

Self-esteem is how much YOU value YOURSELF!


Why is self-esteem important?


Jigsaw suggests;

people who have positive self-esteem

are more likely to value themselves and their achievements,

take better care of themselves, and make healthier and safer choices!


Think about /Talk to your adult

Make a list of things you can do to try and boost your own self esteem.  It might help if you think about last week's activity too!


I've thought about my own Self-Esteem Boost list:- (Mrs B)


Don't compare myself to other people.  I am me! 

I have qualities and strengths.

Think about things that make me happy.

Be positive

When things go wrong - pick myself up.  Keep going. Try again.

Spend time with people who make me happy.

Talk to someone  when I am worried, frightened, scared, unhappy.

Be kind to other people.


Make some post-it notes which you can write your ideas on.  Stick your ideas around the picture of yourself if you did it last week.  Keep adding to your post-its as you think of new ideas.    
















Year 5 and 6 spellings  - Week 2.


observant     observance     observation     expectant     expectation     hesitant     hesitancy     hesitation


EXTRA - add to your spelling journal.


Write an antonym for each word

Write a synonym for each word

Write a dictionary definition for words that you don't know.



Starting Monday 27.04.20

💙 Ready for a weekend challenge Holly Hill?


💙 We want to see your photos that represent the phrase “Happy is...”


💙 It can be something making you happy now or something you’re looking forward to post lock down. It could be something or someone that makes you happy, your favourite place that makes you happy or a sign explaining what makes you happy.


💙 You can be as creative as you like with your “Happy is...” photo, edit and add text if you want to


💙When it’s done, we want you to send it to us at lookatthiswork@gmail.com


💙We will then work our magic on it and see what we can create with everyone’s photos


💙The deadline for photos to be sent is midnight on Sunday!


💙By sending us your photo you are agreeing to us sharing it on the school website and social media


💙Ready, steady, go!!!!


Love Mrs Steed xxx

Home Learning: Week Beginning 20.04.2020

Can you believe that it has been a whole month since we were last at school together?  You have worked so hard this year becoming geniuses, that we don't want our brains to turn to total mush, but I think we have all discovered that working from home is not as easy as it seems! So, instead of giving you the same amount of work we would do at school, you are going to be given the following:

3 English tasks a week

3 Maths tasks a week

3 Topic tasks a week

Read, read, read! Whatever you like, as much as you like


You can choose to do these all at once, group them, or spread them out over the week- whatever works for you!


You can work from a computer, but if you would like a book to put your work in, you can collect one from the school gates on your daily walk.


Send a picture of your work to lookatthiswork@gmail.com and your delighted teacher will get back to you!


But remember to stay safe, stay active and keep in touch.
All the best,
Miss Woods, Miss Fretwell, Mrs Balchin and Miss Quarmby xx

Tom Carradine's V.E Day Sing Along!

Aimed at Primary School children, Tom will be doing a special 15 minute sing-a-long at 11am on Thursday 7th May on Tom's Youtube channel 



The songs he will be singing are linked here, so the children (or the whole family!) can practise them ready for the sing along.


I'll be there - will you? 




Miss Fretwell xx 

Hang in there x

Morning Check-In

Each morning, before you start any work, we'd like you to take 5 minutes to think about which emotion you are from Inside Out on that day. Take time to think about what's making you feel that particular way, maybe even write it down and share it with a family member (and ask them which emotion they are that day!) 

Maths Tasks 1, 2 & 3

Each Maths task includes a grid. Each grid has a variety of activities: 

1. A daily fluency challenge which re-cap arithmetic we've covered in class. 

2. A link to a website which contains a video to watch, which explains the task and demonstrates examples.

Then, a link containing questions on this subject. These questions can be done on paper, or an exercise book (as Mrs Steed said on the newsletter, these will be left on the school gate for you to take if you wish). 

The website also provides the answers

3. A reasoning problem. 


Website link (go to Week 1)



English Week 1 Task 1

In this task, we are going to jump back in to Kensuke's Kingdom and find out what has happened to Michael and Stella after they fell from the boat (Peggy Sue).

Watch me (Miss Woods) read the next part of the story to you and then complete the vocabulary task below. :)

Also, I'm sorry, but it took me a few chapters before I realised that I shouldn't be filming it in portrait mode frown

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 4 Part 1

Below is some vocabulary taken from the chapter you have just heard.
Your first job is to match up the word with the correct meaning. 

You can listen again to hear the context.
You can talk about it with a family member.
You can even look up the words in a dictionary, or on the internet!


Vocabulary Definition
inquisitive spread out thinly- a small number dotted about
impenetrable showing an interest in something- being curious
sparsely  being able to float in water
buoyancy sad sounding
plaintive impossible to break through


When you have matched up the words and definitions, write a sentence of your own for each of the words. Someone after a challenge could write a sentences linked to Kensuke's Kingdom!
Bonus Task!
In the chapter, Michael says his dad called gibbons 'funky gibbons'. Look up 'funky gibbon' on youtube.... why do you think his dad calls them this?

English Week 1 Task 2

In this chapter, Michael starts to realise that he is not alone on this island and that someone else is living there too. 

Do you think the other person on this island is going to be a friend? Or do you think they will be a foe (enemy)?

As you listen to the story make notes in a table of your ideas/reasons for whether or not you think this character is friendly.

Share your ideas with us at lookatthiswork@gmail.com and we can post them here


Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 4 part 2

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 4 Part 3

English Week 1 Task 3

This next chapter is called 'I, Kensuke' and we finally meet the character the book is named after. He wasn't quite what I was expecting and I'm interested to hear what you think of him. 

Listen to the first part of the chapter and then complete the task below. 

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 5 Part 1

Not the meeting I had in mind for Michael and Kensuke! What do you think Kensuke was thinking when he came down onto the beach to put out the fire? Why did he appear so angry with Michael? 

Your task is to write Kensuke's thoughts for this point in the story.
He might think about the following:
- Michael and Stella being washed up on his island
- deciding that he would secretly  feed them

- noticing Michael's fire

- putting out the fire on the beach

- asking Michael to stay on his own side of the island 

You can use my example below to start you off. I would really love to see some of your finished writing, so please send it to lookatthiswork@gmail.com for your teacher to read!

Bonus Material

To finish off the week you can listen to the end of chapter 5. No task necessary. 

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 5 Part 2

Here is a super example of English Task 3 written by Aidan. I just love the hint of darkness when he suggests he will have to dig!


Years, long years have I, Kensuke spent solo on this island, I have not been disturbed before. I saw the boy and I couldn't let him rot away in his dreams. My island, my paradise. I was kind enough to let him stay on my island, mine. No one makes fire on my island no one. How dare he? I had to put out the fire. I would be angry with him if he burnt my island down.I only have a limited food supply on my island. Now I can not let him starve on my island; if he dies it's on my watch, I will have to dig a... lets not go there. Long hours have I, Kensuke spent building this island, my island. I still do not know whether I can trust him, is he friend or foe? I suppose time will tell, if I have been foolish to help him and his dog.  

Here's another great example of English Task 3 from Henry. Can you spot the ed/ing/to? It makes me very proud to see you putting the things you have learnt into practise! And what about that final sentence for making the reader want to know more....


Exposed, I feel I, Kensuke the owner of this remote island am outraged. I barely have enough food to fill my own hunger. never mind another human being and his monkey-looking pet. And now he's going around lighting fires as if he owns the place. When I was shipwrecked, I had nothing and no one. How did this human get here anyway? But I have to feed him now because he's my responsibility. Little does he know that I have a secret about my past. 


Every week there will be a set of spellings for you to recap.  They are all taken from the Year 5 and 6 spelling lists and are the spelling patterns and rules that we have been learning this year. Practise these again so that you know them inside out.  Remember you can use any of the strategies that we use at school.   (Look, Cover, Write Check. Pyramids, colour coding to highlight parts of a word, draw a picture to help you remember etc)  If anyone is able to, ask them to test you on the words at the end of the week. 


Year 5 and 6 Spellings Week 1

vicious     conscious     delicious     malicious     suspicious     ambitious     cautious     fictitious     infectious     nutritious     precious    


EXTRA  - start a spelling journal

Write an antonym for each word.

Write a synonym for each word

Write the dictionary definition for words you are unsure of.

Science Week 1


We will be investigating Forces in Science and below are the first 3 tasks for you to complete.

On Monday afternoons we'll miss our 'JIGSAW' sessions.  Lots of you loved playing  the games.  You enjoyed listening for the chime in an attempt to calm down and focus ready for the lesson.  Well although we can't do the games and activities together for a while or close our eyes and focus on the chime you can still have a go at some of the weekly Jigsaw ideas which we'll be posting on here.  


Body Image


Jigsaw says...


"Body Image is how people feel about the

way they look and the way their 

body functions".


Think about / Talk to your adult


What do you understand about the term 'Body Image?'

What does 'normal' look like?

What would it be like if everyone looked the same?

If everyone is different why is it common to compare the way we look against other people?

Is this a fair thing to do to ourselves?

What are the consequences of comparing ourselves to others?

What happens in the media?

Why are images changed/photoshot/made to look better?

What affect might this have on us?

Could these images make people feel unhappy about the way they look? Why?




Get a piece of A4 paper and stick a picture or draw yourself in the centre.  Fill the page around you with positive comments, things that you love about yourself.  Nobody else matters.  It's all about you!











Another super Swan! Darcie has been working her socks off at home, these are just a few of the many photos that she sent in to show off her wonderful work. Keep it up Darcie! X

Boy in the Tower Part 5

Still image for this video



I am so excited every time a photo comes into the school g-mail.  I love seeing what you're all up to and by the looks of it some Owls have had a fab week.  We've had Tilly tie dying an old t-shirt (it looks amazing,) working on some science and writing poems, Konnor has baked some very yummy looking cookies (which I was assured were delicious), Kaiden finding out about and working on his Forces poster (I love it), George making a bird box with his dad, (yet to see any birds) and Jamie doing all sorts of things from walking with his brother to enjoying the lovely weather in his pool. We're also happy to see that isolated or not Isaac and his brother still have that brotherly love!!!  Whatever you're doing.... school work, something else of interest or just chilling out send in your photos so that all your friends can see what you're up to (and have a smile or two!)


Let's see what wonderful things you're up to next week Owls.......I cannot wait!


Have a great weekend.   Keep Busy.   Mrs B x


Send all work and photos to......................lookatthiswork@gmail.com

I love it when we find a book that you all love! Kian has been working on this wonderful 'Camberwell News'' article for his work on Boy in the Tower. Well done Kian!

Learning Skills for Life! Can I hire some of you to work on my garden?!?

Swans, I am loving the pictures of you learning from home with your pets! Keep sending them to the e-mail for me to see! Owl and Falcon, come on! I want to see you learning from home with your pets too! Miss Fretwell xx

Hello everyone it's Mrs K,

I'm busy at home making teddy bears this week as well as other things like trying to make memories, have fun and bake cakes for all 3 of my teenagers who have their birthdays this week and next.  They are all missing their friends though and have to put up with mum and dad and their own company for this time round!  


On Friday mornings in Owl class we usually have a lovely time (I'm missing Fridays!) with our art and craft projects so here's a little project which would be fun to do at home. It might help you relax and think about the time when you'll be able to see all your friends again.  

Think about who your friends are, what it is about your friendships that you value and what makes you happiest when you are with your friends.  Below is a link to a video that will show you step by step how to make a friendship band. You only need a few items which you might find at home (nothing special!) When we are back at school, even if we are at a distance, you can exchange friendship bands with your friends to show them you were thinking about them during 'lockdown 2020'.  Have a go!

Before you start you will need:

A piece of cardboard (cereal packet will do) cut into a circle, a pair of scissors, something to draw a straight line with and some wool, string, thread or ribbon.  This video will show you exactly what to do - click the link and away you go.  Have fun! 




Here's a picture of what you will be able to make:


Friendship band

Swan Class will know how much Miss Fretwell has been obsessed with dogs and has wanted one of her own. Well, yesterday it happened! You all love telling me about what your animals get up to in our Morning Check-in and I miss this lots. This is Ernie and I trying to work from home! Send me pictures of you and your animals learning from home together, and I can reply with more of my working from home pictures!

Morning Meeting & Check-In

Good morning Swan, Falcon and Owl!

This morning I'm feeling an 8/10, because I have some exciting news to share with you all on Monday, I have been for a lovely walk and filmed the next chapter of Boy in the Tower for you, but i'm struggling with bad hayfever today! How are you feeling this morning and why?

Fun Fact FRIDAY! 

Using a book or the internet, research a fun fact! It can be about anything you like. Write it down and keep it in a safe place ready to tell me when we are back together! 

Here’s mine: It is impossible for most people to lick their own elbow. (try it!) 

Miss Fretwell x 

Capital City Challenge!

I was inspired by Joe Wickes this morning (before you ask: 1. Yes, this is Miss Fretwell, I know you're not used to hearing me talking about exercise. 2. No, I've not been abducted by aliens and switched with an exercise-loving alien).

During his daily P.E lesson this morning, he gave a capital city quiz,and thought you'd like to give it a try! Can you research the capital cities of these countries and then draw their flag? Send your pictures to lookatthiswork@gmail.com


Spain, Sweden, France, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Croatia, Greece.


Still image for this video

Daily Mile - with a twist! 🌈

I’ve been thinking lots about how much I miss doing the Daily Mile with Swans, so this morning I went and did mine! It was actually 4 miles to be exact! Whilst I was out, I spotted some lovely rainbows. If you find any rainbows out on your one walk a day, send them to the email address for us to see!

Good News! 
While we have been off, Amellia’s dog (Waffle) has had some puppies! They are cockapoos, which is a cocker spaniel mixed with a poodle. Amellia tells me that they are very noisy in the house and that yesterday she saw one open its eyes for the very first time! What wonderful news!
Keep sharing your good news with us via the email address xx 

The Great Holly Hill Bake Off!

Evie T and Miss Fretwell have both been busy baking, so we thought we'd set you a challenge! Send a picture of you baking and your finished masterpiece to lookatthiswork@gmail.com for me to see!

Miss Fretwell, Miss Woods, Miss Mills and Mrs Aldred love their days at Holly Hill Childcare. But, we also miss everybody that we don't get to see. Stay connected with us and send us a picture of what you've been up to, or just write a message to us at lookatthiswork@gmail.com

Hi Everyone,

We've had another week at home.  I hope you're all making the most of it.  Hopefully some of you have been able to get out in the garden and entertain yourselves or maybe just enjoy the lovely weather.  I'm desperate to do some planting but cant get any plants!  

In the Balchin household we've been playing a family game of Monopoly - which we are now on Day 6 of!  I didn't think it would take this long!!  It's been lovely to come together for a few hours and actually have the time to do something as a family.  I think I may be out soon though as the boys are definitely in the lead! wink

We've also enjoyed watching some of the Disney films this week too!  

Owl Class don't forget you can post your photographs of what you've been up to or just drop us an email to tell us at: 



I'm looking forward to hearing about it.  Look out also for Miss Woods' 'Tidy a Room' challenge.....I think I might have a go at this too!!

Look out for the daily activities on our school website after Easter.... but we'll let you have a rest for now.

So all that's left for me to say is have a lovely Easter weekend.  Hope the weather is still nice and get those photographs coming in.

Happy Easter

Love from Mrs Balchin x

PS - Don't eat all the chocolate in one sitting will you!!


Terrific Topic Work!

Emma has sent in some fabulous pictures of her Tokyo leaflet and a Samurai warrior! I love seeing the results of some of the different types of work you have chosen to do! If you finished something weeks ago, or only started it now, you can still send in pictures to me at lookatthiswork@gmail.com. 

Hope you’re having a happy Easter! Miss Woods x

Terrific Topic Work!

Boy in The Tower Part 4

Still image for this video

Another amazing DIY project, this time from Super Swannie Dalton! If you've been up to something creative, e-mail me at lookatthiswork@gmail.com for me to see! Miss Fretwell x

Hi Falcons, Owls and Swans,

I hope you are all enjoying your time at home, doing lots of fun things with your families and keeping busy. I know I have been very busy with a toddler running around! There's never a dull moment! 


Here's a bit of a challenge for you...

What about doing some DT using recycled materials whilst at home?

Don't forget to do a design first so that you know what you need to collect and how you intend to do it.

Here are some ideas to get you started (search online for some pictures of these things or for other ideas):

  • Make a bird feeder from a plastic bottle or a milk carton - you could then do a bit of bird watching and find out what types of birds visit your garden,
  • Make a mini green house and grow some seeds - these could be flowers, vegetables (which you could try and grow, if you have an area in your garden) or some herbs to use in cooking,
  • Create something new from an old item of clothing - for example a bag,


I'm sure you will have some great ideas of your own and I would love to see some pictures of your creations so please send these in to our email address. Please don't go out and buy any materials. Use what you have at home or can find in your garden/on your exercise walk.


Have fun!

Stay home and stay safe,

Miss Quarmby x


From Tragic To Magic!

It’s not just children that need to tidy their rooms, teachers have to do it too! I hate putting my clothes away, but getting organised is definitely good for your mental health! Think you can make a more miraculous room makeover than mine below? I dare you to send the before and after pictures to lookatthiswork@gmail.com.

I can’t be the only messy one here! 
Miss Woods x

Can you guess which Falcon this marvellous room makeover belongs to?

Boy in the Tower Part 3

Still image for this video
Super Swannies!
And remember, Swans are e-mailing either lookatthatwork@gmail.com or lookatthiswork@gmail.com (Miss Fretwell was silly and set up the wrong name, but either e-mail address will reach me!) with anything fun they've been up to. Even a picture of you with a big smile on your face would brighten my day! Miss Fretwell x 

We miss you all!

Watch Films and Win Money!

Review Writing Tips

Thinking of writing a film review? Guardian writer and Film 2016 critic Danny Leigh shares his Top 5 Tips for Review Writing.

I already know that Joshua C and Erin H have finished all of their Fluent in 5 and Darcie S has finished her entire workpack! So if you are like them and ready to kick back and relax, why not try and win a £20 amazon giftcard while you do it?!?! I know how good at writing you are, so I definitely believe that a Holly Hill pupil has a chance of winning!

To take part is easy!

1) Watch a movie

2) Write a review in 100 words or less

3) Take a picture of your review

4) post it to the Into Film facebook page, or tweet it to them. Just be sure to use the hashtag #Review100


There is a winner chosen every 2 weeks, so there's plenty of chances for it to be you! For more information, have a look at the website:




Hola Falcons!

Still image for this video
We might not be taking the register in French everyday, but that doesn't have to stop you from learning a language! Josh has been learning Spanish and has got the numbers to 10 perfectly!
If you would like to try and keep up with Josh why not use the free Duolingo app/website to practise!
If you think you can be even more impressive in a foreign language then send me a video to lookatthiswork@gmail.com!
Adios! Miss W x

Boy In the Tower Part 2

Still image for this video

Horrid Henry - part 1 by Mrs Balchin

Still image for this video

Horrid Henry - part 2 by Mrs Balchin

Still image for this video

Swan - Let's finish Boy in the Tower this week! Part 1. x

Still image for this video

Hi there Owls, Swans and Falcons!

I hope you are feeling good about your second week of home learning. Don't worry if you didn't get chance to try everything we posted in week 1, you can still scroll back down and have a look!


I'm really enjoying joining in with Joe Wicks live on YouTube each morning (though I have to rest a lot more than he does) and listening to the daily audiobook from David Walliams as I do jobs around the house. I've also been busy recording myself reading the rest of Kensuke's Kingdom so that we can keep up with Michael and Stella's adventure! Make sure you come back to this page next week to see my updates with accompanying tasks/challenges. 


If you want to keep your skills sharpened, I recommend keeping up with fluent in 5 and the SPAG sheets in your folder, but I really hope you have spent lots of quality time with your families and had some fun too! 


If you want to send any pictures of what you have been up to, whatever it may be, you can email us at lookatthiswork@gmail.com

(just put your class name in the subject box so that your own teacher will look at it). 


Stay home and stay safe,

Miss Woods xx

A bedtime story x

Still image for this video
Because if you are or ever have been a Swan, you'll know that it's not just Giraffes that can't dance - it's teachers too! x

Bedtime Story

Still image for this video
Yes, I’m in my dressing gown.

Story time with Mrs Bis. The Gruffalo

Still image for this video

This is a familiar quote, Swannies, from our classroom wall. Spend today thinking about what your 'light' is (things that make you happy even when the world is a little upside down!) Remember to give yourself the weekend off from whatever it is you have been doing, and I'll have a special video for you on Monday. Miss Fretwell xx

Hi Owl class, Swan and Falcon too,


I hope you have all enjoyed your first week at home. I hope you're keeping safe and being busy too (and keeping out of too much mischiefangel)  I miss seeing all your happy faces everyday...that's for sure!


Anyway have some of you delved into your packs and tried some of the activities in there?  Now's the perfect time to get in your garden and set up some of those science activities in your packs.  


Mini Ecosystem in a bottle.

                       You Need:

A plastic bottle with a lid


Grass seeds

Planting seeds (beans etc)



Wait and Watch!  What happens?  How does your soil change?  What can you see growing/developing/changing?  Record on you recording sheet in your pack.



Make a Turbine

You Need:

An empty juice carton

A pencil

Some blutac/plastecine





Follow the instructions to make your turbine.  Observe what happens when you remove the tape from different corners.  What migh happen if you remove the tape from two corners/opposite corners. Investigate.  Record on your sheet!



Don't Forget....  about your British Science Week poster that we talked about in assembly.  Produce a poster based on this years Theme;-   

'Our Diverse Planet'


There are 2 pairs of Eureka tickets (courtesy of Mrs Ward) up for grabs for the best 2 posters!!!  So give it a go.  You can bring your posters to me when we return to school.


So far we have been busy in the Balchin household.  Henry and George have been doing some maths, reading, spellings and tables. They have written a letter from Ade to Gaia and next week they'll be giving the science a go. They have had a water fight, played on the garden on their scooters (Mr B not happy!) played football in the garden (Mr B not happy!) and George has even, for the first time in 2 years dusted off his little golf set from the shed!  Grace, who is far too cool to play in the garden has baked some cupcakes.


So... whatever you're doing, make the most of this precious time we have at home.




We're thinking of you all.  Until next week - you wonderful little people


Love from Mrs Balchin (and George, Henry and Grace)




If you want maths explained...

There are 2 resources which match our way of working in maths and that are highly recommended.   Please use them!  


'White Rose maths'  have a daily lesson of 20 to 30 minutes with a practice activity to follow the animated video lesson.   Access all the lessons and video's here: 



'I see maths' is an excellent resource for visual and active learning. Access that here:



Both have lessons/video and activities/games specific to year groups.  It is important to use the correct year group lessons to support and deepen understanding of the content your child would be learning in school this year.

Have fun!

Mrs K


Thoughtful THURSDAY  

Complete one of these challenges:  

  1. Ring/Facetime a friend 

  2. Ring/Facetime a family  

  3. Write a positive note and put it in your window for others to see when out on a walk  

  4. Do something nice for a family member who you are inside with 


Here’s mine: I rang my Nanny today and spoke to her about what she has been up to whilst staying inside! She has been doing lots of cooking and gardening. 


Miss Fretwell x  

We’ve got this WEDNESDAY!  


Think of 3 words to describe what you’d like your day to be like today. Write them on some paper, and stick them somewhere you can see them all day. 


Here’s mine: calm, happy and productive.  


Miss Fretwell xx 

It is important for you to stay active during your time out of school. This can be done in your own garden so no need to leave your house. Head over to the Holly Hill Sports Page where I shall be putting up challenges for you to take part in!


Good Luck and stay safe!

Mrs Fisher

Here are simple recipes using baking ingredients for play dough, paint and ice paint to create at home if you would like.



For a selection of websites to support with your child's learning, please find these on the distance learning - general ideas and websites link under the children heading. Thank you