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Happy Friday


Wow it sure is hot this week. We have found home schooling quite tricky at the Parrwood house. It's been too hot to concentrate and we just wanted to sit and eat ice lollies in the pool. I hope you are all remembering to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP, SEEK and SLIDE and stay safe in the sun!

Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide - SunSmart Sid the Seagull Video

Thirty years after he first graced our television screens with his Slip, Slop, Slap message, Sid the Seagull is back with a new song that includes all of Sun...

I thought i would share with you all a little more work on RESILIENCE. 

This is something we all need at the moment to help us to keep going through this tricky time. Even though we can't all be together we are still able to support each other and help each other through the tough times.


Thought i would leave you with a couple of my favourite songs from Sesame Street about not giving up when things are hard.


Keep smiling you gorgeous lot.


Mrs Parrwood xxx

Sesame Street: Janelle Monae - Power of Yet

Do you want to grow up to be an author, an astronaut, a scientist, or a doctor? That's great! But maybe you don't know how many bones are in an arm or even h...

Sesame Street: Bruno Mars: Don't Give Up

Bruno Mars sings about not giving up! If you're watching videos with your preschooler and would like to do so in a safe, child-friendly environment, please j...

Baby Quiz Answers Revealed!!!

Well Done to everyone who had a go

Have a look to see if you were right.

If you didn't see it before half term try and guess before you move onto the answer.

Happy Rainy Wednesday

Well, where has the sun gone?

I guess all the new plants in my garden are glad of the rain but i was enjoying doing my school work outside! I'm sure the sun will be back!


Lockdown is a strange experience and i know that some of us find it easier than others. I wanted to share a video with you from one of my favourite youtubers Kid President. He reminded me that even though things are seem tough right now there are many things to be thankful for and great things can still happen all around us if we look for it and keep believing. 

Maybe after watching the video you could make your own book filled with all the things you are thankful for, things you enjoy or are looking forward to doing again.


Keep smiling you lovely lot.

See you again soon

Mrs Parrwood xxxx

Kid President's 25 Reasons To Be Thankful!

Life can be tough. It's important to always take time to remember the things that make life awesome. This is just the start of a list. It's only 25 things. O...

Hope you are enjoying the Baby quiz, there have been some fabulous guesses already.

Just wanted to let you know i will reveal the answers after half term so you have a few weeks to get your guesses in.

Keep smiling 

XX Mrs Parrwood XX

Happy Wednesday guys


The exciting quiz i have been promising is finally here!

Check out your year group page and you will find it there, i hope you enjoy it.


I also thought i would share with you this lovely video about how we achieve wonderful things even when things feel tough and impossible, so long as we don't give up.


Love Mrs Parrwood

CGI **Award-Winning** 3D Animated Short : "Soar" - by Alyce Tzue | TheCGBros

Yummy baking ideas

Hey everyone, I hope you are all keeping well, I miss you all loads! I have been doing lots of baking at home with my girls the past few weeks. We found these very easy to make recipes that taste delicious! So thought I'd share them with you. I'd be very interested to see any of the yummy goodies that you make, if you get chance. Our favourites to make are the cheesecake and the cookies! Enjoy :o) Mrs Hastings xx 

Happy Wednesday

Hi there everyone, hope you all happy and safe. I've loved seeing some of the work you have all been doing on lookatthiswork@gmail.com. Lots of busy people. 

I actually learnt to fix a puncture in a bike tyre this week, i'm ashamed to say i have never done this before, but now i have!


Here is today's challenge.



Write notes for all your family and hide them around the house for them to find.Tell them what you love about them.


I keep hearing lots of stories of weird and strange dreams people are having whilst we are in Lockdown so in school on Monday when i was there we had fun making our very own dream catchers.

All you need is a paper plate, some string, coloured wool or ribbon, beads, paper to make feathers, or feathers if you have them.

Below is a video of instructions on how to make them. 





{Kids} DIY Dream Catcher

See the written instructions HERE: http://bit.ly/1uxB6u5 This easy, DIY Dream Catcher is the perfect Kids Craft for older children. This paper plate laced wi...

Have lots of fun with these and send any pictures of your finished catcher to lookatthiswork@gmail.com

You can address them to me or your class teacher.

Lots of Love Mrs Parrwood xxx

Online safety advice for parents from the Local Authority

Take a look at some of the wonderful things Holly Hill families have been doing to commemorate V.E. Day!

Happy Wednesday Challenge and Activity


HI Guys, It's nice to see the sun return today isn't it! My dog Newton is already out there sunbathing, he loves lying around in the sun!

I thought i would make the challenge for this week nice and sunshiney too!!




See if you can find as many things in your house, garden or on your walk that are the colours of the sun. So you're looking out for yellows, oranges, reds. With lots of flowers and things coming out in bloom now this shouldn't be too hard.

You could take photo's, draw or make a list of what you find.


I thought i would share a Cosmic Kids yoga session with you. There are lots of these sessions on Youtube linked to lots of different stories, films and characters.

Have a go. I try to do some yoga each day, i really like how calm it is but making my body do some work at the same time.


Minecraft | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure for Minecraft fans. Join Jaime in Minecraft world and use yoga to survive your first 24 hours! Learn to teach kids yoga with Jai...

Have lots of fun everyone.

Remember to keep safe and look after yourselves.

Keep those gorgeous smiles on your gorgeous faces.


Mrs Parrwood xx



💙Did you know that if you are a member of your local library you can look at books using the 'Borrow box' app?




💙All you need is your library card number to get you started - the instructions are all on this page.


💙If you're not already a library member, you can become one by ringing 01623 677200.


💙Happy reading


Mrs. Steed x



The fabulous coaches at Next Level sports are doing online PE lessons every morning at 10am this week if you fancy getting involved!

Hi Everyone. Here's a story to read together or on your own. It has been especially written for children who are trying to make sense of what has happened during this coronavirus pandemic. Click on the pdf link (not on the picture!) Enjoy! Love Mrs K.

Access to levelled reading books


Did you know that you can access levelled reading books online using both of these websites?






Mrs. Steed x

Another Happy Wednesday Challenge and activity.


Well what a change in the weather! I guess all our gardens needed this rain, i know my flowers were starting to look dry and thirsty. I hope you are all still finding lots to do to keep you happy even though you may be staying inside more with the rain.


Here are a couple more things for you to do if you fancied it!



Draw a view from one of your windows. What can you see? Try and add in as much detail as you can, you could take a picture and draw from your photograph if you live somewhere busy, like on a main road with cars moving all the time. You could paint it, sketch it, collage it. It's up to you.



 A little powerpoint about Kindness for you to look at. HAve a go at as many activities in it as you want. If you make a kindness book you could show us when we get back to school, OR you could make your own Kindness powerpoint and send it to lookathiswork@gmail.com



Have lots of fun guys, remember to stay safe, keep washing those hands.

Keep your eye out for a new fun activity coming real soon, i'm working very closely with all the adults at school to get something fun ready for you.

Miss you all

Love Mrs Parrwood xx

VE Day May 2020


We would have celebrated VE day as a whole school just before the bank holiday weekend so why not celebrate it as a family and community instead! We would would love to see your photos! 

VE Day Home Celebrations at Home

V E Day in London - 1945

V E Day began with Mr Churchill's broadcast officially announcing the end of war in Europe. Londoners took to the streets in celebrations which continued for...

Click on the image below to direct you to the website with lots of useful educational resources for home schooling activities, craft activities, bunting making, lyrics to the singalong songs and much more!


Happy Wednesday


A little video for you today of a fun activity for you to do to brighten up your room and remind you of all the things that make you happy.

happy paper chains 1.wmv

Still image for this video

I've just realised that i didn't show you my books in the video like i said i would!

Here they are, there are another 2 on the other side of the room so lots of books to read in the Parrwood house!! I bet if you look closely you can see the Disney characters hiding on there, and quite a few Beatrix Potter ones too!!!

An extra challenge for today.

Hide some objects around your house and garden. 

Next create a treasure map of your house and garden and mark the objects you hid with an X on your map.

Give your map to someone to follow and find your hidden treasures.



Have fun everyone

Stay safe and happy

lots of love 

Mrs Parrwood xxx

Happy Monday


Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend. Did you get to play a board game? I wonder who won.  We didn't play a board game at the Parrwood house we did a Lego project together, of course it was Disney!!




Here's todays challenge.


Make a list of Happy words and then use them to create a word search for someone in your house to solve.


Todays activity

I thought i would share with you today a way to calm ourselves when we feel stressed or worried or angry. For many of us right now not being able to go out could cause some tension or stress that we may not have felt before, maybe not getting to see friends is making us feel worried.

The You Tube video is a nice way to sit and have some quiet time and focus on other things, by doing a little mindfulness we can bring ourselves back to the moment and any stress or worry can pass.

The Calm Caterpillar is just somewhere for you to draw or write any other ideas of how you could calm down. You could use it like a shopping list and use it to remind yourself, stick it up in your room or on the fridge.


Have fun lovely ones, take care.

Miss you all lots and lots and I'm picturing all your smiles in my head.



Superpower Listening | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids

Superpower Listening | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids Mindfulness and positive thinking for kids aged 5+ In this episode, we practice our superpo...

Happy Friday guys!


So our last challenge was to look for a song that makes you feel happy and to share it with someone else. 

Here's a song from one of my favourite Disney Movies, yup Lilo and Stitch!! You all know it.

I share this with my family all the time, it takes me back to one of my favourite holidays, it reminds me of lots of fun times and it's just a fun jolly song.

On Monday this week i was in school and we had this on the big screen and had fun hula dancing and surfing!! 

hope you like it too.



Lilo & Stitch - Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (lyrics) [HD]

"Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" Aloha e aloha e 'Ano 'ai ke aloha e Aloha ae aloha e A nu ay ki aloha e There's no place I'd rather be Then on my surfboard ou...

Today's challenge and activity.

So here is your challenge for the next few days and a little activity for you to try.


Challenge time (a nice easy one today)


Play a favourite board game with an adult.


Today's activity.


I was thinking about the happy song and how this made me think about my favourite places and where i felt happy.

So for today i want you to think about your Happy place, it can be anywhere your bedroom, your garden, a favourite holiday place, a shop...even school!!


You could draw it, paint it, take a photo of it if it's somewhere close that you can still visit or see.


Keep being happy and safe.

Take care you lovely lot xx

Little rhyme for the nest family by Mrs Bis

Still image for this video

Today's challenge and Activity


Hi there everyone, hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend. I wonder how many of you have chocolate left? I don't have any left at all!! BUT i did only get 1 egg soooo...


On to our challenges! The last challenge was to make a love heart out of all the things you love. The picture below is mine. As you can see i love Disney, my family, chocolate, baking, sewing, SHOES!! all sorts of things.

So today's challenge...

Find a song that makes you feel really happy and share it with someone, either in your house or by using social media (with your parents permission and help of course!)


Today's activity.

When things are tough like they are at the moment something that can often make you feel better and more able to cope is to remember the things that we are grateful for. It makes us see the good that is around us still and that is so important to know when things feel like they are going wrong. Good times are there and will come back.

SO make a gratitude jar. Get a clean jar, like a jam jar or coffee jar. You could decorate it anyway you like. Then start to write on slips of paper the things you feel really grateful for. They could be things like your family, your pets, your favourite dinner, your last holiday, christmas...anything!!

Try to add something new to your jar each day.

When things feel really tough and you feel low get out your gratitude jar and read the slips of paper, they might just bring the smile back on your face and help you look forward to the good times.

I hope you have fun making this and it helps a little in these unusual times. I'm going to give a go.


Have fun too finding those happy songs, i'll share mine with you next time.

Keep smiling you gorgeous lot and take care, stay safe and happy.

Love Mrs Parrwood xxx


Still image for this video

Some Easter ideas that you could do at home, that we did whilst at school!


Two things today! 

The first is a little challenge!

See if you can make a heart shape out of all the things in your house and garden that make you happy. I'm going to have a go and i'll show you my picture in a couple of days.

If you want to show us your picture you can post it to lookatthiswork@gmail.com


The second is a little book you can make all about the friends you have at Holly Hill. I'm sure you are all missing each other and doing this book will remind you of all the wonderful friends you have, you'll be able to show each other when we get back to school.



Have fun everyone, enjoy the sunshine in your gardens. 

Stay safe and happy 

love Mrs Parrwood xx

Online Education Resources

Click below to access some great resources to allow you to learn online whilst at home. These have been recommended by the Department for Education.





Hi guys, Hope you all had a fab weekend. I spent some time in my garden clearing away some weeds and leaves. I also used the nice weather as a chance to clean my carpets and sofa!! All grown up stuff i'm afraid!

i thought i would pop on something you could make to help you with any thoughts or worries you may be having. You could make the Worry monster as it is on these pages or you could make it from any old cereal boxes or toilet rolls you have lying around, or you could stitch one together with bits of fabric. The possibilities are endless.

Happy crafting.

Love Mrs Parrwood xx

That Pesky Rat

Still image for this video
Watch Mrs Parrwood trying to read a story with some of her furry friends running around.

Another cute idea to brighten someone’s day!

Everything is strange and new at the moment and many of us are having to be our bravest selves. 

I thought i would share with you today a book all about how brave we are all being and give you a chance to celebrate it.


Keep smiling my lovelies. I'll share some more ideas with you next week.


Lots of love Mrs Parrwood xxx

So you all know what a MASSIVE Disney fan i am!!  I'm sat here at my laptop doing my school work listening to Disney music and using lock down as a chance to re watch as many Disney movies as possible!!

In the Nest and any of my ELSA sessions we use "Inside Out" a lot. It is a brilliant movie for explaining our emotions and how they affect our behaviour and reactions.

I thought for today I would give you a whole bunch of activities based on "Inside Out" to get you all talking about how you feel and how this may be making you act at the moment. If we talk about these things it can make them much easier to cope with and sort out.

Most of all i know you will have a lot of fun with them.


Stay safe you gorgeous lot

Mrs Parrwood xxx




Inside Out: Guessing the feelings.

First a quick game using the movie.

Some colouring and puzzle sheets.
A nice Inside Out game to play and an emotion wheel to make.
And finally some cute masks to have fun with.

Scavengers hunts you can do in the home and in your garden!

It is so important that during these weird times we are all making sure we look after our own mental health and well being as well as each others.

I have found these really lovely home packs to help with this. There is one for adults and one for the children.

I hope you enjoy them. I will be filling out the adult one for sure!

I've also added a little video for you all to watch to help brighten up your day.


Stay home, stay safe lovely people

Lots of Love Mrs Parrwood xxxxheart

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

We all need a little encouragement every now and then. Kid President, knowing this, has put together a video you can play each morning as you wake up or to s...

Invisible string.wmv

Still image for this video

A little something different for you all to have a go at. Think about all the people in your life. People you live with, your family, your friends, people you know from school and all the people who help you. We are all connected and always will be even when we can't see each other.

Lots of love to you all

Mrs Parrwood

It is important for you to stay active during your time out of school. This can be done in your own garden so no need to leave your house. Head over to the Holly Hill Sports Page where I shall be putting up challenges for you to take part in!


Good Luck and stay safe!

Mrs Fisher

Please find below a range of websites which the children can access to support with their home learning.

Some pages such as Mathletics, TTRockstars and classroom secrets they will already have a log in for, others have made their registrations free for parents to access at this time of need. 


You will find their logins for the sites listed above either in their diaries or within their school closure pack which have been sent home.










                   Daily audio book


All areas/Wider curriculum such as science, music and topic areas




       Geography                   Science                  Science                     Music


  Modern Foreign Languages          Computing                                  Art


                          Computing - algorithms       Live Zoo Cams    History - virtual tours


Computing - Online safety   Computing - programming