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March 2020 3/4

Well it has been a strange one but at very last we have managed to get to the SUMMER HOLIDAYS! Many of you may have started relaxing at home already but us at school will start our holidays at 3.30pm on Thursday!

Thank you for all of your hard work both at home and some of you at school! 

Have an amazing summer, as always make sure you make the most of the lovely weather and spend time with your families.


Through the holidays please keep up with your reading and you could be keep your spelling practise going, below is the year 3/4 spelling list. Remember, those of you in year 4 will be expected to know all of these by the time you get to year 5!


Or even brush up on those times tables!




The Year 3 Keyworker bubble having a Teddy Bear's picnic on the field, no teddies allowed but we improvised!

Good afternoon Year 3/4,


We all know that lots of you are starting to look ahead to September and wondering about your new class. Please don't worry... this week the teachers are keeping extremely busy putting together your end of year reports ready to be collected next week (starting 13th July). Inside your report, you will be able to read what your teacher for this year has to say about you, as well as finding out lots of things about your new teacher and your new class!


We have also written you letters, recorded videos and created presentations about your new classes, this will give you a great idea of what to expect in September.


Keep an eye on the 'Transition' page of the website! 



Missing you lots and lots

Mr Home, Mrs Ward and Mrs Fisher

Year 3/4 Distance Learning

This section will be where all your home learning information is. Each week we will give you 3x English tasks, 3x maths tasks and 3x topic tasks. There will also be spellings each week to learn  and it  would be great if someone at home could test you. We also really need you to keep reading at home too as this is super important. All of your reading could be written into your reading diaries as normal.

We really hope that you enjoy the tasks, we would love to receive any pictures of your work through our email lookatthiswork@gmail.com.

Good Luck

Mrs Ward, Mr Homer and Mrs Fisher x

Week Beginning 20th July 2020
Week Beginning 13th July 2020

English - Diary of a Killer Cat

Diary of a Killer Cat Chapter 4.mp4

Still image for this video

Diary of a Killer Cat Chapter 5.mp4

Still image for this video

Diary of a Killer Cat Chapter 6.mp4

Still image for this video

Diary of a Killer Cat Chapter 7.mp4

Still image for this video

French - Telling the time. Last week you practised time in maths, now have a go at telling the time in French!

Week Beginning 7th July 2020

Year 3/4 English Activities

Diary of a Killer Cat Chapter 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Diary of a Killer Cat Chapter 2.mp4

Still image for this video

Diary of a Killer Cat Chapter 3.mp4

Still image for this video

The Year 3 'keyworker' group having a great time for their sports day!

French - Have a go at saying these months of the year.



Can you recreate any of these art pieces? If you make any masterpieces, please send them in to the school email and we will put them on the website.

Week Beginning 29th June

Year 3/4 - French Activities

Still image for this video
Practise saying the animal names in French then have a go at the French activitiy.

French Animals Activity

In school this week, the year 3 key worker children created animations and a commentary to go with them: here they are!

Still image for this video

Chloe's commentary

Still image for this video

Daisy's Commentary

Still image for this video

Isla's Commentary

Still image for this video

James' Commentary

Still image for this video

Maisie's Commentary

Still image for this video

Nancy's Commentary

Still image for this video

If you want to know 'what on earth' I am doing in this picture then head over to the 'Sports Page' https://hollyhillschool.co.uk/sports-page/ to watch some embarrassing videos for you to join in for the VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY!!


Good luck, and remember to send in your photos or videos!

Mrs Fisher xx

This Thursday should have been our annual Sports Day!

Unfortunately this will not be happening as we normally know it, but keep an eye on the 'Sports Page' or your 'Distance Learning pages' for Holly Hill's attempt at a 'Virtual Sports Day'!!

Week Beginning 22nd June
French Activity - Animals

Baby Quiz Answers Revealed!!!

Well Done to everyone who had a go

Have a look to see if you were right.

If you didn't see it before half term try and guess before you move onto the answer.

Week Beginning 15th June

The year 3 children in school have created some fabulous leaflets and some great computer pictures, hope you enjoy!

Sketching using shape.

Still image for this video
We have been practising basic sketching shapes. This week we are using those skills to create a Teddy Bear!

Week Beginning 15.06.20      

It is Monday again! We don't want you to miss your JIGSAW session, so here it is.

Remember, to start your session, find a calm place somewhere in or out of the house and close our eyes and focus on the chime. You can also still have a go at some of the weekly Jigsaw ideas which we'll be posting on here.


Talking task

Listen to and sing the relationship song, and discuss the different relationships they you learned about during this Puzzle including friends, family, online communities, people in other countries and people who are less fortunate than themselves.


Let me Learn

This week we are going to get creative!

You will need:

  • strips of coloured paper roughly 30cm long x5cm wide
  • pens or crayons or felt tips
  • wooden stick/baton

Using pens draw someone who is special to you on one end of the strip of paper and then complete the sentence:

You are special to me because...

(you could just write key words to represent how that person is special if that is easier.)

You will need to complete three strips:

• One representing a friend

• One representing a family member

• One for a child who you don’t know but who you respect e.g. one of the children in pictures we have been looking at.

When finished attach the strips of coloured paper to a wooden baton.

Questions to think about…

• What people have a positive influence on your life?

• What do you appreciate about other people?

• Are these always people you know?

• How can the choices you make affect others (within friendships, family and with the wider community)?

• What rights and responsibilities are important to keep our relationships happy and safe?

• What are your responsibilities to make sure that your relationships are happy and safe?

Here is the RELATIONSHIP song, the words are on the picture below.

Week Beginning 8th June

The year 3 children in school this week have produced some great pieces of writing about being a spectator at the Ancient Greek Olympics. Too good not to share!

Sketching - Creating outlines and edges.

Still image for this video

French - Have a go at saying some names of sports in French ready to put into sentences next week. Just practsie the sports words this week.

Week Beginning 08.06.20      

It is Monday again! We don't want you to miss your JISAW session, so here it is.

Remember, to start your session, find a calm place somewhere in or out of the house and close our eyes and focus on the chime. You can also still have a go at some of the weekly Jigsaw ideas which we'll be posting on here.


Writing Task

Think back to last week’s lesson, what are our rights?

Look at the list of rights that are below. Talk to an adult about the list. Choose one of the rights, prepare a poster for the right you have chosen. Your poster should show what your right means and why it is important. When you have finished present your poster to an adult.

Week Beginning 1st June


Welcome back after the half-term break. We hope you all had a good week and enjoyed the beautiful weather!


The Sounds of Nature

Still image for this video

Week Beginning 01.06.20        



It is Monday again! We don't want you to miss your JISAW session, so here it is.

Remember, to start your session, find a calm place somewhere in or out of the house and close our eyes and focus on the chime. You can also still have a go at some of the weekly Jigsaw ideas which we'll be posting on here.


Talking Task

Look at the ‘Wants and Needs’ cards which are below. Some of them are things we need and really couldn’t live without, and some are things we want because they make life pleasant or comfortable but they are not essential. Decide whether each card is a need or a want.  Many of these are of course matters of opinion and you may have different views. However, all those in the left-hand column are counted as rights in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Let me Learn

Read the quotes below and match which quote you think belongs with which photo, attached below.

1.  I have to fetch water from the well twice a day - before and after school. It can sometimes take me up to an hour since it is 2 km away and I often have to wait my turn at the well. Even though I wake up really early, I am still often late for class. After school, I find it difficult to find the time to do my homework and play with my friends since, I have to fetch more water and do other household chores to help my parents.

2. My parents were not able to go to school since they were very poor and had to help out on the farm. They want me to go to school to get a good education, but most of the time they are unable to afford the school fees and necessary school supplies. Also, if I help them work, we are less likely to go without food. They are considering making my sister and I quit school so we can help out around the house while our brothers go to school. They think it isn’t as important for girls to get an education.

3. My dad lost his job and we have been struggling to pay the bills. They turned off our gas, since we couldn’t pay and we’ve been having a tough time this winter. Even if we cuddle up with all of our blankets, it’s still really cold. Sometimes when its really cold, we all go over to my aunt’s house and sleep in the living room so that we can spend the night without freezing.

4. My birth mother was unable to take care of me so I was taken into foster care. Some of the families I have lived with have been OK, but others have not been so nice. Some haven’t cared what I said or thought and didn’t treat me so well. Luckily for me, I am currently living with a family that is really nice and supportive. They are even talking about adopting me. I really hope they do, because it is really difficult to move around so much and not have a place to call home. I would really like a forever family because then I would feel loved.


Still image for this video
This video will help you with your sketching technique.
Watch. Practise. Use. Enjoy!

Outdoor Sketching: Find a nice quiet spot and find something you would like to sketch. The video should help you with sketching techniques.

Hope you are enjoying the Baby quiz, there have been some fabulous guesses already.

Just wanted to let you know i will reveal the answers after half term so you have a few weeks to get your guesses in.

Keep smiling 

XX Mrs Parrwood XX

Hi everyone.


Here's a fun quiz for you to have a go at. Post your answers on lookatthiswork@gmail.com and those with the most correct will get a certificate when we are all back together again at school.

Have fun 

From Mrs Parrwood


Still image for this video
Week Beginning 18th May

For The Birds

Still image for this video
This is your story for this week. In the activities, it will tell you which parts to watch to.
We hope you enjoy the story!

SPAG Activities - Week 5

PE Activities - week 5

Week Beginning 18.05.20      


Another week has passed and it is Monday again! Must be JIGSAW day.

Remember, to start your session, find a calm place somewhere in or out of the house and close our eyes and focus on the chime. You can also still have a go at some of the weekly Jigsaw ideas which we'll be posting on here.


Talking task

Look at the pictures below of the people completing jobs in different counties. Recognise that some of the actions and work of people around the world and how this has an influence and impact on our own every-day lives. We are all closely connected to other people across the globe and in many ways, we depend on them and their work to provide us with things we need, just as they depend on the money they get from selling these things to us.


Let me learn

For each of the pictures think about these questions. You can write notes down too if you prefer.

    • What is happening in the picture?
    • How does the food/clothes in the picture look different from how we receive it?
    • How do you think the person’s life in the picture is different to yours?
    • How does this person help you?
    • Does knowing how this product is made influence what you might buy?

Share your ideas with an adult, think about the impact of our choices on what we buy and some of the issues around fair trade.

Hi everyone!

I hope you've been enjoying the sunshine this week.  I have been finding sticks and leaves everywhere in the garden and out and about on our walks in the sun so it gave me an idea for a challenge this week.  Here goes:




Build something, make a picture or a sculpture, make them into a stick family, build a fairy den or teepee, use them for counting or measuring, decorate them in your own way - or leave them on the tree and decorate the whole tree!

Here are some ideas to get you going - and don't forget to email photos of your creations!  We can't wait to see them!



And if it rains, here's a great game to play online:


Lacey and Skyla have sent in this wonderful recipe for making Frobscottle Smoothie!

BFG - Frobscottle Smoothie - DIY

Swallows have sent in so many pieces of work in this week! I am so proud, here is a selection... Mrs Fisher x

Week 4

Good Day Year 3 and 4!!


How are you all doing?? We all miss you lots! It has been lovely this weekend to see what you have all been up to to celebrate the special VE Day. What wonderful weather we had. 

Thank you also to you all for sending in your wonderful work you have been doing, you should all be very proud of yourselves. Tomorrow starts week 4 of home learning and we look forward to seeing some more wonderful work or photos from you.

Keep smiling all of you, and keep up the great work.


Love from Mrs Fisher xx


Week Beginning 11th May

Week 4 - SPAG activities

French Activity - Week 4


Practise your numbers. You can do whatever you want with them! You could try using them in sums, ages, dates etc.

The more you practise speaking, the more confident you become smiley

Week Beginning 11.05.20      

Another week has passed and it is Monday again! Must be JIGSAW day.

Remember, to start your session, find a calm place somewhere in or out of the house and close our eyes and focus on the chime. You can also still have a go at some of the weekly Jigsaw ideas which we'll be posting on here.


Talking task


Look at the two gaming app pictures below, would you be tempted to download and play these online? What is it about this game that appeals? How you ‘know’ it’s going to be enjoyable? Do you think this is a safe game to play?

What could the risks be? There are interactions and messages with others online, what could be the risk?


The internet is so huge that it is very difficult for anyone to manage. These facts show the extent of the issue:

• About 300 hours of YouTube video is uploaded every second;

• About 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every day;

• About 6000 new Apps are created every day.

This means that we have to use our common sense to decide which things we trust online and which things we don’t.

Look back at the pictures, do you ‘trust’ this App? 100% positive could mean that they

have only had one review, or there could be 1000’s of reviewers; it doesn’t say. Percentages can be deceiving. Also, can we believe it’s the fastest growing game online? How can we trust this statement?

Look at the ‘in-App purchases’ and this means that the main App may be free to download, but then users need to buy things in order to get the App to work, or do additional things, therefore they are not always free in reality.

Is this really being honest?

Apps are also designed to look appealing in the same way that TV adverts work to encourage us to buy.

I shall let you into a secret… this App is actually a ‘fake’…


Let me learn

Look at the ‘Top Tips cards’ and rank them in order of most important to least important. Discuss the differences with an adult.

All the top tips are helpful no matter how we have ranked them, and we should try to remember them when doing anything online to keep ourselves safe. It is important to have trust and common sense when online

Swallows have been busy sending me lots of great work and photos of their celebrations....

Doves are keeping busy at home!

Madi has made a fantastic start to her story!

Still image for this video

Chapter 1: The Witching Hour

Still image for this video

Chapter 2: Who?

Still image for this video

Chapter 3: The Snatch - Part 1

Still image for this video

Chapter 3: The Snatch - Part 2

Still image for this video

Chapter 4 - The Cave

Still image for this video

Chapter 5 - The BFG

Still image for this video

6 The Giants.mp4

Still image for this video

7 Marvellous Ears.mp4

Still image for this video

Chapter 8 - Snozzcumbers

Still image for this video

Chapter 9 - The Bloodbottler

Still image for this video

Chapter 10 - Frobscottle and Whizzpoppers

Still image for this video

Chapter 11 - Dream Country Part 1

Still image for this video

Chapter 11 - Part 2

Still image for this video

Chapter 11 - Part 3

Still image for this video

Holly Hill Archives Question 10

Dance for VE Day!


Mrs Tompkins had entered Holly Hill into the English Heritage Dance for VE day competition...and we only went and won! 

The English Heritage was going to send 1940s-style dancers across the country 75 years after peace in Europe was first celebrated. Unfortunately this is unable to happen but they have arranged this instead...


English Heritage’s VE Day Commemorations on Friday 8th May!

Join in on Facebook or Twitter

12PM: Lindy Hop Dance Tutorial with Nancy Hitzig

3PM: Nation’s Toast

5PM: Dance for VE Day with Lindy Hop Dance Troupe and Band


Hope you're able to join in with the VE Day celebrations in any way that you can. I've also put some activities on the Distance Learning Page - general ideas and websites.


Mrs Tompkins x x 



Holly Hill Archives Question 6

Hi everyone!  Hope you are all well this week and finding plenty to keep you busy!

Anyone fancy a fun art challenge?  


“Holly Hill Lockdown Masterpieces”


Lots of people around the world have been having a go at recreating famous works of art using anything (or anybody) they find around the house.  Some of the pictures you might find online are hilarious!  Let’s make our own Holly Hill Lockdown Masterpieces gallery.  Anyone can get involved in this – it’s for the grown-ups as well.  


Here are some works of art to have a go at – use them if you like – or if you find something else you like better – have a go at that (but if you email it to us, include a picture of the original work of art too!). Scroll down to the bottom for some examples from around the internet.  And don’t forget to email photos of your fun with your name and the title of the original work of art to lookatthiswork@gmail.com


We can’t wait to see your masterpieces!


Mrs K

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin.  


Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh


The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dalí


The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci



Banksy, Girl With Balloon, London



Kandinsky - Squares with concentric circles



Paul Klee:  Aroundfish


Pablo Picasso – Girl Before Mirror



Piet Mondrian – Broadway Boogie Woogie


Take a look at some examples of what other people have done and then have a go.  Use anything (or anybody) you can find around the house.  Be as crazy and inventive as you like.  BUT – don’t forget to take a photograph and email it with your name and the title of the original work of art to lookatthiswork@gmail.com


Here are some examples from the Getty Museum and Gallery original challenge:



Hello Year 3 and 4,


How are you all? I'm so pleased the weather is getting brighter and the rain is going. No-one wants to stick their head out of a rainy window right? (I'm sure some of you would!)

We have loved seeing all your hard work and you have done amazing things at home. Thank you for all the photos you have sent. They should all be on the website now so have a good scroll through and you should find your work and feel very proud about what you have achieved.

Tomorrow is week 3 of home learning and I look forward to seeing some more wonderful work or photos from you.

I hope you all have a good week Year 3 and 4.


Love from Mrs Ward smiley

Week Beginning 4th May

Year 3/4 - SPAG - Week 3

Year 3/4 - Science - Week 3

Bon matin. Parlais-vous Francais? Have a go at refreshing your French speaking with someone: an adult, a family member, a teddy, or even your goldfish!

Week Beginning 04.05.20      


It is Monday again! We don't want you to miss your JISAW session, so here it is.

Remember, to start your session, find a calm place somewhere in or out of the house and close our eyes and focus on the chime. You can also still have a go at some of the weekly Jigsaw ideas which we'll be posting on here.


Talking task

Look at the ‘Solve it together technique’ worksheet below. Have a go at acting each section out. Use this scenario to help you…

‘Harley hears that Jenna is going to a sleepover party at Bradley and Amy’s house. At playtime Harley won’t play with Jenna because she wasn’t invited. Jenna doesn’t understand what’s wrong.’

Imagine you are one of the characters, are you happy with the outcome? Think about the character, are they happy with the outcome? Look through the ‘Solve it together technique’ sheet’. Can you see both sides of the problem?

e.g. Jenna: ‘I want to play but Harley won’t and I don’t understand’.

Harley: ‘You’ve been invited to the sleepover, but I haven’t’.

Think about the feelings from both of the children, think about coming up with possible solutions and reaching an agreement.


Let me learn

Work through one of the friendship conflict scenarios using the ‘Solve it together technique’ sheet. You could use your own scenario to have a think about.


I followed some instructions yesterday, to make a bird feeder. I don’t think I did too badly… what do you think?

Can any of you follow the instructions too? I would love to see some photos.

Mrs Fisher xxx

I am so excited Swallow Class, I have been planting sunflower seeds! I love to watch them grow and have a little competition with my family. We have all set them this weekend and will measure them throughout the summer! Always competitive!

Have any of you planted any? If not, get planting and let me know how they are getting on!

Good Luck!

Mrs Fisher xxx

Sorry me again Swallows!

You know Mrs Fisher loves to get out and about, and what a great time of year to be doing it!! I love Spring!! All the lovely flowers are starting to bloom and the best part is that the baby animals are starting to come out in the beautiful sunshine. I miss telling you all about what I have seen so I have tried to take some photos so you can see.

Tonight, I walked down to the reservoir to let my dog have a swim… and I saw 3 families of geese and their goslings! I could have stayed there for hours watching them. I hope you can just see them in my picture.

Missing you all,

Mrs Fisher xxx


Friendship bands

A lovely calm task to keep your hands busy and your heart happy from Mrs K:

I'm busy at home making teddy bears this week as well as other things like trying to make memories, have fun and make birthday cakes for my family at home.  Birthdays and life aren't the same without our friends though are they? So here's something to do to remind you of your friends and how we all look forward to seeing them again soon...  


Below is a link to a video that will show you step by step how to make a friendship band. You only need a few items which you might find at home (nothing special!) When we are back at school, even if we are at a distance, you can exchange friendship bands with your friends to show them you were thinking about them during 'lockdown 2020'.  Have a go!


Before you start you will need:

A piece of cardboard (cereal packet will do) cut into a circle, a pair of scissors, something to draw a straight line with and some wool, string, thread or ribbon.  This video will show you exactly what to do - click the link and away you go.  Have fun! 


Go ahead and watch the video (click the link) to help you...



Your friendship band will look like this:

Holly Hill Archives Question 4

Holly Hill Archives Question 1

Starting Monday 27.04.20

πŸ’™ Ready for a weekend challenge Holly Hill?


πŸ’™ We want to see your photos that represent the phrase “Happy is...”


πŸ’™ It can be something making you happy now or something you’re looking forward to post lock down. It could be something or someone that makes you happy, your favourite place that makes you happy or a sign explaining what makes you happy.


πŸ’™ You can be as creative as you like with your “Happy is...” photo, edit and add text if you want to


πŸ’™When it’s done, we want you to send it to us at lookatthiswork@gmail.com


πŸ’™We will then work our magic on it and see what we can create with everyone’s photos


πŸ’™The deadline for photos to be sent is midnight on Sunday!


πŸ’™By sending us your photo you are agreeing to us sharing it on the school website and social media


πŸ’™Ready, steady, go!!!!


Love Mrs Steed xxx

Tom Carradine's V.E Day Sing Along!

Aimed at Primary School children, Tom will be doing a special 15 minute sing-a-long at 11am on Thursday 7th May on Tom's Youtube channel 



The songs he will be singing are linked here, so the children (or the whole family!) can practise them ready for the sing along.


I'll be there - will you? 




Miss Fretwell xx 

We know that  some of you are working really hard at home...

If you would like to send your teacher any of your work or a picture/video of what you have been doing, then feel free email it to - lookatthiswork@gmail.com

Please remember to write in your Class name in the subject box.

A colourful message of support!

Week Beginning 27th April

We have received some great work again this week, you are all trying so hard! Here are a few....

Year 3/4 English - Week 2

This week's work

Still image for this video

Year 3/4 - SPAG - Week 2

French - What is your name? How old are you? Can you practise these French phrases with someone at home?

Hi everyone, Mrs Hastings here. I've loved seeing all your work on bug hunts in your garden! I've done the same thing with my girls at home this weekend! We spotted all sorts of different insects, far too many ants though for my liking haha. Something that we thought you would really enjoy making is a bug hotel. I am attaching a link to the RSPCB website as they have a fantastic guide to creating a bug hotel on there. It has easy steps to follow that show you how it's done and a video to help with any parts you may be unsure of. Please don't worry if you don't have all the bits they have suggested, please feel free to use your imagination and find an alternative if you need to.

Have fun making it and please send us some photos at lookatthiswork@gmail.com.

Take care x



Week Beginning 27.04.20      

It is Monday again! We don't want you to miss your JISAW session, so here it is.

Remember, to start your session, find a calm place somewhere in or out of the house and close our eyes and focus on the chime. You can also still have a go at some of the weekly Jigsaw ideas which we'll be posting on here.


Talking task

Look at the 2 photos below and think about what is going on in each picture, how are the people feeling? Is there a connection between the 2 pictures? With an adult discuss your ideas and think about the connections.

What is jealousy? Do you know what this means? How does it feel?

Jealousy is a common emotion but an unhelpful one. We can all experience it about people and things.



Writing task

Look at the ‘situation cards’ below. Choose 6 of them to write down into 2 lists:

  1. Situations that could cause a lot of jealous feelings.
  2. Situations that could cause fewer jealous feelings.

Discuss with an adult what causes jealousy and that it can stem from:

  • A desire to have what someone else has.
  • Feeling threatened that we will lose something.
  • Feeling unhappy with our life and comparing with someone else.
  • Feeling that we deserve something and it’s unfair if we can’t have it.


Let me learn

Choose one of the situations from the cards. Challenge yourself to problem solve the situation. Can you suggest a way forward so the situation can be resolved? Is there a way to manage the jealousy so it doesn’t result in unhelpful behaviour?

Make a list of strategies in your book. Here are a few to help you:

  • Don’t keep the feelings bottled up inside, talk to someone about how you are feeling.
  • Try not to ‘blame’ the other person/people. It may not be their fault and they may not have done anything deliberately.
  • Look at the situation and ask if it is true.
  • Try not to compare, you are being unfair to yourself.

It might be something that you can’t change, so move on and try not to worry about it.

Week Beginning 20th April

Already this week there has been some great learning going on...


Here is Sophie B's great mind map of insects and bugs that she has found in her garden..I love the names!


Katie has been presenting her maths really neatly...



Wow Matthew look at all of that writing! A super story.



Michael has been completing some great fraction work too.





Lucas in Kingfisher has done some brilliant fact files about different garden creatures. I love this worm farm!

Lilith has been working really hard this week, looking at bugs and insects under the microscope.

Some super facts about spiders by Lilith in Kingfisher class!

While you are searching in the garden here are a few facts that might help you. Mrs Fisher x

Year 3/4 - SPAG - Week 1

Week Beginning 20.04.20           


As it is Monday, we will be missing our usual 'JIGSAW' sessions. We loved hearing the chime and attempting to to calm down and focus ready to learn. There was always a fun game to play too. Unfortunately, we cannot be together to play the games but we can find a calm place somewhere in out house and close our eyes and focus on the chime. You can also still have a go at some of the weekly Jigsaw ideas which we'll be posting on here. 


Talking task

Look at the ‘Whose Responsibility?’ cards below. Read each statement, decide if it is a job mainly for men, women or both. Make a list on paper.

Once you have completed the task, ask yourself some questions:

Does someone else in your family agree? If not, why?

Are there any roles that both men and women could do?

Are there in fact any roles that cannot be done equally well by either men or women?

Are the roles just the result of tradition and habit?

What happens in households where only one gender is present?

Do the things we see online, in movies and TV show stereotypes?

Can you think of some examples?

Think about what the word stereotype means.


Writing task
Draw each member of your family and identify two jobs that each person, including yourself, does.

I found this cool idea today, a bird feeder that you can make at home!

Simply smother a cardboard tube in peanut butter and then roll it in bird seed and thread some string through the hole. Tie it up somewhere the birds will feel safe to eat.

How many birds will you spot taking a bite to eat?

Mrs Fisher xx



Look what I saw in my garden! How incredible. This bird of prey was obviously looking for his dinner! Amazing how they can hold them selves for so long in one place!! Mrs Fisher xx

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Year 3 and 4 Photo Gallery

We would love to see your photos filling the Year 3 and 4 page (rather than our faces!) Please send any photos in so we can share them. 

Happy Easter everyone xx

Sophie and her brother have had a very busy time at home!

Some great pictures of Sophie from Swallow, showing off with all her eater eggs! Hope you had a lovely Easter! xx

A lovely photo sent in by Lilith in Kingfisher! We hope you all have a Happy Easter too x


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Five Little Fiends

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Poetry with Mrs Fisher

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Easter Time

It's going to be a very different Easter this year. What will you be doing?

Maybe you'll be doing egg hunts at home or making Easter pictures, or putting decorated egg picutres in your window for other people to enjoy. Maybe you'll be reflecting on the Easter Story. Whatever you are up to, we would love to see your photos! If you send them in to the email address (please say if you're happy for them to go online) and they will be posted. Keep safe everybody.

Hobbies - New and Old

Have you been practising something you enjoy already, or have you learnt a new skill? Do you have a goal you would like to achieve? 

My goal is to learn how to do the splits. It's proving difficult because I'm as bendy as a pencil! But I'll keep trying. 

If you have any photos of you trying new things or just doing something you love, we'd love to see them.

Keep smiling everyone. 

Mrs Ward xx

Week Beginning 6th April



Joe in Kingfisher Class has been so busy making this amazing PowerPoint. I loved reading this Joe, thank you for sharing it :-)

Week Beginning 30th March

English tasks -


A few Charlotte’s Web tasks to keep you going...


- Write a story about friendship.

      What is friendship?

      What is a friend?

      What is the best thing about having friends?

      What is the most difficult thing about having friends? 

- Write a poem about friendship.

- Write a character profile about Fern.

      Think of words to describe her.

      Draw a picture of her.

- Write a character profile about Wilbur.

      Think of words to describe him.

      Draw a picture of him.

- Research about spiders.

      Think about spider species, behaviour, habitats, skills etc.

Year 3 Maths Challenges!

Year 4 Maths Challenges!

Geography - How many countries do you know in Europe? Challenge someone to beat your number!

French - Have a go at practising asking someone's name and replying in French.

PE - A few challenges for you to be doing this week! Remember to keep active!

Science - Don't Forget....  about your British Science Week poster that we talked about in assembly. 


Produce a poster based on this years Theme -  

'Our Diverse Planet'


There are 2 pairs of Eureka tickets (courtesy of Mrs Ward) up for grabs for the best 2 posters!!!  So give it a go.  You can bring your posters to me when we return to school.

Bedtime Story - The Huge Bag of Worries

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A good story to remember that not all worries belong to you. I hope you enjoy it!

Extra Resources and ideas

If you want maths explained...

There are 2 resources which match our way of working in maths and that are highly recommended.   Please use them!  


'White Rose maths'  have a daily lesson of 20 to 30 minutes with a practice activity to follow the animated video lesson.   Access all the lessons and video's here: 



'I see maths' is an excellent resource for visual and active learning. Access that here:



Both have lessons/video and activities/games specific to year groups.  It is important to use the correct year group lessons to support and deepen understanding of the content your child would be learning in school this year.

Have fun!

Mrs K


A great way to keep busy, daily challenges to have a go at!

It is important for you to stay active during your time out of school. This can be done in your own garden so no need to leave your house. Head over to the Holly Hill Sports Page where I shall be putting up challenges for you to take part in!


Good Luck and stay safe!

Mrs Fisher

For a selection of websites to support with your child's learning, please find these on the distance learning - general ideas and websites link under the children heading. Thank you

Here are simple recipes using baking ingredients for play dough, paint and ice paint to create at home if you would like.